Cran & Kirkwood page added

I’ve just uploaded a page about the Cran & Kirkwood people on my family tree. These are not “blood relatives” as Susan Cran born about 1819 was the second wife of Robert Strachan, and I’m descended from one of his children with his first wife Margaret Haggerty. However, Robert and Susan had six children so they are on my family tree, hence Susan and her mother deserve an honorary mention.

Robert Strachan, due to being married twice, had a total of 15 children. A awful lot to bring up on a coal miner’s wage. How they managed in two roomed houses is truly amazing.

One response to “Cran & Kirkwood page added

  1. David Wood Harlow

    I’d like to know if in your research you have come across the couple Agnes Strachan and William Findlay. They are my GG Grandparents, through their son Hugh Findlay (1857) and Agnes Wilson of Brechin. I’d love to find the parents of William and Agnes(Strachan) Findlay.

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