Haddow – coal miners in Ayrshire

My Strachan line links into my Haddow line in 1854 when my great grandfather Joseph Strachan married Jeannie Haddow in the parish of Kilwinning, Ayrshire. Unfortunately there’s no baptism record for her, but I know from her death certificate she was the daughter of John Haddow and Amelia Murphy and was born in Ardrossen in about 1836.

Jeannie Haddow about 1835 – 1910

I found Jeannie in the 1841 and 1851 census, living with her parents John and Amelia. In 1841 the family are at Town Head Street, Stevenston, father John Haddow is a coal miner with 13 year old son Colin Haddow a coal miner’s assistant, and daughter Jean Haddow is age 6. By 1851 the family had moved to Kilwinning and were living at Kenneth’s Row, Corsehill. That is the same address as Joseph Strachan’s family moved to some time before the 1861 census, so it looks as if Joseph Strachan and Jeannie Haddow met because their families were neighbours, and the men worked at the same coal mine.

The married life of Jeannie Strachan nee Haddow wasn’t the easiest of lives, as she lost a number of children in quite tragic ways (of which I’ll write about soon). Joseph and Jeannie started their married life in Kilwinning and in 1861 were living at Bensley or Benslie Square (see picture on my blog). In the late 1860s they moved to Crookedholm, near Kilmarnock, where they stayed. Jeannie lived to age 74 and outlived her husband, spending her latter years in Crookedholm living with her son and a granddaughter. She died of “senile dacay” on 2 May 1910.

John Haddow 1801 -1866

There are, very fortunately, Church Lists for Stevenston that were taken in 1819, 1822 and 1836 on which I can find people named Haddow: used alongside OPR records this has helped me sort out this family line going back from Amelia.

John Haddow, a coal miner, married Amelia Murphy (sometimes spelled Murphie) in 1823. They gave in their names for banns in both Stevenston and Arodssen parishes, John Haddow being of Stevenston and Amelia Murphy of Ardrossen. John’s death certificate, in 1866, named his parents as Robert Haddow coal miner and Margaret Hunter.

John and Amelia are in the 1836 Church List (Landborough’s List) for Stevenston as “John Haddow, wife Amelia Murphy, 5 in household, of Mill Hill”, Mill Hill being close to where a coal mine was sunk in the 1690s. The five in household will be father John, wife Amelia, son Colin, and daughters Wilson and Jean. The first child born to the couple, a daughter named Jane Wilson Haddow baptised in 1825, had died.

In 1841 John and Amelia Haddow are at Town Head Street, Stevenston, which is also the Mill Hill part of Stevenston, with four children, daughter Margaret having been born three years earlier. By 1851, however, the family are at Kenneth’s Row, Corsehill, parish of Kilwinning, where they no doubt moved because of the work and housing available there for coal miners. By then the family had five children living with them, daughter Wilson having flown the nest. John Haddow remained at Kenneth’s Row for the rest of his life, being there in the 1861 census with his wife and the two children who were still at home, and he died there in 1866 at the age of 66 from emphysema. His death certificate gives his residence as Kenneth’s Row and says his parents were Robert Haddow coal miner deceased and Magaret Haddow ms Hunter deceased.

Going back from his marriage in 1823, John can be found in the 1822 Church List for Stevenston which lists “Widow Haddow also Hunter, with Jean or Widow Harvie and children John Haddow, Amelia Marilock and Jean Wilson at Townhead.” At Townhead there is also James Haddow with wife Isabella Boyd and two children, Margaret and John, and the list also has nine families with the surname Hunter. The 1819 Church List then has “Widow Haddow with Jean Hunter or Widow Harvie and children James, John, Ann and Catherine at Townhead next to Adam, F and Mgt, Haddow”. So it would seem that John Haddow lost his coal miner father Robert Haddow when he was young and lived with his widowed mother, his siblings and a widowed aunt before his marriage.

Robert Haddow about 1763 – 1815

There is a burial in Stevenston in 1815 for “Robt. Haddow in Ardrossen died Dec 1st” but that’s all I’ve been able to find that can be proven to be him. He married Margaret Hunter in Stevenston in February 1786. Given that the average age for marriage for coal miners in Ayrshire at that time seems to be about 23, I’ve given him a birth date of about 1763, but that could be wrong.

The only birth that is in the OPR for the right name and time is Robert Haddow baptised 19 July 1765 at New Cumnock, the son of David Haddow and Elizabeth McNaught. It’s always tempting to assume whatever you can find in the OPR is “yours” but there a strong possibility it isn’t, due to “yours” not being recorded in the surviving OPRs. Given that New Cumnock and Stevenston were both areas with coal mines it’s possible but it’s also clutching at straws. I don’t think it’s the right one as “my” Robert Haddow didn’t name any of this children David or Elizabeth. If he followed the Scottish naming pattern then his parents were likely to have been James Haddow and Katherine. So I’ve hit a brick wall with the Haddow line at Robert, as there’s just nothing in the records that I’ve as yet discovered that can take me back any further.

The OPR for Stevenston does, however, contain the baptisms of the children of Robert Haddow and Margaret Hunter so I know they had:
Margaret baptised 26 November 1786
Katherine baptised 24 August 1788 and died in infancy
Katherine baptised 21 March 1790
James baptised 18 March 1792
Jane baptised 30 March 1794
Robert baptised 14 August 1796
Ann 24 February 1799
John 8 November 1801

My task at some stage will be to track his children forwards in time and find out what became of them.

6 responses to “Haddow

  1. Hi Judy, I too have ancestor Haddows from Stevenston (although they moved to near Kilwinning in the early 1800s). Is there any way to contact you directly to see if we can share any info?

  2. Hi Judy,
    Here is a link to a WikiTree page that is quite interesting https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Haddow-45. This John Haddow had two sons named John. Is it possible that the second John used his middle name as a first name? That would match up with your ancestor’s birth year. (I am descended from the older John.)

  3. Joanne mulholland

    Searching my g aunt Helen sludden who met and married a George haddow, born pensilvanyia , but father naturalized in Boston in 1893 living in Oakville ave , Lynn, massituttes. His father called Richard haddow, married a Katherine black. So check immigration lines to ellis island up to 1893
    Hope this helps.

  4. Hi … this is fascinating… thank you! I can fill in a wee bit about your Great Grandmother’s brother and his children. Your Grt Grandmother’s brother was Colin Shearer Haddow born Dec 2 1827 … he married twice … 1st to Janet Jeffrey on Dec 10 1853 and she died of consumption Nov 19 1855. Colin then married Ann Orr Richmond Feb 5 1858 …one of their daughters was Agnes Hay Haddow who married James Bunyan in 1880. Their son James Bunyan married Margaret Fisher in 1910 and their second son Thomas Fisher Bunyan is my Grandfather… if you’d like more info please let me know.

  5. James Arthur Haddow (Art)

    My family tree is from John Haddow too. My Grandfather was Duncan Murphy Haddow whos mother was Ann Orr Richmond. I live in Arizona. It is great to find more connections. Mu farther was Duncan Murdoch Haddow Jr. who lived in western Pennsylvania. My grandfather was a miner in western PA. My uncle Colin Haddow was born in Scotland but my father and my deceased Uncle, John Haddow, were born in the US.

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