10 January

And today we have an early Logan from Aberdeenshire who I don’t know much about, a Fraser from Cruden who was a good old ag lab who may have spent a short while in Orkney, a Strachan from Kilwinning whose husband worked at the brickworks and who never seems to have left Kilwinning, and a Strachan cousin who was actually born in Canada but lived in the UK from the age of about 6 months.

10 January 1721
George Logan (or Loggan) was baptised at New Machar, Aberdeen, son of John Logan, and he may be my ggggg grandfather – or my ancestor might be a different George Logan whose baptism record has not survived. What is certain is that a George Logan married Elizabeth Morice at Old Deer in January 1752, and they had children born at Old Deer from 1753 to 1761: their baptism records have the father as George Loggan of Miln of Creichie, and one of the witnesses was John Loggan of Miln of Creichie. This must be today’s Mill of Crichie, which is on the southern side of Stuartfield. There is also a baptism for Agnes Logan in July 1767 at Old Deer with parents George Logan of Milne of Creichie and Isobel Mories: I suspect the kirk session clerk has written Isobel when it should have said Elizabeth. However, as there is a gap of several years between the 1761 and 1767 baptisms, it’s possible Elizabeth died and Isobel is a second wife – but there is no record for any second marriage. Nothing else is known about George Logan as he died well before the census began.

10 January 1809
Birth of James Fraser at Cruden, son of who I suspect is my ggggg uncle John Fraser and Christian Sangster. He married Barbara Sim at Cruden in 1832, and baptisms for 3 children have been found: two daughters born 1832 and 1835 at Old Meldrum and another daughter born 1845 at Foveran. That leaves a 10 year gap between children, but there is no evidence for any others: perhaps they did not survive birth. In 1841 James, Barbara and 2 daughters are at Mill of Fiddes, Foveran, James an ag lab. They are at Cot Town Potterton, Belhelvie in 1851, James a farm servant waggoner, their eldest daughter a dairymaid and the new arrival, by now age 6, at school. In 1861 wife Barbara is at Green of Udny but there is no James. There is, however, a James Fraser of the right age and born at Cruden at Orquil, just outside Kirkwall on Orkney: he is a visitor, occupation ag lab, with a farmer who was born in Aberdeenshire and is employing several farm servants from Aberdeenshire. By 1871, labourer James, wife Barbara and their youngest daughter are at Woodside, Newhills, and James and Barbara are at Margret Cottage, Newhill in 1881: Newshills is now outer Aberdeen but in those days was rural. James Fraser died at Newhills in 1883.

10 January 1861
Birth of Margaret Strachan at Corsehill, Kilwinning, illegitimate daughter of my gg aunt Mary Strachan, father unknown, and granddaughter of Robert Strachan and Margaret Haggerty. On her birth certificate her mother is described as a muslin sewer. Her mother had been married to seaman Archibald Russell, but he’d disappeared and is not named as the father on Margaret’s birth certificate. In 1861 Margaret is at Kenneth’s Row with her mother, grandfather, step grandmother and aunts and uncles. Her mother then became the common law wife of Alexander McEwan – most probably the reason they did not marry was because Archibald Russell was still alive. In 1871 Margaret age 10 and a bonnet knitter is with her mother, stepfather and their 2 children. In 1880 she married Robert McGowen, brickwork labourer, at Kenneth’s Row on the same day and in the same place as her aunt Susan Strachan, who was not much older then Margaret, was married. In 1881 Margaret and husband Robert are at Corsehill, and they were still there in 1891, by which time they’d had 3 children. They are at Bannock Row, Kilwinning, having had 3 more children, and Robert McGowen is still a brick maker. Margaret McGowen nee Strachan died in 1940 at Bridgend, Kilwinning, so she spent her whole life in pretty much the same place.

10 January 1931
My cousin Henry Strachan, son of my “black sheep” uncle Henry Strachan and Mary Campbell, was born in Toronto, Canada – which came as a surprise to him in later life, as he and his parents had returned to the UK when Henry was a baby and he’s assumed he was born in the UK. He married in Tynemouth, where his mother was from, and died in 1996 in Galashiels, in the Scottish border country.

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