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30 and 31 January

The only ones on these two days are all from Yorkshire: a Savile ancestor born 287 years ago who was a schoolmaster, a Green and a Haigh both of whom disappear from the records, and a Senior ancestor whose father was a sub post master and farmer.

31 January 1727
Baptism of my ggggggg uncle George Savile at Royston, Yorkshire, son of Robert Savile and Martha Senior. It seems that he became a school master, as in July 1759 George Savile of Royston schoolmaster was married by licence to Elizabeth Twitty of the parish of Wath, and his brother Samuel was one of the witnesses. They had children baptised in Royston, but then there is a burial at Royston in July 1770 of George Savile schoolmaster of Cudworth.

30 January 1820
Birth of George Green at Worsbrough, Yorkshire, son of my ggggg uncle George Green and Hannah Ellis. He is living at Ward Green, Worsbrough with his parents and siblings in 1841 and is a warehouseman: his father is a publican and the family employs a female servant. In 1851 George is unmarried, a labourer, and still at Ward Green with his mother, who is a widow and innkeeper, and his younger siblings. I can’t find a anything for him after that so don’t know what became of him.

31 January 1847
Baptism of Ann Haigh at Royston, Yorkshire, daughter of my gggg uncle John Haigh and Hannah Allen. Her baptism record gives John Haigh’s occupation as boatman, and not long after Ann’s birth the family moved to Pollington, where John Haigh worked as a boatman on the Knottingly and Goole Canal. Ann is with her parents and siblings in Pollington in 1851 and 1861 but I can’t find anything for her after that, though my research has been no means exhaustive.

30 January 1891
Birth of Ethel Senior at Carlton, daughter of my ggg uncle James Senior and Selina. Her father was the sub post master at Carlton as well as being a farmer, but by 1911 had moved to Ivy Farm where 20 year old Ethel was working in the dairy. She married Herbert Howell at Carlton in 1921.

29 January

A busy day on the family tree. My Sangster gggg grandmother was baptised in Aberdeenshire; a Haggerty who migrated to California was born in Dundonald; there’s a Haddow who spent all her life in Kilwinning and married a coal miner; a Strachan from Stevenston who was an iron dresser; a Booth from Aberdeenshire who was a railway signal fitter; and a Logan descendant whose parents were from Aberdeenshire but who was born in Canada and moved to New York.

29 January 1783
Janet Sangster was baptised in Cruden, daughter of John Sangster of Keplan, and I’m pretty confident she was my gggg grandmother, and daughter of the John Sangster who married Elizabeth Matthew. Janet gave birth to my illegitimate gggg grandfather William Fraser in May 1805, and he was presented for baptism by his grandfather John Sangster of Burnthill with the father named as William Fraser. Janet married William McWilliam in May 1812 at Longside, and they had several children all baptised in Longside. William McWilliam died before 1841, as in the 1841 census Janet Sangster is at Long Row, Nether Kinmundy, Longside (which is close to the border with Cruden parish and not all that far from where William Fraser had taken the lease on a croft). She is with 2 of her McWilliam children. Janet Sansgter, pauper formerly servant, is at Creechy Row, Longside in 1851 age 69 seemingly living on her own. She died in 1859 at Craighall, Ellon and the informant was her son-in-law John Barclay, so she must have spent he latter years with her married daughter Christian.

29 January 1842
Birth of Hugh Muir Haggerty at Dundonald, son of my ggg uncle Hugh Haggerty and Janet Muir who were at Fullerton Street, Dundonald (now part of Irvine) in 1841. Hugh’s father died in about 1848/49, and in 1851 Hugh is at Boat Stabs, Dundonald (Irvine) with his grandmother, mother, siblings, and an aunt. By 1861 Hugh, a coal miner, is at Benslie or Bensley Square, Kilwinning with his mother, siblings and elderly grandmother (who was a sea captain’s widow). Hugh and his brother migrated to the USA at some stage, and his mother went there in 1869 along with one of her married daughters. The 1880 census has Hugh, his brother Adam and his mother at Contra Costa, California but they all then disappear from the records.

