An update

Broadband now more reliable. My phone now rings but when I answer it all I get is a lot of crackling, so engineer has not fully fixed it. Fence is now tied upright to neighbours trees. More strong wind and rain today!

There have been a few more followers joining the blog recently, so a warm welcome to all newcomers. Enjoy – and please, if you feel able, add a comment to something telling me how you’re connected or where your interest lies. It’s always interesting finding out how people find their way here.

2 responses to “An update

  1. Best wishes to you and your family for good health & luck in 2014.
    I look forward to reading more ‘ Strachan ‘ news in the new year.
    I am still looking for more history on the John Skeoch Goble / Janet Spiers Strachan connection 1855. as I put together the Goble family tree.
    All the best from
    Robert Goble.

    • Happy New Year to you, Robert, and I hope you get on well with your Goble research. If you turn anything up I’d be interested as, although John Skeoch Goble isn’t a blood connection, he’s on my tree and sounds as if he belongs to an interesting family.

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