7 January

Today is an Adam ancestor from Ayrshire who was widowed when pregnant with her first child, as her husband was killed in a mining accident. And there’s a Womack ancestor from Yorkshire who seems to have separated from his wife when they were in their late 40s, and his wife then seems to have taken up with a toy boy!

7 January 1820
Birth of Ann Adam at Stevenston, daughter of my ggg aunt Margaret Haddow and Francis Adam. She’s not with her parents in the 1841 census and I can’t find her elsewhere, but she must have been nearby as in 1845 she married John Penman at Stevenston. He died on 31 July 1846 in a mining accident, which was reported in the newspaper: “On Friday week a fine young man, not long married, lost his life in Mossend pit, near Kilbirnie. It would appear he had been employed in the shaft, when the ropes of the scaffold gave way, and he was precipitated to the bottom, a distance of thirty fathoms. His name was John Penman, a, native of Holytown. He has left a wife, near her confinement, to deplore his unhappy fate. Surely it is time the authorities were looking into those accidents, now almost of daily occurrence – not one-half of which ever find their way in the public press. [Glasgow Herald 3 August 1846 reproduced on http://www.scottishmining.co.uk%5D. In 1850 Ann married widower James Marshall at Kilburnie and is with him in 1851 at Montgomerystone: James is a pit headman and with them are his 3 children from his first marriage and lodger Elizabeth Adam, who may have been a relative of Ann’s but wasn’t her sister Elizabeth. Ann’s daughter Joanne is with her Adam grandparents in Stevenston and appears to have brought up there and not with her mother. In 1861 Ann and James are at the same address and have 2 children of their own, and daughter Joanne is
again with her grandmother in Stevenston. Ann died in September 1861 at Kilburnie age 41 but her daughter Joanne was married in Kilburnie in 1869, so there must have been contact between Joanne and her stepfamily.

7 January 1851
Baptism of George Womack at Royston, Yorkshire, son of my gggg aunt Maria Haigh and James Womack. He is with his parents at Wincover, near Royston, close to the Ship Inn. His mother died in 1868 and in 1871 George, a farm labourer, is with his widower father and a sister. George married Hannah Maria Wilson in 1871 at Royston, and they lived at Staincross Road, Royston in 1881 and them at Shafton, near Hemsworth by 1891. They had 9 children, the eldest two being given the unusual names of Cordelia and Moses. I don’t know what happened in the late 1890s, but by 1901 George Womack is at Swinton, near Rotherham, working as a maltster and boarding with a coal mining family. Hannah Womack is a self-employed market gardener living at Brierly, near Hemsworth, with 5 children plus 6 month old Archibald, whose baptism record carries only has his mother’s name, so he wasn’t the child of George Womack. He may have been the child of the 27 year old boarder Charles Earl – even though Hannah was about 48 – as Charles Earl is still with Hannah and her children in 1911. There is no sign of George after 1901, though, and no death record in the index that looks as if it could be him. What happened to him is therefore a mystery.

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