Doesn’t time fly?

Where have the last two months gone? I’ve been busy with lots of things, none of which have had anything to do with family history. Workmen have been installing my new kitchen, which inspired me to do more cooking, and I’ve been very busy with voluntary work at the nearby horse and pony rescue centre. Riding has been more frequent, given the better weather, and Bramham Horse Trails, held nearby, was a good reason to have several days doing nothing but watch horses and riders. But two months without touching my blog is far too long and I must get back into it.

To those of you who have posted messages recently: yes, I do get them, as a notification is sent to my email address. Which reminds me – if you would prefer to have a private email conversation rather than one on the blog, just make a post to that effect and I’ll get in touch. When you make a post I have access to your email address though it isn’t made public.

Another job I’ve done very recently is to sort out the shelves that contain my family history files, books, etc. The result is a pile of files and notes on my dining table which I must sort out! If I come across anything interesting I will, of course, post about it here.

Hope all is well with you, followers of this blog. Everything is fine here and we are even, in between the rainy spells, getting some lovely summer weather.

6 responses to “Doesn’t time fly?

  1. Nice to have you back. Sounds like you’ve had a busy time.

  2. Hah, I am imagining that table. I can’t figure out the best way to store my genealogy stuff.

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