29 January 1867
Birth of Grace Haddow at Kilwinning, daughter of my gg uncle coal miner Hugh Richmond Haddow and Marion McKay. Grace was illegitimate, and in 1871 is at Burnside Cottages, Kilwinning with her great grandmother, grandmother and several cousins: her mother was a domestic servant in Edinburgh and her father was in Kilwinning with his widowed mother. Grace’s parents married in November 1871 at that familiar address, Kenneth’s Row, Kilwinning. Grace then gained some siblings, but her father was killed in an accident in 1876: he was crushed beneath the wheels of a loaded wagon at the rail depot at the coal mine. In 1881 Grace is again living at Burnside with her grandmother, mother and siblings plus two unmarried uncles. I can’t find her in the 1891 census but she was most likely a domestic servant, as that is the occupation she gave when she married coal miner Samuel Faddes at Kilwinning in December 1891. Grace and Samuel, with 5 children including twins, are in Garden Square, Kilwinning in 1901. A tree on Ancestry has 12 children for them, and puts Grace’s death as March 1946 at Garden Square, Kilwinning.

29 January 1869
Birth of John Strachan at Stevenston, son of coal miner Samuel Strachan and Janet Mitchell and grandson of my gggg uncle Samuel Strachan and Ann Miller. He is with his parents and siblings in Chemical Row, Stevenston in 1871 and Station Street, Stevenston in 1881. His father died in 1882 and in 1891 John, working as an iron dresser, is with his mother and a younger sister at Station Square, Stevenston. I’ve only researched him in the census so know he married a Susan and by 1901 had 2 daughters, was living at Boglemart Street, Stevenston, and was working as a steel dresser.

29 January 1872
Birth of James Booth at New Deer, son of James Booth and Margaret Kidd and grandson of my gggg uncle James Booth and Jean Keith. He’s at Dyce in 1881 with his parents, his father a railway labourer, and again in 1891, by which time he’s working as a railway signal fitter. He married Sarah and they are at Great Northern Road, Woodside, Aberdeen in 1901 with a baby son, and James is still a railway signal fitter.

29 January 1882
Birth of David Morrison George at Brant, Ontario, Canada, son of James George and my ggg aunt Barbara Logan. His father was a farmer in Brant and David can be found there with his family in the 1891 Canadian census. His mother died in 1894, and in 1901 David is a lodger in Brant, working as a labourer. He didn’t marry until April 1926, when he wed Elizabeth Rennie at Walkerton. They moved to the USA as in the 1930 USA census they are at Tonawanda, New York with a son born in New York, and David M George is a construction engineer. A tree on Ancestry has his death as 1936 at Buffalo, New York.

28 January

On the 28th there was a birthday in Canada and another in the south of England, so happy birthday to Colin’s daughter and Morag’s son. Also the baptism of who I suspect was my gggggg grandfather born in Ayrshire 323 years ago, and a Neilson ancestor born in Govan.

28 January 1691
There was a baptism in Kilwinning on this day of Thomas Reid, son of Thomas Reid and Janet Love, who could be my gggggg grandfather. In July 1721 at Kilwinning, Thomas married Janet Eadie and although there’s no proof this was the same Thomas, it’s possible it was. Thomas and Janet had at least 4 children baptised in Kilwinning, including a daughter Christian who married, in Kilwinning, John Alexander from the parish of Auchinleck. My feeling is they were both from coal mining families. John and Christian had a least 2 children including Susannah, who in 1771 married Thomas Strachan.

28 January 1770
Birth or baptism of my gggg aunt Margaret Neilson at Govan, Lanarkshire, daughter of Walter Neilson and Agnes Hadden. The only possibility I can find for her are children born in Glasgow from 1799 to 1808 to James McGhie and Margaret Neilson, including a daughter called Agnes.

27 January

Happy birthday to a second cousin today. Also an Aberdeenshire grain store keeper and an Ayrshire coal miner’s wife who lived nearly all her life in Dreghorn.

27 January 1848
Baptism of Peter Aitken (or Aiken) at Longside, son of William Aitken and Elizabeth Milne and uncle of my step great grandmother Helen Ann Morgan. I can’t find his family in the 1851 census, but in 1861 Peter is an ag lab at Aldie, Cruden where his father was farm overseer, and his mother and siblings were at Whiteshin, Cruden. Peter was a witness at his sister Jane’s marriage in 1865, and in 1871 is a farm servant at West Gask, Cruden. I then can’t find him in 1881, but in 1891 there is a Peter Aiken of the right age and born in Longside who was a grain store keeper in Peterhead, lodging with a widow and her children. That Peter is still a grain store keeper in Peterhead in 1901 lodging with a different family. If this is the right Peter then it doesn’t look as if he married or had children.

