Back from London

I had a lovely few days in London, the highlight of which was meeting up with second cousin David and his wife Morag (related to the Frasers of Aberdeenshire). So much to share and talk about.

The Who Do You Think You Are Live event was interesting, and I talked to a few people who gave sparked interesting lines of thought and future research. But on the whole I’m going to have to say that the event seemed to lack something, though I can’t quite put my finger on what it was. The talks and the stands seemed to be aimed mainly at beginners: it would have been good to have some more “meaty” talks and exhibits.

Amazingly it didn’t rain while I was in London so I was able to get out and about. If anyone is interested, I thoroughly recommend The Georgians exhibition at the British Library. Not sure I can recommend a visit to the V&A during a school holiday week!

Off to catch up with my blog posts now.

2 responses to “Back from London

  1. Judy , we really enjoyed meeting with you and felt the family connection with so much shared knowledge of people and places. Think I would agree with you about the show but would like to try and get to the Scottish one at the end of August this year which will be more useful for contacts and information relevant to our ancestry. Hope we can catch up again in the future.

  2. Yes, there was a definite family feel to our chats. I’ll make a note of the date of the Scottish show and try to get up there. If I remember rightly it’s in Glasgow, and there’s lots of other research for me (and you) to do in Glasgow.

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