My Green ancestors are from Worsbrough, just south of Barnsley, and were carpenters, innkeepers and linen bleachers.

GGGGG Grandfather Joseph Green c1744-1830

There is a Monumental Inscription at St Mary’s Worsbrough for Joseph Green innkeeper of Ward Green died 1830 age 86 and Alice Green wife of Joseph innkeeper of Ward Green died 1823 age 79. Joseph was therefore born about 1744 but there’s no baptisms for him at Worsbrough. There are several in neighbouring parishes although so far I haven’t been able to prove whether any of them are ‘my’ Joseph.

On 27 December 1768, Joseph married Alice Rock at Worsbrough. She was the daughter of Abraham Rock and Anne Leach, who were married in 1736 at Worsbrough. Abraham Rock was baptised 9 April 1713 at Worsbrough, son of Abraham Rock labourer.

Joseph and Alice had their children baptised at Worsbrough:
14 August 1769, Betty daughter of Joseph Green labourer
20 December 1770, Anne daughter of Joseph Green labourer
18 August 1773, Mary daughter of Joseph Green bleacher
12 November 1775, John son of Joseph Green bleacher
11 May 1777, Sarah daughter of Joseph Green bleacher
18 April 1779, Joseph son of Joseph Green
10 March 1782, George son of Joseph Green bleacher

Joseph therefore started his working life as a labourer but began working as a bleacher in the early 1770s. This would have been linen bleaching as Barnsley had a thriving linen industry with several linen bleacheries in the surrounding area. There was a bleachery in Worsbrough, in King Well close to Worsbrough Common and Ward Green, which is most likely where Joseph would have worked.

At some stage, however, Joseph Green became an innkeeper. There is a link with the innkeeping business through Joseph’s wife’s family. When Alice’s father Abraham Rock was buried in 1771, he was described him as a labourer and ale keeper of Ward Green, and when his widow Ann was buried in 1793 she was described as a widow and innkeeper. When Ann Rock died in 1793 it looks as if her daughter Alice and husband Joseph Green took over the inn at Ward Green.

Joseph Green kept the inn at Ward Green until his death in 1830. His son George Green took over the Ward Green inn, known as the Horse & Jockey, and his son Joseph became publican of the Rose & Crown on Sheffield Road, King Well.

GGGG Grandfather Joseph Green 1779-1853

Joseph Green was born in 1779, the sixth child and second son of Joseph Green and Alice Rock. He married Ann Cox on 26 December 1797 at Worsbrough.

The baptisms of eight children can be found in the Worsbrough parish records.
6 July 1798, John son of Joseph Green junior, bleacher
26 January 1800, Samuel son of Joseph Green junior, bleacher
10 October 1802, Ann daughter of Joseph Green junior, bleacher
24 October 1804, Mary daughter of Joseph Green junior, bleacher
7 December 1806, William son of Joseph Green, bleacher
17 January 1809, Joseph son of Joseph Green, bleacher
9 April 1811, Alice daughter of Joseph Green, bleacher
14 August 1814, Easter (Hester) daughter of Joseph Green

Ann Cox died in 1817 and the Monumental Inscription states “Ann Green age 39 wife of Joseph Green, King Well.” Joseph remarried 8 years later, to Hannah Colbeck at St Mary’s Barnsley. Hannah was a widow with children.

In 1834, Pigot’s Directory lists Joseph Green and his son William Green as bleachers of King Well, Worsbrough, and the 1835 Barnsley Poll Tax book lists Joseph Green of King Well, Worsbrough.

In the 1841 census, Joseph Green is a publican of Worsbrough Common, living with wife Hannah and John Colbeck age 20 blacksmith and Sarah Pickering age 15 female servant. Next door but one is Joseph’s son William Green bleacher with his wife and five children.
Joseph’s second wife Hannah died in 1847 age 63. In the 1851 census Joseph is innkeeper at the Rose & Crown, and has his son William Green bleacher, along with his wfe and six children, living with him.

Joseph Green died in 1853 at the age of 71 and is remembered on the Monumental Inscription at Worsbrough St Mary’s. William did not take over the Rose & Crown, as in the 1861 census the innkeeper at Worsbrough Common is Joseph Green age 50, widower, living with two sons and a housekeeper. Joseph Green was William’s younger brother and had been running a greengrocer business in Barnsley. When he moved back to Worsbrough to take over the inn, his son Joseph Green continued the greengrocer business.

GGG Grandfather William Green 1806-1865

William Green was baptised 7 December 1806 at Worsbrough, son of Joseph Green bleacher. He was 11 years old when his mother Ann died and 19 when his father remarried.

William married Sarah Firth on 23 May 1831 at Darfield and the births of ten children have been found in the Worsbrough parish records and statutory birth registration index.

