My great grandmother Charlotte Green nee Senior

My great grandmother Charlotte Senior was born in Wakefield, Yorkshire, daughter of Edward Senior and Mary Simpson. Not long after she was born her parents moved back to their home village of Royston, and in 1871 young Charlotte is with her parents at Royston, and is with them at Chapel Yard, Royston in 1881 age 12 and at school. Her father Edward was a carpenter.

In 1888 Charlotte married carpenter Joseph Green from Worsbrough – there were already connections between the Green and Senior families. In 1891 Joseph and Charlotte were living at James Street, Barnsley and had 2 young children, Willie and Edward (Teddy). They then moved to Mapplewell, where daughters Alice was born.

The Senior or Green Family circa 1893 001 (2)
This photo was taken in the summer of 1893. Charlotte is seated on the right, with her daughter Alice on her knee, and her son Willie is to her immediate left. On the left, standing up, is her husband Joseph Green holding their young son Edward.

My grandmother Clara were also born in Mappelwell, but the family were back in Barnsley in 1897 when daughter Ethel was born, and then they moved to Leeds in about 1899 where son Joseph and daughter Charlotte were born. In the 1901 census the family is at 3 Hope Grove, Armley but they moved to Kirkstall in 1904, where their remaining children were born: Charlotte had 11 children altogether, 9 surviving childhood.

They can be followed in the Electoral Roll, and once in Kirkstall lived firstly at Stack Cottages, then in a house at Kirkstall Forge, then at 7 Vicarage Avenue, and then at 48 Station Parade. They moved back to 7 Vicarage Avenue during the war, when husband Joseph did war service in the Ordnance Corps at Aldershot. After the war, with most of their children married, Joseph and Charlotte moved to the Cragsides, where Joseph Green died in 1926.

Joseph and Charlotte Green
This photo must have been taken not long before Joseph Green. From the shape of the windows I think it was taken in their garden at their house in the Cragsides.

Charlotte at Rochdale
This photo taken in Rochdale on a family visit in the mid 1920s, and shows Charlotte with my mother Dorothy and my grandmother Clara.

Widow Charlotte and her unmarried daughter Edith then moved back to Vicarage Avenue, to live close to some of her married children, and that’s where Charlotte died in 1953. I knew my great grandmother but was too young when she died to be able to remember her.

4 responses to “My great grandmother Charlotte Green nee Senior

  1. What a wonderful series of photos; so lovely to have several pics of one ancestor.

    • Thanks Su. My Yorkshire family seem to have been good at taking photographs. Unlike my Scottish lot!

      • 🙂 I think in my case it’s not so much that photos weren’t taken as that they have been scattered around and probably destroyed by various family members who just weren’t interested. My mum has never quite forgiven her sister in law who “cleaned out” my grandad’s house when he died and pretty much threw everything in the bin (photos, heirlooms, antiques, etc). Grandad died in 1964 and Mum’s still talking about it!

      • Same here here to some extent. My father had very few photos from when he was young, and just a couple of his mother. If there were others they probably went to his sisters. My mother did better and got hold of lots, though I know there were things my grandfather got rid of after my grandmother died, which my mother would have loved to have kept.

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