8 October

Two today: a Green ancestor from Barnsley who was a huckster, and a Hunter ancestor from Ayrshire who spent almost all her life living on Schoolwell Street, Stevenston.

8 October 1837
Baptism of John Green at St Mary’s, Barnsley, Yorkshire, son of my gggg uncle Joseph Green and Mary White. He is with his parents at Nelson Street, Barnsley in 1841, his father a bleacher. His mother died in 1850, and in 1851 John age 13 is with his father, who is now a greengrocer, and is working for his father. John’s father Joseph has moved back to Worsbrough by 1861 and taken over his father’s Rose and Crown Inn at Worsbrough Common, and sons John and George are with him as well as a housekeeper. John is working as a huckster – which at that time simply meant a salesperson who probably sold their goods from a wagon or stall rather than a shop. I then lose track of him as there’s nothing in the census that looks like him, and John Green is a common name in that location. There are, however, a few deaths registered at Barnsley during the 1860s for a John Green, and one of them could well be him. Prior to 1866, age at death was not recorded so it’s impossible to know which, if any, could be the right one without ordering several death certificates. However, there is a death for John Green in 1861, and in 1871 his father Joseph his father has with him a 10 year old son named John, who was born in early 1862. Was he named for Joseph’s recently deceased son John?

8 October 1858 (born about 1833)
Mary Hunter was born in about 1833 at Stevenston, Ayrshire, daughter of Robert Hunter and Agnes Kennedy and granddaughter of my gggg aunt Margaret Haddow and Robert Hunter. She is in the 1836 Stevenston Minister’s census with her parents and 2 siblings at Loan, Stevenston, and in the 1841 census at Schoolwell Street, Stevenston. Her father Robert was a silk hand loom weaver. By 1851, at age 17 she is working as a house servant in Stevenston for quarry foreman John Wilson and his family. In 1853 she gave birth to an illegitimate son named Robert Hunter, and then in 1858 married Robert Hamilton at Stevenston. Her was not her son Robert’s father, as he son is listed in subsequent census as Robert Hamilton’s stepson. I can’t find them in the 1861 census, but in 1871 Robert Hamilton, coal miner, wife Mary, stepson Robert Hunter and 4 children are at Schoolwell Street, Stevenston, where Mary’s parents had lived. They are at the same address in 1881, with more children. Robert Hamilton died just before the 1891 census, and in 1891 widow Mary is at Schoolwell Street with son Robert Hunter, 6 of her Hamilton children, and a nephew. She is again at Schoolwell Street in 1901. with son Robert Hunter and 2 daughters who all work at the dynamite works, and a grandson. Mary Hamilton ms Hunter died in Stevenston in 1914.

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