29 January

A busy day on the family tree. My Sangster gggg grandmother was baptised in Aberdeenshire; a Haggerty who migrated to California was born in Dundonald; there’s a Haddow who spent all her life in Kilwinning and married a coal miner; a Strachan from Stevenston who was an iron dresser; a Booth from Aberdeenshire who was a railway signal fitter; and a Logan descendant whose parents were from Aberdeenshire but who was born in Canada and moved to New York.

29 January 1783
Janet Sangster was baptised in Cruden, daughter of John Sangster of Keplan, and I’m pretty confident she was my gggg grandmother, and daughter of the John Sangster who married Elizabeth Matthew. Janet gave birth to my illegitimate gggg grandfather William Fraser in May 1805, and he was presented for baptism by his grandfather John Sangster of Burnthill with the father named as William Fraser. Janet married William McWilliam in May 1812 at Longside, and they had several children all baptised in Longside. William McWilliam died before 1841, as in the 1841 census Janet Sangster is at Long Row, Nether Kinmundy, Longside (which is close to the border with Cruden parish and not all that far from where William Fraser had taken the lease on a croft). She is with 2 of her McWilliam children. Janet Sansgter, pauper formerly servant, is at Creechy Row, Longside in 1851 age 69 seemingly living on her own. She died in 1859 at Craighall, Ellon and the informant was her son-in-law John Barclay, so she must have spent he latter years with her married daughter Christian.

29 January 1842
Birth of Hugh Muir Haggerty at Dundonald, son of my ggg uncle Hugh Haggerty and Janet Muir who were at Fullerton Street, Dundonald (now part of Irvine) in 1841. Hugh’s father died in about 1848/49, and in 1851 Hugh is at Boat Stabs, Dundonald (Irvine) with his grandmother, mother, siblings, and an aunt. By 1861 Hugh, a coal miner, is at Benslie or Bensley Square, Kilwinning with his mother, siblings and elderly grandmother (who was a sea captain’s widow). Hugh and his brother migrated to the USA at some stage, and his mother went there in 1869 along with one of her married daughters. The 1880 census has Hugh, his brother Adam and his mother at Contra Costa, California but they all then disappear from the records.

29 January 1867
Birth of Grace Haddow at Kilwinning, daughter of my gg uncle coal miner Hugh Richmond Haddow and Marion McKay. Grace was illegitimate, and in 1871 is at Burnside Cottages, Kilwinning with her great grandmother, grandmother and several cousins: her mother was a domestic servant in Edinburgh and her father was in Kilwinning with his widowed mother. Grace’s parents married in November 1871 at that familiar address, Kenneth’s Row, Kilwinning. Grace then gained some siblings, but her father was killed in an accident in 1876: he was crushed beneath the wheels of a loaded wagon at the rail depot at the coal mine. In 1881 Grace is again living at Burnside with her grandmother, mother and siblings plus two unmarried uncles. I can’t find her in the 1891 census but she was most likely a domestic servant, as that is the occupation she gave when she married coal miner Samuel Faddes at Kilwinning in December 1891. Grace and Samuel, with 5 children including twins, are in Garden Square, Kilwinning in 1901. A tree on Ancestry has 12 children for them, and puts Grace’s death as March 1946 at Garden Square, Kilwinning.

29 January 1869
Birth of John Strachan at Stevenston, son of coal miner Samuel Strachan and Janet Mitchell and grandson of my gggg uncle Samuel Strachan and Ann Miller. He is with his parents and siblings in Chemical Row, Stevenston in 1871 and Station Street, Stevenston in 1881. His father died in 1882 and in 1891 John, working as an iron dresser, is with his mother and a younger sister at Station Square, Stevenston. I’ve only researched him in the census so know he married a Susan and by 1901 had 2 daughters, was living at Boglemart Street, Stevenston, and was working as a steel dresser.

29 January 1872
Birth of James Booth at New Deer, son of James Booth and Margaret Kidd and grandson of my gggg uncle James Booth and Jean Keith. He’s at Dyce in 1881 with his parents, his father a railway labourer, and again in 1891, by which time he’s working as a railway signal fitter. He married Sarah and they are at Great Northern Road, Woodside, Aberdeen in 1901 with a baby son, and James is still a railway signal fitter.

