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Hello again at long last

It has been far too long since I posted anything on this blog, and for that I apologise. I also apologise to those wonderful people who have posted comments during my absence, and who have been long overdue a reply. I intend to get cracking with replying to comments in the next few days.

Why the absence? No real reason except retirement has proved to be a lot busier than I anticipated. Horse riding, volunteering at the horse and pony rescue centre, going to the gym, lovely long walks in the Yorkshire countryside, meeting up with friends, working in the garden including my new as of last summer vegetable plot have all left little time for much else. Plus a back injury made sitting at the computer rather difficult, though a fantastic physiotherapist and regular Pilates classes have sorted that out.

Not done any further research since my last postings, and to be honest I don’t think there’s a huge amount to add now to my tree. But I intend to try and write a few more articles over the next few months (before the gardening bug gets hold of me again) of the more general, social history kind of thing I’ve been fascinated with while doing my family research. Interestingly, the most read thing on this blog/web site is the article about farm servant life in North-East Aberdeenshire. Must write something similar about coal miners in Ayrshire.

In case anyone heard the news and knows I live in Leeds, yes we had very bad floods on Boxing Day but not in the part of north Leeds where I live. However, I have friends in the Tadcaster and Wetherby area who were impacted, including one who had the emergency rescue people using her paddock in order to do a boat rescue of the people down the hill. All very dramatic and the area is still suffering from flooded homes and businesses, plus old bridges which gave way under the volume of water. It’s been the wettest December on record and also the warmest. So far only one day of snow, which was last weekend. Hope the weather has treated you more kindly wherever you are.

Please pop a comment below to let me know if you’re still out there and haven’t given up on this blog! And if you’re a newcomer, your reply will be with you soon – in the meantime, thanks for stopping by and taking the time to add your link to my tree. I am very lucky to have so many lovely distant relatives out there!

I’m back again!

My blog has not been getting my attention lately – the reason is called “life intervenes”. But Christmas is now here, there’s still a bit of snow on the ground from Boxing Day, and life is a lot quieter than it has been of late. So one of my New Year resolutions will be to get back into family history and adding things to my blog.

There are a few comments I need to reply to, so a big thank you to everyone who has left a message. I do reply, eventually, but unless you tick the (small) box asking to receive an email when a reply to you comment is posted you may never know – unless, of course, you revisit the blog page where you left your comment. So if you haven’t seen a reply to a comment you’ve left, just let me know and I’ll point you in the right direction.

In my absence the blog is still getting a lot of visitors, and I do hope most of them find something useful and/or interesting. The average is around 100 visits a week. Yesterday 26 people visited, and between them viewed 71 items, which is gratifying. Most of yesterday’s visitors were from the UK with a few from Australia. I do wonder, though, who it was from Brunei who viewed 6 different pages!

Off to Scotland again

At the end of September I’ll be in Scotland again, staying near Lanark as I’m having a horse riding week up there. Hopefully, the late afternoons and early evenings will be light enough for me to visit some nearby ancestral landmarks, though I won’t have time to visit any record archives. But it will be lovely to be in what is such an important part of the world for me.

Tonight there’s been the second televised debate on the Scottish Independence question. The referendum is on 18 September, so will have taken place before I’m go to Scotland. Let Scotland decide!

A busy time of year

I must apologise to those blog followers who have posted a comment recently, or sent me an email, to which I haven’t yet got round to replying. It’s been very busy lately, but this week is looking a bit more back to normal so hopefully I’ll find the time to get up to date.

One thing that happened this past weekend was been the Grand Depart of the Tour de France, which took place here in Yorkshire. I do hope you caught some of it on television, and saw what a lovely part of the world I call home. The route went very close to where I live, and Harewood House – where the official start took place – is a pleasant walk away from my house.

Doesn’t time fly?

Where have the last two months gone? I’ve been busy with lots of things, none of which have had anything to do with family history. Workmen have been installing my new kitchen, which inspired me to do more cooking, and I’ve been very busy with voluntary work at the nearby horse and pony rescue centre. Riding has been more frequent, given the better weather, and Bramham Horse Trails, held nearby, was a good reason to have several days doing nothing but watch horses and riders. But two months without touching my blog is far too long and I must get back into it.

To those of you who have posted messages recently: yes, I do get them, as a notification is sent to my email address. Which reminds me – if you would prefer to have a private email conversation rather than one on the blog, just make a post to that effect and I’ll get in touch. When you make a post I have access to your email address though it isn’t made public.

Another job I’ve done very recently is to sort out the shelves that contain my family history files, books, etc. The result is a pile of files and notes on my dining table which I must sort out! If I come across anything interesting I will, of course, post about it here.

Hope all is well with you, followers of this blog. Everything is fine here and we are even, in between the rainy spells, getting some lovely summer weather.

Yes, it IS January, not December

For some unknown reason, I’ve been heading posts for the last few days as December when it should, of course, be January. All is now fixed. Sorry for any confusion!

Happy New Year

A happy New Year to all blog followers – may 2014 be peaceful and full of good things for you all. Stats reveal that my blog has been a popular way for a lot of people to spend some time over the last couple of days, which is very gratifying. And if you’ve been missing my “on this date”posts, a catch-up follows.

An update

Broadband now more reliable. My phone now rings but when I answer it all I get is a lot of crackling, so engineer has not fully fixed it. Fence is now tied upright to neighbours trees. More strong wind and rain today!

There have been a few more followers joining the blog recently, so a warm welcome to all newcomers. Enjoy – and please, if you feel able, add a comment to something telling me how you’re connected or where your interest lies. It’s always interesting finding out how people find their way here.

Storm damage

We are having storms here in the UK – again. Not too bad where I am, but something has knocked my phone line out. Broadband is working but only slowly, and the land line has gone completely. So normal blog service will be resumed as soon as BT send an engineer out.

Plus the fence at the bottom of the garden has been flattened and taken out a few shrubs. But at least I have electricity and there are no floods here, unlike elsewhere in the UK where Christmas has been pretty miserable.

Autumn is on its way

Summer is officially over, although we’re forecast a warm and sunny week, but the evenings and early mornings are starting to feel autumnal or, as my Yorkshire grandmother would have said, back-endish. This blog has helped me produce a genealogy “to do” list which is now starting to become a tad overwhelming, but it means I can look forward to cold and wet days as they keep me inside.

I’m currently working on the story of my Strachan grandparents as well as producing a page about my Logan ancestors from Aberdeenshire. I want to write a few more article-type features as the ones I’ve already done are proving popular. In particular, a recent discussion with some friends who also have Scottish ancestors has given me the idea of writing about clans and tartans: and, in particular, how they are mainly a romantic Victorian construct and have very little to do with how our ancestors lived. I do know that my Aberdeenshire grandfather wore a kilt when he went off to war with the Gordon Highlanders – it was the first time he’d ever worn one and after the war he never wore one again!

So I’m actually starting to look forward to cooler weather, with less gardening, horse riding and being outdoors and more time for family history.