24, 25 and 26 September

Back again, after a week of not feeling at all well: it seems there’s a very nasty virus doing the rounds. Much to catch up on so three days today, which includes my great aunt Maggie Fraser who migrated to Toronto, Canada but sadly died there after only 2 years. Also: early Ayrshire Logan and Marshall ancestors I need to do more research on, an Ayrshire Logan who migrated to Australia and died there just 9 months later, a Strachan coal miner who became a labourer at the chemical works at Irvine, an Aberdeenshire Logan who became a clerk and then a grocer, and in later life migrated to Michigan, USA to join his sons.

24 September 1784
Birth of my gggg uncle John Logan at Kilmarnock, Ayrshire, son of my gggg grandparents James Logan and Sarah Weir. Nothing further found that can be said to be him with any certainty, as he seems to have died before the 1841 census. Unfortunately, John Logan is a fairly common name.

26 September 1811
Birth of my ggg uncle John Marshall at Kilmarnock, Ayrshire, son of my ggg grandparents Robert Marshall and Agnes Logan. I have yet to sort out the Marshalls so I’m not quite sure what happened to John and his many siblings. However, his mother Agnes Marshall ms Logan died in 1865 and her son John Logan was the informant so he was in Kilmarnock then.

25 September 1838 (born about 1820)
Mary Logan was in about 1820 at Kilmarnock, Ayrshire daughter of my ggg uncle Adam Logan and Margaret Duncan. For whatever reason, Adam Logan left his wife and children and set up home with someone else, his wife Margaret and their 5 daughters residing in Neilston, Renfrewshire. Mary Logan married John Baxter at Neilston in 1838, and in 1841 they are at Grahamstown, Neilston with 1 daughter, John working as a press printer. By 1851 they are Mingavie, Stirlingshire where John Baxter was working as a stone mason, and have 2 daughters. In July 1853 the family migrated to Australia. Sadly, Margaret’s life in Australia was cut short as she died in April 1854 at Collingwood, Melbourne, of jaundice. Her Australian death certificate day had 2 daughters, plus 4 sons and 2 daughters who had died.

24 September 1833
Birth of John Strachan at Dundonald, Ayrshire, which will probably mean Shewalton Colliery, son of my ggg uncle John Strachan and Jean Neilson. His father died not long after John’s birth, and in 1841 he us with his mother and siblings at Strathbungo Village, Govan, Lanarkshire, his mother working as an agricultural labourer. In 1851 John is age 16 and a coal miner, still living in Strathbungo with his widowed mother and an older sister. By 1858, however, both John and his mother have moved back to Ayrshire, as in December that year John Strachan married Agnes Corrans or Corrance at Irvine. John, wife Agnes and mother Jean are in the 1861 census at East Back Road, Irvine, John a coal miner, Agnes a muslin sewer and Jean formerly a domestic servant. John and wife Agnes are at Halfway, Dundonald in 1871, with no children, and in 1881 they are in Dundonald parish, John now working as a chemical labourer and with 2 lodgers. They seem to have then made something of a career of taking in lodgers as in 1891 they are at Montgomery, Irvine with 4 lodgers: John and all the lodgers are labourers at the chemical works. John Strachan died in July 1899 at Cochrane Street, parish of Dundonald of pneumonia – the informant was his nephew Samuel Fairgrieve, a relative of his wife.

24 September 1864
Birth of William Logan at Cruden, Aberdeenshire, son of my ggg uncle John Logan and Jane Marr. In 1871 William is at Muirtack, Cruden, where his father is a crofter of 6 acres, and in 1881 is still at home, at age 16, and is a pupil teacher. By 1891 William has moved to Dundee, married Margaret Souter Butchart from Monifieth, and is a mercantile clerk. In 1901 William is a grocer at 180 High Street, Newburgh, Fifeshire with his wife. 4 children, his wife’s father and his wife’s sister. In 1921 William, Margaret and two younger children migrated to USA to join his eldest 3 sons who lived in Flint, Michigan, famous as the place where General Motors began. William died there in 1929.

26 September 1890
Birth of my great aunt Margaret Fraser, known as Maggie, at Mains of Elrick, Old Deer, daughter of William Fraser and Helen Hay and older sister to my grandfather James Fraser. Maggie is with her parents at Mains of Elrick in the 1891 census and at Mill of Brogan, Slains in 1901, when she is age 10 and at school and where her father was the head cattleman. Her mother died in 1903 and the family moved back to Hatton, where he father married Helen Ann Morgan in 1907. In the 1911 census Maggie is at Shannas, Old Deer, which is close to Nether Kinmundy and not very far from the Fraser croft at Mosside, working as a domestic servant for schoolmaster Peter Piper and his family. In September 1911 Maggie Fraser, age 21, sailed on the vessel Grampian arriving in Quebec, Canada, when she was destined to Toronto to work as a domestic servant. Sadly, her life was cut short in 1913, as she died in Toronto of pulmonary thrombosis.

6 responses to “24, 25 and 26 September

  1. Glad to read that you’re feeling better. Always look forward to readng your posts and looking for common ancestors. All the best..

  2. Hi Judy. I hope you are feeling better now. I’m feeling very lucky to have (so far) dodged the lurgy that seemed to be felling my British family while I was there. If you’re still having that lovely Indian summer, perhaps you can get out in the fresh air for a while. Regards, Su.

    • Hi Su. So you’re back in NZ. Glad your stay in the UK went well and you failed to catch this horrible bug that is definitely doing the round. We were having a lovely Indian summer up until Monday, but it’s now been raining and is very misty, and the leaves are starting to turn autumn colours. I was well enough to go riding yesterday, though, so that filled my lungs with lovely fresh air!

      • Hi Judy. Glad you are feeling better. My mum has also said the weather seems to have turned for the worse this last week. I feel very lucky to have has such fabulous sunshine so much of the time I was in the UK. Take care.

  3. Yes, you timed your trip over here very well! Weather had improved again and we’re in for a few nice days, but the forecast is for it to turn colder during the week. Autumn is definitely here though, as there is some lovely colour on the trees and leave are starting to fall.

    I’m over the lurgy now but it’s taking its toll on lots of my friends!

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