Ancestor photos: the McMurties

Thanks to blog follower Nancy for sending me these wonderful photos of her direct ancestors, who link into my Strachan family tree. I love old photos, and I know lots of you blog followers do too.

Cecilia King, a daughter of my gg aunt Jean Strachan, was born in Ayrshire in 1875 and in 1894 married Thomas McMurtie. They migrated to Canada in 1898, but by 1910 had settle at Rock Springs, Wyoming.

McMurtie 1
This photo of Thomas and Cecilia McMurtie was probably taken just before WW1, going by the clothes and hairstyles, so was most likely taken in Rock Springs when Cecilia was about 40 years old.

McMurtie 2
And this photo is obviously taken quite a few years later, with the small inset photo taken a bit earlier.

This is the post from 26 June that featured Cecilia:

26 June 1875
Birth at Irvine of Cecilia Whylie King, daughter of James King and my gg aunt Jean Strachan, and granddaughter of my gg grandparents Robert Strachan and Margaret Haggerty. Her birth entry has her name as Zelia Whyllie King. In 1881 she is with her parents and siblings at 21 High Street, Irvine, her father working as a labourer in the brickfield. In 1891 she is a visitor at her older married sister’s house in High Riggend, New Monkland, Lanarkshire. Cecilia married Thomas McMurtrie at Dreghorn, Ayrshire and they migrated to Canada in the late 1890s. In the 1901 Canada census they are at Nanaimo, Vancouver Island, Thomas a carpenter, and with 2 children: Thomas may well have been a carpenter at the coal mines there. By 1910 they have moved to Rock Springs, Wyoming, where Thomas was a coal miner, and they have 5 children with them: one of them is a son with the unusual first name of Dorset. They are still in Rock Springs in 1920, Thomas a fireman at the colliery and with 4 children with them, the eldest now a blacksmith, and they’re in Rock Springs in 1930 with 3 children. Cecilia McMurtrie nee King died in 1938 at Rock Springs.

6 responses to “Ancestor photos: the McMurties

  1. Lovely photos and what a wonderful name McMurtie is!

  2. Great photos; so nice to be able to share photos with other descendents.

  3. Canuckfamilycurator

    If there’s any way to connect with the “Nancy” family member you reference in your blog who shared the McMurtrie/King Photos, please let me know. Thomas McMurtrie’s Father James McMurtrie is my 4x great grandfather. I have some other original photos I’d love to connect to a living family member. Thanks!

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