29 and 30 November

30 November was St Andrew’s Day, my father’s birthday, and the day of a terrible accident in Glasgow, so my thoughts were in Scotland. Only one entry for the 29th, and a sad one – twins who died in infancy. There are quite a lot of twins on my Strachan family tree, so if you’re a Strachan descendent and planning on having children, be warned. Three baptisms on the 30th but only one person whom I’ve been able to trace beyond their birth.

30 November 1828
Baptism of Timothy Fisher at Pilley, Yorkshire, son of John Fisher and Mary Stones and grandson of my ggggg uncle Timothy Fisher and Mary Kaye. Nothing found for Timothy and he is not with his family in 1841, so it looks as if he died young.

30 November 1843
Baptism of John Aitken at Longside, Aberdeenshire son of William Aitken and Elizabeth Milne and uncle of my step great grandmother Helen Ann Morgan. Nothing else found, unfortunately, and as I can’t find the family in the 1851 census I don’t know whether he with his family or not in that year.

30 November 1868
Baptism of my half gg aunt Barbara Smith at Tarves, Aberdeenshire, daughter of John Smith and Helen Watt – she has two baptism records, one in Tarves and one in Udny, but in the census gives her place of birth as Tarves. In 1871 she is with her parents in Newington, Edinburgh and her half sister, my great grandmother Helen Hay, has been left in Tarves with her grandparents. Barbara’s father then died but she and her mother stayed in Edinburgh and took in lodgers. By 1891 Barbara is a dressmaker and one of her mother’s lodgers is an assistant librarian, William Thomson. Barbara and William were married in 1898 and lived in Morningside, Edinburgh, but didn’t have children.

29 November 1902
Birth of twins James and Flora Strachan McIlwraith at Crookedholm, Ayrshire, the first born children of of Jane Dunlop Strachan and James McIlwraith and grandchildren of my great aunt Flora Strachan. Sadly, both twins died in early infancy.

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