26 October

Today’s three includes an early Fraser from Cruden and Peterhead, a Strachan who was a coal miner and in Kilwinning, Dreghorn and Auchinleck, and a Green descendent from Yorkshire who was also a coal miner.

26 October 1772
Baptism of Andrew Fraser at Cruden, son of Donald Frazer and Margaret. He’s my ggggg uncle if Im right about the identity of the father of William Fraser born 1805. Andrew Fraser married Jean Walker in 1799 at Cruden, and in 1841 is an ag lab living at Brickworks, Peterhead with his wife, a daughter, two grandchildren and two of his brother, John and William. it’s William who I think father my ggg grandfather. In 1851 Andrew, age 78, is at the same address with his daughter, 2 nieces, a nephew, a grandchild and his brother William. He died before 1855.

26 October 1840
Birth of my gg uncle John Strachan at Shewalton Colliery, Ayrshire, son of Robert Strachan and Margaret Haggerty. He’s with his parents in 1841, then they moved to Kilwinning, his mother died and his father remarried, to Susan Cran, and in 1851 John is with his family at Moncur Row, Kilwinning. He became a coal miner – of course – and in 1861 is living with the Muir family in Kilwinning – they were probably relations of his future wife, as later that year he married Jane Muir, domestic servant of Kilwinning. In 1871 John and Jane are at Burn Row, Kilwinning with 4 children, and in 1881 are at Southoak Row, Dreghorn with 7 children. They’re still there in 1891, with only 2 children at home, but had relations nearby as Southoak Row crops up fiarly often on my Strachan family tree. By 1901, however, they moved down to Auchinleck and may have have also lived in Stair, where their illegitimate grandson was born in 1895. In the 1901 census John, age 61, is retired, and they have 2 working children and their grandson with them. John Strachan died in Auchinleck in 1902 at age 63.

26 October 1862
Baptism of Benjamin Schofield at Worsbrough, son of my ggg aunt Ann Green and John Schofield. Benjamin is with his parents and siblings in Worsbrough, his father working as a coal miner. His mother died in 1880, and in 1881 he is with his father, who is now a farmer, and Benjamin is working as a butcher. He married Ada Ward in December 1890 at Worsbrough, and in 1891 they are at West Bank, Nether Hoyland, Benajmin working as a colliery labourer. There is a death for a Benjamin Schofield in 1898 registered at Barnsley which I strongly suspect is him, but I’ve not been able to trace his wife or, if they had any, their children.

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