27 January 1860 (born about 1840)
Janet Howat was born in about 1840 at Kilmarnock, daughter of Peter Thomas Howat and Janet Strachan and granddaughter of my ggg uncle Robert Strachan and Jean Kelly. No baptism has been found for her, but she is with her parents and siblings in Thirdpart, Kilmarnock in 1841, and the family were therefore neighbours with several members of the extended family. They also had lots of family as neighbours in 1851, as by then they were at Corsehill Square, Dreghorn. Janet’s father Peter died in the late 1850s, and in 1860 Janet married coal miner Robert Dick at Dreghorn in the same month that one of her brothers was married. Janet and Robert, with a baby daughter, have their own home at Corsehill Square in 1861. No address is given except for Dreghorn in 1871, and by then Janet and Robert had 6 children. They are at Hugh Dunlop’s Land, Dreghorn in 1881, with only 3 of their children still at home and are at the same address in 1891 with just their youngest at home. Janet Dick nee Howat died at Dreghorn in January 1899 age 59.

27 January 1947
Happy birthday half second cousin David (on the Fraser side) – looking forward to seeing you in London next month!

26 January

The 26th was a popular day. A Green gggg uncle was born in Yorkshire but ended up in London; a Strachan was born in Ayrshire and lived in the usual coal mining places; a Haggerty was born in Ayrshire and went to the USA; a Green from Yorkshire was married to a coal miner; and a descendent of the Marshalls of Ayrshire was born in Kent and became a bookkeeper.

26 January 1800
Baptism of my gggg uncle Samuel Green at Worsbrough, Yorkshire, son of innkeeper Joseph Green and Ann Cox. He was married to Mary, who was born in Oundle, Northampton, but I haven’t found a record of their marriage so don’t know where they were married. The first baptism I can find for one of their children took place in 1833 at Sonning in Berkshire, a second daughter was baptised in 1835 at Reading, a third in St Martins in the Field, London in 1837 and a fourth in Chelsea, London in 1839. The family is in the 1841 census at Baldwin Street, City Road, London, Samuel a licensed victualler with a male and a female servant. They are at Marsham Street, Westminster in 1851, Samuel a general cartman with the youngest daughter still at home. They had a late arrival when a son was born in 1851 and registered at Westminster. When his eldest daughter married in 1860, she gave her father’s occupation as a spruce merchant and when his daughter Amelia married in 1862 she gave her father’s occupation as publican, so it seems he had several strings to his bow. The 1861 census sees Thomas with wife Mary and young son at Grosvenor Terrace, Westminster with his occupation as traveller. He died between 1861 and 1871, as in 1871 Mary Green is a widow with her son living in Bloomsbury.

26 January 1841
Baptism of James Strachan at the Relief Congregation Kirk, Irvine, Ayrshire, son of Andrew Strachan and Elizabeth Howat and grandson of my gggg uncle Robert Strachan and Jean Kelly. He is age 6 months in the 1841 census, at Perceton Cottages, Dreghorn, with his coal miner father, mother and siblings: several members of the extended family also lived at Perceton Cottages. His mother died in about 1845, and in 1847 his father remarried but she too died in about 1850. In the 1851 census James aged 11 and a coal miner is at MacReadie’s Land, Dreghorn with his father, 7 siblings and a cousin, 22 year old Elizabeth Strachan, who was a domestic servant looking after them all. Elizabeth gave birth to an illegitimate daughter with James’ father in 1852, and in 1854 his father married for a third time. James, age 20 and a coal miner, is in Riccarton in 1861 with his father, stepmother, siblings and a domestic servant. In 1862 James Strachan married Mary Lindsay in Dreghorn and they are at Kyleshill, Stevenston in 1871 with 4 children. By 1881 they had moved to Plann Row, Kilmaurs and had 6 children at home, their eldest working as a female servant on a nearby farm. In 1891 they are in the same location, this time named Hemphill Row, Plann Road, and James is a miner of shale: he and Mary have 4 children still at home plus a grandson and a boarder. By 1901 James is a retired coal miner at Colquhoun’s Land, Kilmaurs with wife Mary and grandson Robert. James Strachan died in 1910 at the Co-operative Building, Crosshouse age 69 years of cancer of the colon.