13 November 1831, Mary Green daughter of William and Sarah Green

11 August 1833, Sarah Ann Green daughter of William and Sarah Green (died in infancy)

9 November 1834, Alice Green daughter of William and Sarah Green (died 1851 age 17)

3 July 1836, John Green son of William and Sarah Green

22 October 1838, Ann Green daughter of William and Sarah Green

25 December 1843, Joseph Green son of William and Sarah Green (born 1841)

25 December 1843, William Green son of William and Sarah Green

27 August 1848, Elizabeth Green daughter of William and Sarah Green

1 September 1850, Sarah Green daughter of William and Sarah Green

Apr-May-Jun 1852, Alice Green

In 1834, Pigot’s Directory lists Joseph and William Green as bleachers of King Well, Worsbrough, and the 1835 Barnsley Poll Tax book lists William Green of King Well, Worsbrough.

In 1841, William Green appears in the census at Worsbrough Common, a bleacher age 30 with wife Sarah and five children. Next door but one is his father Joseph. In 1851 William Green age 44 bleacher is living with his father at the Rose & Crown Inn at Worsbrough, together with wife Sarah and six chilren. In 1861 William Green age 54 bleacher is still living at Worsbrough Common, close by the Rose & Crown Inn, with his wife Sarah and four children.

There are two deaths for a William Green registered in 1865 at Barnsley, the registration district for Worsbrough. I have yet to find out which one is for ‘my’ William. His widow Sarah Green is in the 1871 census at 16 Greenfoot Road, Barnsley North, a shopkeeper living with her married daughter Elizabeth Elstone and son-in-law John Edward Elstone an engine tester. This is the same address William and Sarah’s son William is at in 1881. The death of Sarah Green age 63 was registered in 1874 at Barnsley.

GG Grandfather Joseph Green 1841-1912

Joseph Green was baptised 25 December 1843 at Worsbrough St Mary’s. He was born in 1841, however, as he is in that year’s census age 3 months. In 1851 he is living with his parents and grandfather at the Rose & Crown, and in 1861 is with his parents, a cabinet maker age 20.

On 27 November 1862, Joseph Green married Margaret Oxley at the Parish Church of St John, Barnsley. Joseph and Maragret had seven children.
1864 Sarah Ann Green, lived into her 60s unmarried and was a quilt machinist
1866 William Green, died in 1867 age 1
20 January 1868 Joseph Green, my great grandfather (see below)
1874 Mary Green, died in 1874 age 0
1877 Hester Green, married (1) John Amberson Athorn and (2) William C Fearn, died 1927 age 49 Barnsley
1880 John Edward Green, married Bertha Rachel Simpson, died 1946 age 66 Barnsley
1882 Clara Green, died either 1882 or 1883 age 0 or 1

Joseph and his family can be tracked through the census.
1871 Joseph Green age 30 cabinet maker is at 2 Green Row, Worsbrough with wife Margaret and cildren Sarah Ann and Joseph.
1881 Joseph Green age 40 cabinet maker is at 12 Newton Street, Barnsley with wife Margaret and children Joseph, Hester and John E.
1891 Joseph Green age 50 cabinet market is at 9 Spring Street, Barnsley with wife Margaret and children Sarah Ann, Hester and John E.
1901 Joseph Green age 60 cabinet market is at 25 Crookes Street with wife Margaret and children Sarhah Ann and John E.

Then in 1911, Joseph Green age 70 married and formerly cabinet maker is an inmate at Union Poorhouse, Gawber Road, Barnsley. This is most likely due to ill health, with the Poorhouse acting as a hospital, as Joseph died the following year. The death of Joseph Green age 71 was registered in 1912 at Barnsley.

In 1911 his wife Margaret was living at 11 Crookes Street, Barnsley with daughter Sarah age 46 and grandson Henry Athorn age 12, who was the son of Joseph and Margaret’s daughter Hester. The death of Margaret Green age 71 was registered in 1912 in Banrsley.

Great Grandfather Joseph Green 1868-1925

Joseph Green was born 20 January 1868 at Worsbrough Common, son of Joseph Green cabinet maker and Margaret Oxley. He was baptised at St Thomas’ Worsbrough on 31 May 1868. He lived with his parents in Worsbrough and then Barnsley until his marriage.

Joseph married Charlotte Senior on 24 December 1888 at the Parish Church of Royston. Their marriage certifcate details Joseph Green age 20 bachelor labourer of St George’s Parish Barnsley son of Joseph Green cabinet maker, and Charlotte Senior age 20 spinster of Royston daughter of Edward Senior joiner. Witnesses were Isaac Simpson and Sarah Ann Green.

When their son Willie was baptised at St Mary Barnsley in 1889, Joseph Green was a wagon joiner of James Street, and when son Edward was baptised at St Mary Barnsley in 1891 he was a miner of James Street. He was most likely a carpenter at a coal mine and not an actual miner. In the 1891 census the family are at 21 James Street, Barnsley and Joseph Green age 23 is a colliery roof repairer.

When daughter Alice was baptised in 1893 they were living at Spark Lane, Mapplewell, which is where their next daughter Clara (my grandmother) was born in 1894, on whose birth certificate Joseph is described as a cart repairer at a colliery. When daughter Ethel was baptised in 1897 the family was at 3 Cavendish Terrace, Silver Street, Barnsley and Joseph was a joiner.

