1 November

The Yorkshire tree gets a look in today, with another Grist who was a coal miner and had 9 sons but no daughters.

1 November 1835
Baptism of Thomas Grist at Bolton upon Dearne, Yorkshire, son of my gggg uncle William Grist and Emma Wood. He is with his parents and siblings in Wombell in 1841, his father a turner. In 1851 they are at Blacker Hill, Worsbrough, and 15 year old Thomas is working for his father as a grocer. Thomas married Louisa Turner in 1856 and they are at Blacker Hill, Worsbrough in 1861. Thomas is working as a coal miner and they have 3 sons, the youngest with the unusual name of Coniah. They had moved to Darley Square, Worsbrough by 1871, Thomas still a coal miner and with 7 sons. By 1881 they are at Arthur Street, Worsbrough and have been joined by another son, although the eldest has left home. 1891 sees them at Jarratt’s Buildings, Worsbrough with 2 coal miner sons remaining with them, and Thomas is “loving on own means”, which could mean he was a self-employed odd job man. Thomas Grist died in 1900 at age 64, and there is no evidence he and Louisa had any surviving daughters. What are the odds on having 9 sons?

1 November 1867
Birth of Robert Cain (or Kean) at Kilwinning, son of William Kean and my gg Agnes Strachan and grandson of Robert Strachan and Margaret Haggerty. Robert died, sadly in 1866 before his first birthday.

One response to “1 November

  1. I am putting together information about Jarratts Buildings. Albert Grist pops up a couple of times, once trying to save a drowning man and the other falling asleep whilst acting as look-out when some illegal gambling was afoot. see http://www.denisebates.co.uk/jarrattsgambling.html and also http://www.denisebates.co.uk/jarrattspeople1901.html (Charlie Rouke). Fascinated by the 9 boy no girl family. Do you mind if I include something about them on my Jarratts pages?

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