18 and 19 December

Today are two happy birthday wishes to send to cousins, one in USA and one in Canada.Nothing on the 18th, but also on the 19th are a Hutcheon descendant from Aberdeen who was a shoemaker at Longside, and a Strachan who probably died as a result of childbirth.

19 December 1834
Baptism of Alexander Davidson at Longside, Aberdeenshire, son of my gggg aunt Margaret Hutcheon and Charles Davidson. In 1841 he is with his parents and siblings at St Fergus, which was then in Banffshire, and is in Burnhead, Banffshire in 1851 working, at age 16, as a farm labourer for a miller with 12 acres. In 1861 he is Mosside, Longside (not to be confused with the Fraser croft of Mosside near Hatton) working as a shoemaker, and is with his parents and grandmother. His father died in 1862 and in 1865 Alexander married Susan Angus at Udny, and they had children baptised at Longside. In 1871 Alexander is a shoemaker journeyman living at Back Wynd, Longside with wife Susan and 3 children, and is at Old Toll House, Longside in 1881 with his wife and 7 children. In 1891, working as a shoemaker and general labourer, he is still at Longside with his wife and 3 youngest children still at home. He was present when his mother died at Mosside, Rora, Longside in 1893 and was the informant on her death certificate. Alexander died in 1899 at Longside age 64.

19 December 1858
Birth of my half gg aunt Susan Strachan at Kilwinning, daughter of my gg grandfather Robert Strachan and his second wife Susan Cran. Susan is with her parents at Kenneth’s Row, Kilwinning in 1861 and 1871, and married coal miner Peter Lawson in Kilwinning in 1880. They are in Corsehill, Kilwinning in 1881 with a 3 month old son, and are still there in 1891 with 4 children. she had another 2 children in the early 1890s, then died of a haemorrhage in February 1897: her death certificate does not say this was in childbirth but it’s possible it was. Her husband Peter remarried.

19 December 1954
Happy birthday Betty in the USA, daughter of my cousin Harry.

19 December 1959
Happy birthday Debra in Canada, daughter of my cousin Colin.

One response to “18 and 19 December

  1. Thanks Judy; I have passed today’s Blog on to Deb, I know she will enjoy.
    Love, Colin.

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