29 January 1882
Birth of David Morrison George at Brant, Ontario, Canada, son of James George and my ggg aunt Barbara Logan. His father was a farmer in Brant and David can be found there with his family in the 1891 Canadian census. His mother died in 1894, and in 1901 David is a lodger in Brant, working as a labourer. He didn’t marry until April 1926, when he wed Elizabeth Rennie at Walkerton. They moved to the USA as in the 1930 USA census they are at Tonawanda, New York with a son born in New York, and David M George is a construction engineer. A tree on Ancestry has his death as 1936 at Buffalo, New York.

4 responses to “29 January

  1. HI Judy,
    Thanks for clarifying details for me regarding Janet Sangster. I had her living in 1861 and 1871, under the name Jane Sangster, but apparently she passed away in 1859.

    The post regarding David Morrison George caught my attention since he was married in Walkerton, Ontario, where I happened to have worked many years ago. His marriage record indicates that he was born in Walkerton. The 1891 Canada census has him in the district of Brant – part of Bruce East). Since there is a Brant County in another area of southern Ontario, it is probably clearer to state that David Morrison George was born in Walkerton Ontario which is located in Bruce County. I hope that’s not too confusing.


    • Hi Grant. Yes, Janet died in 1859. Her death certificate says “Janet McWilliam widow of agricultural labourer, died 31 January 1859 at Craighall, Ellon age 80, daughter of John Sangster crofter deceased and Elizabeth Sangster ms Matthew deceased. Of influenza for some days. Buried Parish Church yard Ellon, informant John Barclay son in law.” The son in law was the husband of Janet’s daughter Christian McWilliam, and they lived in Ellon. Janet is in the 1841 and 1851 census as Janet Sangster. I’ll have to look up the Jane Sangster and see who she might have been!
      Thanks for clarifying the Bruce, Brant and Walkerton geography. It’s never easy when you don’t know an area.

  2. JUDY: We are very distantly related!!!. I find much of your blog of family interest. I am 88 years old today. Some weeks ago I did introduce myself, some place on your blog, but it apparently was cleared entirely. I have been to the Longside, Peterhead, Old Deer, St. Fergus, Logie Buchan and Mortlach Parishes, four times: First in early 1946, on furlough,then 1977, 1979 and last in early October of 2003. My research is encyclopedic..I use the entire first floor of my rental house for my collection, in boxes, on tables…it has over forty years of research, which is a very long story in itself…Was a teacher for four years and then for 35 years a trial attorney for the State of Iowa, and later for a law firm.. See Google for James E. Thomson, Waukon, Iowa and particularly under ” Registry” entry for my legal reputation
    In 2003 I visited the Creechy Row site in Longside (Never thought it would be mentioned on any website)…..it was a row of old dilapidated stone hovels then, on the apparent North side of the road….I can see why Ms Sangster met and married Wm McWilliam …at that time…. his family had been connected to the Kilgour woolen mill located just North of the village of Longside When William’s father came back from 5 years service in the Northern Gordon Fencibles, he, also, named William, became a woolcomber serving local woolen mills(all in walking distance) Kilgour’s mill which was very close to Creechy Row where many of their employees lived, prior to the Kilgour’s mill closing in 1828 (a financial disaster) This mill is mentioned in Longsides’s First Statistical Abstract and also the New Statistical Abstract…the Kilgours were regarded as an extremely decent employers, … another book picked up this specific First Abstract entry. . In 2003 I inventoried, personarily, various residences on the CR road….a story in itself…I find it impossble to give the whole, very interesting story, of the McWilliam family, like trying to tell the story on the back of a small postage stamp… William’s story, the First, prior to finally locating in Longside Parish, is right out of Burke’s BBC “Connections” stories, televised by them, some years ago!!!

    • Hello Jim and welcome. How lovely to discover a distant relative, and I’m so glad you’ve found much to interest you on my blog. Your research sounds wonderful: I bet there are some gems of information in those boxes of yours.

      Creechy Row is interesting. I’d come across references to the woolen mill and read about it in the Statistical Account, so wondered whether my ancestors were involved or not – so thank you for the story of the McWilliams and the Kilgour mill. As William McWilliam isn’t a direct ancestor I hadn’t done much research on his background so what you have to say about him is very interesting indeed.

      Thank you so much for your comments.


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