28 January

On the 28th there was a birthday in Canada and another in the south of England, so happy birthday to Colin’s daughter and Morag’s son. Also the baptism of who I suspect was my gggggg grandfather born in Ayrshire 323 years ago, and a Neilson ancestor born in Govan.

28 January 1691
There was a baptism in Kilwinning on this day of Thomas Reid, son of Thomas Reid and Janet Love, who could be my gggggg grandfather. In July 1721 at Kilwinning, Thomas married Janet Eadie and although there’s no proof this was the same Thomas, it’s possible it was. Thomas and Janet had at least 4 children baptised in Kilwinning, including a daughter Christian who married, in Kilwinning, John Alexander from the parish of Auchinleck. My feeling is they were both from coal mining families. John and Christian had a least 2 children including Susannah, who in 1771 married Thomas Strachan.

28 January 1770
Birth or baptism of my gggg aunt Margaret Neilson at Govan, Lanarkshire, daughter of Walter Neilson and Agnes Hadden. The only possibility I can find for her are children born in Glasgow from 1799 to 1808 to James McGhie and Margaret Neilson, including a daughter called Agnes.

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