26 January 1842
Birth of Hugh Muir Haggerty at Dundonald, son of my ggg uncle Hugh Haggerty and Janet Muir. His father died in about 1848 and in 1851 Hugh is at Boat Stabs, Dundonald (now considered part of Irvine) with his grandmother Ann Muir, his mother, his siblings and an aunt. By 1861 he has become a coal miner and is at Bensley Square, Kilwinning with his mother, grandmother and siblings: they were neighbours of many Strachan relatives. Hugh Haggerty, age 23 and a miner, sailed to New York in January 1866 and is in the 1870 US census at the coal mines at Russell, Kansas. In the 1880 census he is at Judsonville, Contra Costa, California with his mother and younger brother Adam, and is on the 1880 Contra Costa voters’ list which says he was naturalised in July 1880. I’ve been unable to find anything for him in the records after 1880, or for his mother and brother.

26 January 1890 (born in 1860)
Hannah Green was born in Barnsley in 1860, daughter of my ggg uncle John Green and Sarah Wigfield. Her father was a linen yarn bleacher and Hannah is with her parents and older brother at New Street, Barnsley in 1861. By 1871 the family had moved to Ardsley and Hannah, age 11, is at school, but they were back in Barnsley by 1881 at Back Street, and 21 year old Hannah is a power loom weaver. Hannah’s mother died in 1883 and in 1886 her father remarried. In 1890 Hannah married miner William Burrows at Silkstone and they both gave their address as Station Street, Barnsley, which is where they are in the 1891 census. There is a birth of a daughter in 1898, and then Hannah died age 39 in 1899 at Barnsley.

26 January 1920 (born in 1884)
Christina Jardine Cambell was born in Thanet, Kent, the daughter of Christina Jardine and James Campbell. Her mother came from Galston, Ayrshire and was the granddaugter of my ggg uncle Alexander Marshall, a saddler, and Christina Wallace. Christina’s mother had married a engine fitter at Galston but had moved to Kent by 1881. Christina is with her family in Ramsgate, Kent in 1891 and 1901, after which her father died and the family moved to Clapham, London. In 1911 Christina, age 26 and a clerk for a grocer, is with her mother and siblings in Clapham, and with them is a friend Mr Carter age 32, a merchant of provisions. This could be who Christina married, for in January 1920, at Clapham, she married Mark Henry Carter who was a 44 year old manager of a grocery store in Catford. Christina was age 35 and a bookkeeper.

25 January

On the 25th, back in 1759, Robert Burns was born in Alloway, Ayrshire so last night was Burns’ Night. No. I didn’t have haggis to celebrate! The 25th was also the birth or baptism of a McWilliam in Aberdeenshire who most probably died young, a Hepworth from Yorkshire who died very young, and a Fraser from Aberdeenshire who was a tramway motorman.

25 January 1820
Birth or baptism of my half gggg aunt Williamina Anne Baigrie McWilliam at Longside, daughter of my gggg grandmother Janet Sansgter and William McWilliam. There was an Anne Baigrie born in Cruden in 1784, just a year after Janet Sangster: she is surely who Williamina was named for and could have been either a friend of a relative of Janet’s. I cannot find any other trace of Willamina in the records so she may have died young.

25 January 1846
Baptism of Anthony Hepworth at Royston, Yorkshire, son of my gggg aunt Jane Haigh and Anthony Hepworth. His baptism record for Royston Parish Church says his father was a farmer of Walton in Sandal. Anthony died at just 4 weeks old and was buried in February at Royston.

25 January 1893
Birth of my half gg uncle Harry Brown Fraser at Mosside croft , Hatton, Aberdeenshire, son of Alexander Fraser and second wife Margaret Booth. Harry is with his parents at the croft in 1901, still at school. There is a passenger list record for a Harry Fraser age 20 going to Winnipeg, Canada in 1913, a farm labourer who has worked in farming since 1907, which could be him. But I can’t find a return to Scotland passage so it might be a different Harry. Harry Fraser married Lilias Moir at the Station Buffer at Ellon in 1920, and gave his address as 43 Hutcheon Street, Aberdeen, which was where his sister Jessie lived, and his occupation was farm servant. He changed how he earned his living at some stage, though, as Harry Brown Fraser died in Aberdeen age 69 in 1962 and his death certificate says he was a tramway motorman.

24 January

Two very important people today: my gg grandmother Sarah Marshall and my aunt Jeanie Harper nee Strachan.

