Marshall page now added

I’ve just added a new page about my Marshall ancestors. To read it, click on “Marshall” in the header.

My Marshall ancestors were from Kilmaurs and Kilmarnock, but seem to have originated in Renfrewshire. The earliest Marshall I can trace back to was a tinker and then a brazier (brass worker). His descendants became metal workers, saddlers and shoemakers.

Marshall is quite a common name, so tracing them is a bit tricky when you go back to the 1700s and earlier when records, if they exist at all, don’t give much detail.

2 responses to “Marshall page now added

  1. Hi Judy my gran was Sarah Marshall from Kilmarnock 19 04 19 84.

  2. Hello again Judy dear i was saying there about my gran Sarah Marshall 19 04 19 84 Kilmarnock also too in my ‘Marshall’ genealogy/ancestry records is another Sarah Marshall 18 92 19 78 Kilmarnock, she married a William Marshall her second marriage was to a John Gibson, Sarah died at Tinto Ave Kilmarnock in 19 78 aged 86 she lived and died in my lifetime i was born in 19 71 however i never ever met her sadly and i also have no photo of her. I’m also off the Wilson’s, McMillan’s, Campbell’s, Oneill’s, and Stewart’s they stem from the Dumfries and Galloway area Scotland.

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