A busy time of year

I must apologise to those blog followers who have posted a comment recently, or sent me an email, to which I haven’t yet got round to replying. It’s been very busy lately, but this week is looking a bit more back to normal so hopefully I’ll find the time to get up to date.

One thing that happened this past weekend was been the Grand Depart of the Tour de France, which took place here in Yorkshire. I do hope you caught some of it on television, and saw what a lovely part of the world I call home. The route went very close to where I live, and Harewood House – where the official start took place – is a pleasant walk away from my house.

4 responses to “A busy time of year

  1. Glen and I saw the race was going through Yorkshire, so we made a point of watching on TV (after the British F1 race, of course.) What beautiful country! We miss your posts.
    4th cousin Cathy

    • Hi Cathy.
      So glad you could appreciate the lovely Yorkshire countryside on the television. The fine weather has continued, and at the moment we’re having a heatwave and a brilliant summer. Will try to get back into writing things for posts on the blog as soon as the hot weather is over.

  2. Maureen Walmsley nee SOUTER

    I did see some of the Tour on TV and also Last Tango in Halifax – loved the story and loved the countryside also v much, and the accent which brought back lots of memories of Leeds family that my sister married into.

    • Hi Maureen
      Hope my email arrived okay. The Tour de France was brilliant, and has done a great deal for Yorkshire tourism! I also watched Last Tango in Halifax and loved it. I think there might be another series being film. I’m on the Harrogate side of Leeds so know that part of the county well – I can walk from my house to the Harewood estate.

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