16 October

Several uncertainties today, which highlights just how difficult it is to research people when you aren’t working from known descendants and going backwards in time, without spending a small fortune on certificates which may, or may not, be for the right person. I admit to being very reluctant to buy a certificate when it could turn out to be for the wrong person. Plus a rather confusing William Watt from Aberdeenshire. The only one today I can be sure about is a Green descendant who was born and lived near Wakefield.

16 October 1794
Birth of my ggg uncle Hugh Murphie at Stevenston, Ayrshire, son of Duncan Murphie and Jane Wilson. Nothing else found, unfortunately.

16 October 1812
Baptism of my gggg uncle William Watt at Fintry, Aberdeenshire, son of Peter Watt and Helen Alexander. It looks as if he died, as the son named William who put up the memorial to Peter and Helen Watt seems to have been born, from census and death details, in about 1825.

16 October 1825
Baptism of Amelia Fisher at Tankersley, Yorkshire, daughter of John Fisher and Mary Stones and granddaughter of my ggggg uncle Timothy Fisher and Mary Kaye. She is at Pilley hamlet in 1841, age 15, and her mother died in 1846. In 1851, as Milly Fisher age 25, she is at Pilley with her father and siblings, working as a servant. Nothing else found, apart from an 1857 death in Barnsley for an Amelia Fisher, but I don’t know whether this is her or not.

16 October 1831
Birth of Mary Strachan at Shewalton Colliery, Dundonald, Ayrshire, daughter of my ggg uncle John Strachan and Jean Neilson. Her father died before 1841, and in the 1841 census Mary is with her mother and siblings at Strathbungo Village, Govan. In 1851 she’s a wool twister in lodgings in Govan, and I’m not sure what happened to her after that as I haven’t found her in the records with any certainty. She may have married David Morgan at Govan in 1852 but I’m not sure that’s the right Mary Strachan.

16 October 1887
Baptism of Mary Alice Burton at Wrenthorpe, Yorkshire, who was born in November 1886, daughter of James Burton and Sarah Ann Wilson and granddaughter of my gg aunt Mary Green and Joseph Wilson. Her parents lived at Pilkington Sreet, Alverthorpe, near Wakefield, and Mary Alice is with them in 1891 and 1901: in the latter census she is age 14 and working as a doffer at a worsted mill. This is someone who clears full spindles that hold the spun thread, replacing them with empty ones, and was a job done by children in the earlier years of mills. Mary Alice’s father died in 1905, and in 1911 she is a domestic servant in the household of Robert Mary, a doctor, in Wakefield, where the housekeeper was her aunt Edith Wilson. In June 1911 at Sandal, near Wakefield, Mary Alice Wilson married Ernest George Thorpe, a stoker on HMS Thames. She died in 1966 at Scunthorpe.

2 responses to “16 October

  1. Hi, I share your frustration at trying to find people and wondering if you’re researching the right person! I usually put them to one side and come back to them another day, it’s sometimes clearer then! Good luck, and keep up the good work, I love your blog 🙂

    • Isn’t it frustrating? And three more today! I revisit the “missing” every now and again, and sometimes there’s a breakthrough, from new stuff having come online. But I have so many on the tree I can trace to childhood or early adulthood and then nothing. They can’t just have disappeared into thin air but what became of them?

      Glad you’re enjoying the blog. I very much enjoy doing it.

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