14, 15 and 16 September

Nothing for the 14th and for the 15th a Fraser descendent who migrated to USA after the failure of her marriage to be with her cousin. The 16th was busy: an Ayrshire Logan who eventually moved to Manchester; two Aberdeenshire relatives who can’t be found in the records: a Hutcheon who became a prison warder; a Yorkshire relative who married an iron clog maker; and a Strachan descendent who migrated to Framlington, Illinois. And that brings me up to date again!

15 September 1909
Birth of Margaret Booth Downie (known as Meg) at Logie Buchan, Aberdeenshire, daughter of my half great aunt Isabella Stuart Fraser who became the wife of the son of my half gg uncle James Fraser. Margaret is with her parents and siblings at Crosshill, Ellon in 1911, her father a farm grieve. In 1938 she married William Boyd McKinnon at Ellon. In 1848 her cousin James Alexander Fraser came back to Scotland from the USA for a visit, and in 1949 Margaret B McKinnon flew to New York, giving James Fraser’s address in Bronx as her destination. She was naturalised in 1954 under the name Margaret Booth Fraser but I can’t find a marriage: her husband had not died and I don’t know whether they divorced. As they had not had any children they may have been separated for some time. In New York Meg and James Fraser were close to my half great uncle Arthur Fraser: I visited him in New York in 1968 and remember being introduced to an older couple who I suspect must have been Meg and James. Arthur, Meg and James all retired to Boynton Beach, Florida and Meg died there in 2004.

16 September 1836 (born about 1814)
Sarah Logan was born in about 1814 at Kilmarnock, Ayrshire, daughter of my gggg uncle Adam Logan and Margaret Duncan. Her shoemaker father did not stay with his wife and children, and in the 1830s set up house with Ann Craig in Chapelton, Lanarkshire. His wife and children lived in Neilston, Renfrewshire, where Sarah Logan married James Munn in 1836. In 1841 Sarah and James are at Cross Arthurlie Village, Neilston, James Munn a calico printer, with 2 children. They then moved to Busby in Lanarkshire, where their youngest child was born, then they moved to Ayrshire as in 1851 the family are at Old Street, Riccarton, James a colour maker and with 4 children. By 1861 they had moved to Glasgow, and were at 33 Mill Street, Bridgeton in 1961, James still a colour maker and with their 4 children all working. Sarah’s mother died in Glasgow in 1867, and in 1872 Sarah and James are at 28 Bedford Street, Tradeston with a son, a grandson and two lodgers. Something then took Sarah, James and their son James to England, as in 1881 they are Chorlton upon Medlock, Lancashire, son James working as a clothing clerk with a young son, his wife having died. Her husband died in Chorlton in 1884 but I haven’t been able to find anything further for Sarah, her son James or her grandson Daniel.

16 September 1849
Birth of William Henderson at Cruden, Aberdeenshire, illegitimate son of my ggg aunt Isabella Fraser and Lewis Henderson. He is in the 1851 census age 1 at Mosside with his grandparents, William and Christian Fraser, and his ants and uncles. I can’t find him in any subsequent records, so he may have died before 1855.

16 September 1862
Birth of Peter Morgan at Longside, Aberdeenshire. He was baptised as Peter Aitken, illegitimate son of Jane Aitken and William Souter Morgan, who married in 1865. In 1871 Peter, age 8, is at Lochside, Cruden with his parents and siblings, his father a farm servant. After that he disappears from the records: nothing in the census, no death, and nothing in immigration records. He’s a mystery.

16 September 1863
Birth of Alexander Hutcheon at Cruden, Aberdeenshire son of my gggg uncle Keith Hutcheon and Ann McPherson. He is in Hatton village in 1871 with his tailer father, seamstress mother and siblings, and is there in 1881 age 17 working as a farm servant. He then became a prison warder and in 1891, age 27, is lodging with a prison warder and his wife, plus other prison warders, at Barlinnie, Lanarkshire. He was the informant at his father’s death in June 1891 and gives his address as HM Prison Barlinnie, Glasgow. In 1901 he at the HMS Prison married quarters at Peterhead, with his wife Jane and a son: by then his is a prison store warder 2nd class.

16 September 1876 (born 1857)
Etty or Hetty Cook was born in 1857 at Blacker Hill, near Worsbrough, Yorkshire, daughter of Eliza Grist and Matthew Cook and granddaughter of my ggg uncle William Grist and Emma Wood. In 1861 she is in Wombwell with her paternal grandparents; his father was boarding in Monk Bretton and working as a coal miner and her mother was at Blacker Hill with her parents and Etty’s younger sister. Her parents must have separated about then. In 1871 Hetty Cook is a domestic servant in Barnsley but her father is in Newcastle upon Tyne with a new “wife” and children, and her mother is a boarder in Hoyland with 2 more children. Etty next appears in Shipley, near Bradford, where she married Smith Gill Holdsworth in 1876, a maker of clog irons: the marriage entry gives her father as a forman in a coal pit. Hetty and her husband Smith lived in Manningham, Bradford and had 4 children. Hetty then died in 1892 at the age of 33 at Bradford.

16 September 1879
Birth of Ellen Wilson at Galston, Ayrshire, daughter of Robert Wilson and Mary Gibson and great granddaughter of my uncle Peter Strachan and Mary Monroe. Her father was a coal miner and she migrated to the USA, along with her parents and siblings, in 1888 and they settled at Framlington, Illinois where her father and brothers worked as coal miners. Ellen married John Williams in 1901 and had 1 children, but her husband died and she married James Sullivan in 1904 and had more children. She died in 1951 and a newspaper notice of her death says she worked for the Central National Bank maintenance department and was survived by a sister, two daughters, two sons, three grandchildren and one great-grandchild.

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