6 January

My gg grandfather Alexander Fraser today, plus a Wooffendale from Yorkshire (lovely surname), a Strachan descendant from Ayrshire and my Yorkshire great aunt Alice.

6 January 1732
Baptism of my gggggg uncle Christopher Hudson at Royston, Yorkshire, son of John Hudson and Mary Wooffendale.

6 January 1838
Birth of my gg grandfather Alexander Fraser at Mosside Croft, Cruden, Aberdeenshire, son of William Fraser and Christian Hutcheon. He is with his parents and siblings at Mosside in 1841 and 1851, and was still a scholar at age 12, though he probably began working as a farm servant at about age 14. In 1861 he is ploughman (which involved looking after the two horses, usually Clydesdales, who pulled the plough) at Whiteness Inn, Collieston, near Slains. He probably moved from farm to farm regularly, but in 1864 he married Mary Ann Logan at Ellon Manse and gave his address as Mosside Croft, Cruden: Mary Ann was working at Drumwhyndle Farm, Ellon. Their son William was born in 1865 at Oldtown of Aquharney, Cruden and their daughter Mary Ann was born in 1867 at Collieston, Slains. Tragedy struck when wife Mary Ann died of tuberculosis in August 1867, leaving Alexander with two very young children: they most likely went to live at Mosside Croft. In 1868 Alexander married again, to Margaret Booth. They were both working as farm servants at Kirkendry, Longside and were married at Lenabo, Longside. Their twin daughters were born in 1869 at Dudwick, Savoch. In the 1871 census Alexander and Margaret are at Fortie, Savoch, parish of Ellon with Alexander’s two children with his first wife, Margaret’s illegitimate son from before she married, 2 surviving children of the 3 born since their marriage, and a visitor and her daughter. By 1872, however, they were at Spital, Old Aberdeen as that is where a son was born, and his birth certificate says Alexander was working as a mason. They were at Causeway End, Aberdeen when a daughter was born in 1876 and Alexander was back to working as an agricultural labourer. When his father died in 1877, Alexander took over the lease of Mosside Croft, and a daughter was born there in 1878. They are at Mosside Croft in 1881 with 6 children, the older ones having left home. They had more children, and in 1891 were at Mosside with 8 children. The 1895 Valuation Roll lists Alexander Fraser as the tenant of a croft and house at Hardslacks, paying a yearly rent of £5 to estate proprietor John Bruce. The valuation roll shows that Mosside was next to the shootings belonging to the estate, so it may be that the residents of Mosside earned some money as beaters during the shooting season. In 1901 Alexander and Margaret are at Mosside with 3 children and 2 grandchildren. Alexander Fraser died in February 1911 age 73 at Mosside, and died on influenza. At the 1911 census the croft of Mosside was occupied by his widow Margaret, a daughter and 4 grandchildren, but Alexander’s eldest son William was to take over the tenancy shortly after.

6 January 1858
Birth of Susan Findlay at Riccarton, Ayrshire, daughter of Hugh Findlay and Margaret Miller, granddaughter of David Findlay and Susannah Strachan and great granddaughter of my gggg uncle Peter Strachan and Mary Monroe. She us with her parents and siblings at Cadgers Row, Hurlford in 1861 and at Loudonkirk Cottage, Loudon in 1871. Her father was a mining contractor but in 1881 is grocer inn Monkton, and Susan age 23 is listed as a saleswoman. By 1891 she was living with her unmarried grocer uncle Adam Miller in Titchfield Street, Galston and is listed as housekeeper but probably helped in the grocer’s shop too. They are both still there in 1901. Susan Findlay died in Galston in 1942 age 84, and as there is no other surname given for her in the index to deaths it would seem that she never married.

6 January 1893
Baptism of my great aunt Alice Green who was born at Spark Lane, Mapplewell, Yorkshire and baptised in Barnsley in March 1893, daughter of carpenter Joseph Green and Charlotte Green. By 1901 the family had moved to Leeds and were at Hope Grove, Armley and Alice was at school. The family moved to Kirkstall before 1904, and in 1911 are at Station Parade, Kirkstall” Alice age 18 is fibre comber at a fibre spinning works. In 1913 she married fibre drawer Dawsn Greenwood at Kirkstall St Stephen’s, so it would seem they may have met by working at the same fibre mill, although Dawson was living just round the corner from Station Parade. Dawson Greenwood came from a family of silk mill workers who lived at Coniston Cold in the Yorkshire Dales, but had moved to Leeds before 1911. Alice and Dawson had 2 children, Fred and Walter.

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