29 and 30 December

Just the one on the 29th – a Hunter from Ayrshire who married a mariner and then an iron forge worker. Two on the 30th, both in Ayrshire and both died in infancy.

30 December 1792
Birth of my ggg uncle Alexander Marshall in Kilmarnock, son of Robert Marshall and Agnes Logan. Alexander must have died in infancy as in 1794 Robert and Agnes had another son they named Alexander.

29 December 1865 (born about 1839)
Agnes Hunter was born in about 1839 at Stevenston, daughter of Robert Hunter and Agnes Kennedy and granddaughter of my gggg uncle Robert Hunter and Margaret Haddow – and sister of yesterday’s Martha Hunter. Agnes is at Schoolwell Street, Stevenston with her butcher father, mother and siblings in 1841 and 1851, and in 1861 is a servant in Irvine to Alexander McGregor, the United Church Minister, and his sister-in-law. Agnes then married mariner William Jaffrey at Irvine in 1865, and in 1871 they are in Kirkgate Street, Irvine with 2 young daughters. William Jaffrey died and Agnes married again in 1880 to Charles Greenshields, an iron forger
and is with him and her 3 Jaffrey daughters in 1881 at Hill Street, Irvine. Agnes and Charles are at Alms Place, Irvine in 1891 and Montgomery Street, Irvine in 1901 – the girls had left home and they had not had any children of their own. Agnes died at Irvine in 1903.

30 December 1899
Henry Strachan was born at 38 Sandbed Street, Kilmarnock, son of my great uncle Colin Haddow Strachan and Agnes Porter. Henry died in June 1900 of fever, said to be teething fever on his death certificate.

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