24 January 1814
Birth or baptism of my gg grandmother Sarah Marshall at Kilmarnock, Ayrshire, daughter of saddler Robert Marshall and Agnes Logan. Sarah must have married John McInairney (a surname subject to various spellings) but no record of the marriage has been found. However, their daughter Mary Ann was baptised in Newcastle, England, in January 1840 and their sons Matthew, Willliam and John were, according to the census, born in Bellshills, Lanarkshire, Muirkirk, Ayrshire and Kilmarnock, although no baptisms can be found for them. Given the locations, my suspicion is John McAinairney might have worked at coal pits, although his daughter Mary Ann’s death certificate simply says her father was a labourer and on his wife’s death certificate it looks as if it says he was a drainer (which could mean he dug drainage dykes). Unfortunately I cannot find John, Sarah and Mary Ann in the 1841 census, and it would seem that John McAnairney, or whatever his surname was, died before 1851. Sarah is in the 1851 census at Low Church Lane, Kilmarnock, the surname written as McNarnie, a widow and pauper hand sewer with her 4 children. They are all at 19 Fore Street, Kilmarnock in 1861, but with them is Agnes Marshall age 93, Sarah’s mother, and two illegitimate daughters of Sarah’s born during the 1850s – Sarah and her eldest daughter Mary Ann are flowerers, which means they hand sewed floral embroidery onto muslin. During the 1860s Sarah’s mother died and her older children left home, so by 1871 she is at Back Street, Kilmarnock, still a hand sewer, with her youngest daughter Ellen and 4 year old Robert Brown, described as nephew. In 1881 Sarah, a hand sewer, is at High Street, Kilmarnock with Robert Marshall grandson age 14 (who I suspect is Robert Brown age 4 from 1871 but I have yet to work out just who he was), orphan Elizabeth Ingles age 3 (and I have yet to figure out who she was, too), and a coal miner lodger. Sarah McInairne, as the registrar as written is, died in March 1891 at her home in High Street, Kilmarnock of cancer of the gullet. The informant was her eldest child, my great grandmother Mary Ann who married John McCrae.

24 January 1900
Birth of my aunt, Jeannie Haddow Strachan at Crookedholm, Ayrshire, daughter of coal miner Henry Strachan and Helen McCrae – and mother of blog follower Colin. The 1901 census finds Jeannie with her parents and older siblings at Old Factory House, Crookedholm and in the 1905 Valuation Roll they’re at Cowan’s Row, Crookedholm. The family then moved to Lanarkshire in about 1906, first to Tollcross and then to Halfway, Cambuslang. In 1911 they were at Mansion Street, Cambuslang and Jeannie, age 11, was at school. In September 1921, at the age of 21, Jeannie sailed to Canada and her arrival card says she was intending to go into domestic service, remain permanently, and was destined to Major Luige (? name hard to read) in Toronto, who I suspect was a Major in the Salvation Army. In April 1927 Jeannie married William Harper in Toronto, who had also migrated from Scotland. He was a rubber worker, and one of the witnesses was her married sister, Helen Airken nee Strachan. Jeannie sailed to Scotland in September 1927, returning in May 1928, and then also went to Scotland in December 1932 and returned soon after. Her two surviving children were born in 1936 and 1938. There was quite a bit of travelling between Canada and Scotland among the Strachan family before WW2: Jeannie’s brother Joseph and sister Amelia settled in Canada, but sister Helen and mother Helen decided to stay in Cambuslang. Jeannie Harper nee Strachan lived until a very good age indeed, as did many of her siblings, and died in 1995 at the age of 95. Despite not seeing much of youngest brother, my father Robert, Jeannie kept in touch by letter through her life, and kept in touch with my mother after my father died.

Does genealogy influence your gardening?

Today I went to the garden centre near Otley for lunch, and couldn’t resist buying some seed potatoes for my vegetable plot. Browsing through the various varieties, I was drawn to one that said is was an old Ayrshire variety. I wonder whether any of my Ayrshire ancestors grew them?

I’ve looked them up on the internet and learnt that Ayrshire tatties are an Epicure variety introduced in 1897. Apparently they’re very good at recovering from a late frost, which we’re prone to in my part of Yorkshire, and are an early “new” potato (my favourites).

They are now in trays on the conservatory window sill chitting away until it’s warm enough to plant them out. My Aberdeenshire grandfather used to say that you knew the soil was warm enough to plant out potatoes once the weeds had begun to grow.