The family then moved to Leeds, probably in 1899. Joseph Green can be found on the electoral roll at 3 Hope Grove, Armley from 1900 to 1904, which is where son Joseph and daughter Charlotte were born. The family are at 3 Hope Grove in the 1901 census: Joseph Green age 33 carpenter joiner with wife Charlotte and seven children.

in 1904, Joseph and Charlotte had their three youngest children, Joseph, Charlotte and Harry, baptised at Kirkstall St Stephen’s, and Joseph Green was a joiner at Stack Cottages, Abbey Road, Kirkstall. In the 1905 electoral roll he is a dwelling house at Kirkstall Forge, and from 1906 to 1909 he was a 7 Vicarage Avenue, Kirkstall (which was to become my grandmother’s home after her marrige). In 1905, daughter Charlotte died at the age of 3.

The 1911 census has the family living at 48 Station Parage, Kirkstall: Joseph Green age 43 joiner building houses, with wife Charlotte, nine children and boarder Harry Sanderson. In May 1911 Joseph and Charlotte’s youngest child, Albert, was born but he only lived for 4 months and died September the same year. Joseph is at 48 Station Parade in the electoral roll of 1913 to 1914, and then is back at 7 Vicarage Avenue from 1915 to 1921.

Joseph Green was enlisted into the Royal Engineers transportation branch in 1917 and served in Aldershot. There are indications that he didn’t enjoy his time in the army, as he was disciplined three times, for appearing on parade not having shaved, for appearing on parade with dirty equipment, and for using very insubordinate language to a NCO! He appeared before a medical board in November 1918 and was discharged as unfit for service.

At some time after the war, Joseph and his family moved to the Cragsides, Kirkstall. Joseph Green died age 57 in 1925 of cancer. His widow Charlotte moved back to Vicarage Avenue and lived with her unmarried daughter Edith. Charlotte died in 1953 – I was born by then and was often taken to see her but was too young at the time to remember her.

Grandmother Clara Green 1894-1965

Clara Green was born 29 July 1894 at Spark Lane, Mapplewell and was baptised on 30 September 1894 at All Saints Darton. She lived with her parents before her marriage, first in Mapplewell and then Barnsley, before the family moved to Leeds where they lived first in Armley and finally settled in Kirkstall. Kirkstall was to be Clara’s home for the rest of her life.

After she left school she worked as a cotton spinner at Armley Mill, just over the river from Kirkstall. Just after the WW1 she met and married James Fraser from Aberdeenshire, who had been wounded in France in the Battle of the Somme and sent to Beckett’s Park hospital at Headingley, Leeds. On being discharged James (Jim) Fraser signed up for a painting and decorating course in Leeds and took lodgings in Kirkstall. It is there that he met Clara.

Clara Green and James Fraser married on 19 July 1919 at St Stephen’s Kirkstall. They first lived at Springfield Terrace, where their eldest daughter was born, but had moved to 7 Vicarage Avenue, Kirkstall by the time their younger daughter Dorothy (my mother) was born in 1921.

During WW2 Clara worked at Timothy White’s on Burley Road, Leeds packing orders, but otherwise she was a housewife for all of her married life. Her husband had an allotment and grew fruit and vegetables, and Clara was an expert jam and pickle maker, and also baked her own bread. Her mother Charlotte and her sister Edith lived in the same street in Kirkstall.

Clara Fraser nee Green died in December 1965 at the age of 71.

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  1. Hi Judy, I was really interested in your research on your Green family in Barnsley, and the Bleacher occupation. I had no idea that the bleaching was so established, so thank you for that information and so clearly set out.
    I have a Green ancestor in the 1800s, well 2 actually who may or may not be related to each other, though maybe from a different line to your Green. One of mine is Agnes Green who married my great, great grandfather Alfred Squire in Barnsley in 1853. I have been looking for Agnes’s family roots, but like you I have had some difficulty. No immediately obvious baptism entries. The only element I really know from an old pedigree chart held by my father is the marriage date and a note that her father was John Green from Wigan; I have found other researchers on the web looking at the same line and who think John Green was a Bleacher although I am not totally convinced as I have not seen any hard evidence. As you can guess there are lots of ‘John Green’ both from Wigan and Barnsley (most of my father’s family derive from Saxton in Elmet through to Barnsley); I have a possible census entry for Agnes at the 1941 census as being with a family ‘Travis(s)’ and again in 1851. I have some possible candidates for John, but the next bit is important here: the 51 census refers to her being a niece of one member of the Travis clan but not sure which, husband or wife. I cannot find an original name for the wife (ie was it Green) or siblings of the Travis who might have married John Green. No sign of a John Green in 1841 census when Agnes was 15, so maybe he had died or moved. OK, so I wondered, from your research of Bleachers, have you come across any other Green families connected with the industry, in the Barnsley area (the 1841/1851 entry for Agnes indicates born in Yorkshire/Barnsley). I did consider the Worsbrough link as dates might fit, but maybe not the allied names. You mention a John Green son of Joseph (1775) do you have any information about this son?
    I am reliant at the moment on the internet as I am based in London, though I hope at some point to come north to look at original documents. I hail from Sheffield originally.
    Jane Squire

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