Great Grandfather found in trade union records

FindMyPast have released a limited amount of digital trade union records. These include the Amalgamated Society of Carpenters & Joiners, so as this was my Yorkshire great grandfather Joseph Green’s occupation, I looked to see if he was recorded. And yes, he was.

He joined the trade union in 1911 in Leeds, by which time he and his growing family had moved to Kirkstall. He was then excluded in 1915 due to being in arrears – in his defence, there was a war on at the time! But he was re-admitted in 1916 so must have paid his dues. He’s then recorded in a register for 1924. The union recorded his death in September 1925.

None of this tells me anything new or surprising, but it’s always good to see your ancestors’ mentioned in any records. And it pays to keep a close watch on what’s being released, as newly digitised records are coming online almost every day. I subscribe to a genealogy news blog, also subscribe to Who Do You Think You are magazine and receive email alerts from the websites I regularly use, which keeps me up to date without too much effort on my part.

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