14 October

Definitely autumn here now – no more Indian summer, just very dreich days as they’d say in Scotland. And just the one person to write about today: a Strachan descendent who migrated to Alabama, USA.

14 October 1865
Birth of Robert King at Irvine, Ayrshire, son of James King and my gg aunt Jean (aka Jane) Strachan and grandson of Robert Strachan and Margaret Haggerty. He is with his cotton weaver father, mother and siblings at Quarry Lane, Irvine in 1871 and by 1881 has become a coal miner: he is with his parents and siblings at High Street, Irvine and his father is now a labourer at the brickfields. Robert migrated in 1887, sailing from Glasgow to Boston. He married there in about 1892 to Maggie, and in 1900 they can be found in the census at Ensley, Alabama, Robert working as a boiler boss at a furnace. They are in Fairfield, Alabama in 1930, Robert a machinist at a coke plant, and they are still there in 1940, Robert having taken up that popular occupation of those who have lived to beyond 60 – a watchman. There is no evidence that Robert and Maggie had any children. Robert King died in 1953 at the age of 87 at Fairfield, Alabama.

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