4 and 5 November

Posting this late as I was up on the North Yorkshire Moors yesterday, trail riding on a sunny and very clear autumn day amongst stunning countryside, followed by a meal at a gorgeous country pub. Yorkshire has just been voted the third best place to visit in the world by Lonely Planet, and I am very lucky to live so close to such amazing scenery. Next year Yorkshire is hosting the Tour do France, and in last year’s Olympics Yorkshire would have come 12th in the medals table if we counted as a separate country.

My Yorkshire ancestors are from around Barnsley, which admittedly isn’t one of the most scenic parts of the county, and today there is another Green linen bleacher. From Aberdeenshire is a Smith who married a Tocher and a Booth who died in infancy. There’s an early Neilson from Gorbals who also seems to have died young, and an Ayrshire Strachan who didn’t have a fortunate life and died in the Poorhouse. And finally, yesterday was a birthday for a Canadian relative.

5 November 1773
Birth of my gggg aunt Mary Neilson at Gorbals, Lanarkshire, daughter of Walter Neilson and Agnes Haddon. She must have died, as in 1784 her parents had another daughter they named Mary.

5 November 1841
Birth of Ann Strachan at Shewalton Colliery, Dundonald, Ayshire, sughter of ggg uncle Peter Strachan and Margaret Boyle. Both her parents died in the late 1840s, possibly from a typhus or cholera epidemic, ad in 1851 Ann and her brother are with their uncle Henry Strachan and his wife Ann at Dreghorn: Henry and Ann did not have any children of their own. In 1861 Ann is a visitor in West Thornton Hamlet, Dreghorn with a McDonald family and her cousin who was also named Ann Strachan. I can’t locate her in 1871, but in 1873 she married Henry O’Neil, a lodging house keeper, in Saltcoats. It could be that Ann had been working as a domestic servant for Henry, and unusually they married at the Roman Catholic Chapel so I assume Henry was a Catholic and orginated from Ireland. The marriage was, however, short lived as Henry died in 1876. In 1881 Ann Neil, described as a broker’s widow, is back in Dreghorn with her aunt Annie Strachan (her uncle Henry had died) and Annie’s mother Maggie. She doesn’t appear to have had any children, or at least none that survived. She could be the Ann Strachan who is in the 1891 census living on her own in Kilwinning and earning a living as an outdoor worker. By 1901, however, she is a domestic servant at Corsehill, Kilwinning for James Robertson, a carpenter, and his sister. Annie O’Neil died in 1909, of pneumonia, at Cunningham Combination Poorhouse, Irvine.

4 November 1858
Birth of Annabella Smith at Longside, Aberdeenshire, daughter of James Smith and Ann Cowie Davidson and granddaughter of gggg aunt Margaret Hutcheon and Charles Davidson. In 1861 she’s with her parents and younger brother at Fyvie, where her father is the police constable. But by 1871 she is at Rora, Longside with her grandmother and a cousin, and despite my best search efforts I can’t find anything for her parents or her brother. But Annabella married James Tocher, an ag lab, and in 1881 she is in Udny with a young daughter, but her husband is not at home. In 1891 the family are in Newburg and by then have 3 children. In 1901 they are Kinneler and James is working as a labourer in a granite quarry, where is two sons are drillers: the family also has a young niece with them.

5 November 1861
Birth of George Booth at Longside, Aberdeenshire, son of my gggg uncle James Booth and Jean Keith. He died in early infancy as his death is registered in Longside in 1861.

4 November 1909 (born 1864)
Thomas Green was born in 1864 at Barnsley, Yorkshire, son of my ggg uncle John Green and Sarah Wigfield. He’s with his parents and siblings in Ardsley in 1871, his father a linen yarn bleacher. In 1881 the family is back in Barnsley, and Thomas has followed his father’s trade and is a linen bleacher. His mother died in 1883 and his father remarried, and in 1891 Thomas is with his father, stepmother and an aunt at Market Street, Barnsley, still working as a linent bleacher along with his father. His father died in 1896 and 1901 Tom is a linen yarn bleacher working on his account, and living at Bleach Croft, Barnsley with his stepmother and aunt. Thomas married late in life, in 1909 when he was 45, to Francis Fletcher. In 1911 he is at Eldon Street, Barnsley with his wife and stepdaughter. Thomas Green died age 78 in 1942.

4 November 1991
Happy birthday to Jenna in Canada, granddaughter of my cousin Colin who follows this blog.

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