Christmas Day

Wishing all blog followers, and anyone else who happens to pass by, a very Merry Christmas. Christmas is a time for family and so, if you have a spare moment, spend it thinking of all those ancestors who, by combining in the way they did, lead to you being born.

Will catch up on the “on this day” posts in a couple of days. Christmas Day proved to be busy for my Yorkshire ancestors, as it used to be a very popular day for being baptised or getting married.

I’ve been doing “on this day” since the 23rd March, so three more months to go and that will be 365 days of ancestors. I’ll have to think what else to post about once the year is up!

4 responses to “Christmas Day

  1. Merry Christmas from Toronto. As you may have heard from your Toronto relatives, we were hit by a severe ice storm that has resulted in wide-spread power outages for the past few days. However, we received a wonderful Christmas present as the power resumed ar 5:00 a.m. Christmas day. This experience certainly made us marvel at how our ancestors managed to survive the cold winters, especially those who immigrated to the harsher climates of Canada.

    Wishing Judy and fellow blog followers a wonderful Christmas.


    • Merry Christmas Grant. The storm sounds terrible, though such misery is being shared over here. We had severe storms prior to Christmas, which meant households down south have been flooded and thousands spent Christmas without electricity. Another storm last night has meant more are flooded, travel is disrupted, and yet more are without electricity. Where I am has been spared the worst but the fence between my garden and my over-the-back-fence neighbours has been flattened. I too have wondered how my ancestors coped with extreme weather, given their work and housing conditions – they must have been a very stoic lot.

      Good to hear from you.

  2. Betty Strachan Aylestock

    Merry Christmas Judy. What a special time of year to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, our Saviour! May your day be wonderful. Thanks for all of your hard work on our Family History. I really appreciate and enjoy it!

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