Logan ancestors from Aberdeenshire

I’ve finally pulled together information about my Logan ancestors, from Aberdeenshire – not to be confused with my Logan ancestors from Ayrshire. There is now a Logan page (see tabs above) and under the tab is the link to the page which details my Logan family tree as so far researched.

3 responses to “Logan ancestors from Aberdeenshire

  1. Hi Judy,
    Just read your blog re Aberdeenshire Logans.
    My Mother was Mary Taylor Logan, her father was William Tayor Logan
    (born 1876 at 3 Don St) his father was Hay Logan (born 1848 at Midmill,
    Cruden) and his father was Thomas Logan born 1798 at Aldie, Cruden.
    I see the names, Taylor and Hay so we must be connected.
    I always wondered where the Taylor name came from. My g.father
    William Taylor Logan moved to Clydebank.
    I notice my cousin Becky from USA has been in touch. Her
    g.grandfather was my grandfather’s brother.

    • Hello Susan and welcome to the blog. I do find the same surnames keep cropping up when researching my NE Aberdeenshire ancestors so there must have been a lot of intermarrying among people who were somehow related!

      I do have a few Taylors on my tree, and interestingly I have a George Hay born at Tarves in 1793 who married Mary Taylor. I don’t anything about her apart from she was born in Old Deer in about 1810. I also have a John Alexander born 1825 in Rayne who married Barbara Taylor, though I’ve not done any further research on them – I believe they lived in Aberdeen. And I have a Mary McWillliam who married James Taylor in Aberdeen in 1868: he was a soldier and so they moved around a bit.

      I don’t have a Thomas Logan though, but that’s not to say there wasn’t a connection. They all seem to be connected if you look hard enough!


  2. HI Judy, Many thanks for your reply. If I come across anything of interest I will let you know.
    Regards, Susan

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