22 and 23 January

A fairly quiet couple of days on the family tree has given me the chance to catch up. My Yorkshire ggg grandfather George Senior was baptised 212 years ago plus there’s a Logan in Aberdeenshire who married a Fraser and a Strachan uncle who died in infancy.

23 January 1802
Baptism of my ggg grandfather George Senior at Royston. He was born in Carlton the son of William Senior and Sarah Hattersley. In 1829 he married Mary Roodhouse (or Roadhouse or Roydhouse): he was of Royston parish and Mary was of Darfield parish. Their 9 children were baptised in Royston, their baptism records describing George Senior (or Senyer) as a carpenter of Carlton. In the 1841 census George, a carpenter, is in Carlton with wife Mary, 5 children, a carpenter’s apprentice and his elderly mother-in-law. He is still in Carlton in 1851, a joiner and carpenter, with wife Mary and 7 children, the eldest also a joiner and carpenter. 1861 sees him remaining in Carlton and still working as a joiner and carpenter, with wife Mary and 4 sons remaining at home – the 3 elder sons are all joiners and carpenters so the Seniors seem to have had plenty of work to keep them all occupied. George is still in Carlton in 1871, by then aged 69 and still doing the same work, and has his wife and 1 unmarried son living and working with him. George Senyer of Carlton was buried at Royston on 24 November 1874 age 73.

22 January 1948 (born about 1871)
Jane Logan was born about 1871 at Tarves, Aberdeenshire, although I haven’t found a baptism, daughter of my ggg uncle James Logan and Jane Norrie. She is with her parents at Silvermoss, Tarves in 1881, her father an ag lab. Her mother then died, and in 1891 Jane is with her father and a nephew at Blackhill of Courtstone. Her father died in 1900. I haven’t found Jane in the 1901 census, but her death certificate in 1948 says she was married to John Fraser, a crofter, and she died at Burn Cottage, Pitmeddan age 76. The informant was a grandniece who lived in Aberdeen, so I’m not sure whether or not Jane had any children.

22 January 1911
Birth of my uncle William McCrae Strachan at Mansion Street, Cambuslang, Lanarkshire, 9th child of Henry Strachan and Helen McCrae. He was named for his uncle, Helen McCrae’s younger brother. In the 1911 census baby William is with his parents and many siblings at Mansion Street, but he died aged 18 months on the 18th June 1912, of measles, at Gilbertfield Buildings, Halfway, Cambuslang. In 1912 Henry Strachan bought the title deeds to a burial lair at Westburn Cemetery, so it would seem it was the death of young William that prompted the purchase. My father kept those title deeds and they were then passed on to me. I haven’t visited the cemetery so don’t know whether there’s a memorial stone there, but one day I hope to go and find out.

21 January

Just two Yorkshire ones today: an Oxley from Barnsley who married a coal agent and moved to Rochdale, and an Athorn from Barnsley who was a gas fitter.

21 January 1827
Baptism of Mary Oxley at St Mary’s Barnsley, Yorkshire, daughter of my gggg uncle William Oxley and Elizabeth. William is described as a coal miner on Mary’s baptism record. In 1841 Mary was a servant on a farm in Thurgoland, working for a 65 year old farmer with no-one else in the houshold – there were a few people her age on neighbouring farms who I hope she had contact with, otherwise it would have been a lonely life. Mary married coal miner Solomon Gledhill at Silkstone in 1847. I can’t find them in the 1851 census, but in 1861 Mary is a visitor with her widowed mother in Barnsley and Solomon is a coal agent in Castleton, Rochdale. Mary and Solomon are in Castleton in 1871, and there is no evidence that they had any children. Mary died in Rochdale in early 1878 at age 51, and her husband remarried about 18 months later.

21 January 1899
Birth of Henry Athorn registered in Barnsley, Yorkshire, son of my gg aunt Hester Green and John Amberson Athorn. He was baptised in March that year at Monk Bretton and his parents’ address was given as Cobden Terrace, Silver Street, Barnsley. In 1901, however, he is with his parents and a baby brother in Carlton, boarding with his mother’s married sister Lily Saxton. In 1911 Henry is with his grandmother Margaret Green nee Oxley and his aunt Sarah Green in Crookes Street, Barnsley – his parents, with 4 children, are not far away in Longcar Street. Henry’s father died in 1912, and in 1913 his mother remarried. Henry Athorn married Clara Smith in Barnsley in 1923 and at the time of his marriage was a gas fitter. They had 4 children. Henry died age 76 in 1899, in Barnsley.