Henry Strachan and Helen McCrae story now added

I’ve finished the story of Henry Strachan b. 1873 and Helen McCrae b. 1875 and their children, complete with documents, maps and photos, and it can now be found under the Strachan tab above.

I enjoy writing these stories, as putting everything together into a narrative coalesces the information I’ve researched in a way just adding things to a family tree database doesn’t. And I’m well aware that the writer in me, and past student of literature, can’t help giving anything a narrative structure – though I think that’s something all human beings do.

Now I’ve finished the Strachan stories, from my grandfather going back to my great great great great grandfather, it’s now time to pay a few other lines some attention and create more pages for them. Plus research some of the lines that don’t yet go back all that far.

3 responses to “Henry Strachan and Helen McCrae story now added

  1. Congratulations. I’m looking forward to reading their story.

  2. Judy; I have read it. Incredible and replied within the Strachan tab. I have tweaked Sharlaine Bremner to ensure she shows her Father John (Jack), I know he will be enthralled. Colin.

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