What happened in the States yesterday?

On checking my blog statistics this morning, I was taken aback to see yesterday’s activity. In just one day 156 visitors viewed 205 pages, and they were nearly all from the USA. I have no idea why, but something must have prompted internet searches that brought up my blog. Weird but gratifying. Whoever they all were, I hope they found something of interest.

2 responses to “What happened in the States yesterday?

  1. Monday was Martin Luther King Day; a public holiday. I guess more people could have been on the net generally because they had time. I think your blog’s worth reading, others must as well. 🙂

  2. Kathy Klein Capps Heckethorn

    I am from the States and although it is some months later I found this interesting also. My mother was born in Kilmarnock and I have been trying to find stories as well about them. It is very often hard to do from the States. A few family names are McCall, Gillespie, Gibson, Adam, Nisbet, and Covil from direct lines. If anyone has any information that would be helpful please let me know.

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