Storm damage

We are having storms here in the UK – again. Not too bad where I am, but something has knocked my phone line out. Broadband is working but only slowly, and the land line has gone completely. So normal blog service will be resumed as soon as BT send an engineer out.

Plus the fence at the bottom of the garden has been flattened and taken out a few shrubs. But at least I have electricity and there are no floods here, unlike elsewhere in the UK where Christmas has been pretty miserable.

4 responses to “Storm damage

  1. Hi Judy; Similar situation in eastern Canada. We in southwestern Ontario had to deal with a lot of snow but that is just hard work shoveling. However east of us it is a disaster. Freezing rain and heavy snow have devistated major areas of Ontario, Quebec and the eastern provinces. There are thousands of folks who have had no electrical power for more than a week. Travel is just getting under control following days of delay in air, rail and road systems. A terrible Christmas experience in eastern Canada and northeastern USA.

    • Oh gosh, that all sounds terrible but I’m glad to hear you escaped. Sounds as if the storms made their way across the Atlantic and got us too. So many people have had their Christmas ruined by weather, though I can’t imagine how our ancestors coped with it.

  2. There hasn’t been a drop of rain nor a strong wind here in Stockton California, for weeks. If you can arrange it, please send us a little moisture. Xmas was warm and sunny. My second cousin in Aberdeen is probably wearing every stich of clothing has. Good Luck!

    • Lovely to hear from you George – there are several George Sangsters on my family tree. I wish I could send the rain to you as we’ve had more than enough, though the temperature has remained mild and we haven’t had any really cold weather yet. Then again I’m not in Aberdeenshire. I was there in June, though, and it was their hottest week for a very long time so I chose my week up there well. It’s not often you get to say it’s too hot when you’re walking in the Cairngorms!

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