For blog followers: about comments

Thanks to everyone for leaving comments. I have now replied to all the comments that arrived while I was under the weather so I’m now up to date again. It’s so lovely to hear from people who share common ancestors, and I’m now realising that if I ever took a trip to Canada and the USA and wanted to meet up with people I share ancestors with I’d probably need to visit every state!

By the way, if you leave a comment please make sure you tick the box that let’s you be notified by email if a reply is posted. That way you’ll always be alerted when I’ve replied.

One response to “For blog followers: about comments

  1. How wonderful I stumbled across your blog.
    Isabella Fraser/Shewan is my great great grandmother, her daughter Rosie Ann Hird is my great grandmother, and Rosie’s son George is my grandfather.
    I have Isabella’s birth/marriage and death certificate and am trying to find out any information about Alexander Shewan.
    Hope to hear from you!
    Rachel – in New Zealand!

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