Meeting lost cousins: a wonderful day in York

Yesterday I met up with Cathy, blog follower and 4th cousin, and her husband Glen while they spent a couple of days at York. We had a fantastic day which was spent talking non-stop over coffee and then talking non-stop over lunch. They are a lovely couple and we got on like a house on fire. There’s something about knowing you’re related, however distantly, that creates an instant rapport. Cathy and I share ggg grandparents John Strachan and Agnes Neilson: Cathy is from their son Samuel Strachan and I’m from their son Robert Strachan, so we’re both from a long line of Ayrshire coal miners. Cathy and Glen are now spending a few days in Ayrshire visiting our ancestors’ homeland.

Here we both are at Lendal Bridge in York. That’s me on the left, in green, and Cathy on the right in red.

6 responses to “Meeting lost cousins: a wonderful day in York

  1. Lovely happy photo . Hope we might catch up with you one day as I plan to visit the area. . Off to Scotland soon to see the living relatives rather than the ancestors. I have links with Ayrshire and Shewalton through my lines which I will detail to you at some stage .

    • Would be lovely to see you up here. I am still planning a trip down south, but life keeps intervening. Interesting that you have links to Shewalton – were they miners? Enjoy your trip to Scotland.

  2. Lovely pic cousins xxx

  3. Judy; A wonderful picture! You look GREAT but different than when we met in Melbourne so many years ago. I am sure it is my memory that’s at fault. With love, cousin Colin.

    • Thank you Colin. I’m sure the years and the grey hair has had an impact, as well as your memory. To be honest I can’t remember what colour hair I would have had when we met back in the 1990s as it changed fairly often!

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