23 October

Here’s a surprise – there’s only one person on my family tree that I share a birthday with. He’s an Aberdeenshire seaman who lived in Peterhead. Today I am celebrating my birthday by indulging my love of horses and going riding, followed by dinner out this evening.

23 October 1859
Birth of Patrick Forbes McWilliam, known as Peter, at Peterhead, son of my half gggg uncle David McWilliam and Elizabeth Ewan. In Scotland, the names Patrick and Peter are interchangeable. In 1861 and 1871 he’s with his family in Peterhead, his father a sawyer. Peter Clark married Georgina Clark in December 1880 at Peterhead and they set up home at Ronheads, Peterhead: they are there for the 1881 census and Peter is a seaman. By 1891 they’ve moved a bit nearer to the docks and are at Longate, Peterhead, as Peter is still a seaman, and they have 4 children. Then Peter’s wife Georgina died, and in 1901 he is at Longate with his two youngest children, both daughters, and is working as a cooper. Patrick Forbes McWilliam died at Peterhead in 1932 age 72.

23 October 1951
I was born! Judith Margaret Strachan born in Leeds, Yorkshire, daughter of Robert Strachan and Dorothy Fraser. I’ll post some pictures from my childhood, which was spent in Leeds until we moved, when I was 7, to Marske-by-the-Sea on the North Yorkshire coast (though it’s now part of Cleveland). Since then I’ve lived in Leeds again, where I was a student, then London, then Australia, then back to Leeds where I now live on the northern tip of Leeds in Alwoodley.

6 responses to “23 October

  1. Happy, happy birthday!
    Fourth cousin Cathy

  2. Hope your birthday, Judy, has been a fine one. Continuing to look forward to your postings. For the record, Judy’s ggg grandmother was a sister to my gg grandmother – at least I think I got the ggs correct.


  3. Happy Birthday Judy, congratulations. Do enjoy your planned events. I hope you have company on both occasions. Colin.

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