Hutcheon or Hutchison – from Longside parish in Aberdeenshire

Updated on Friday 4 october 2013

My blog is getting a few visits from people connected to my Hutcheon / Hutchison line so I thought I’d write up my notes and get them up here. The name seems to be mainly written as Hutcheon upto about the mid 1800s and from then on is mainly written as Hutchison. My ggg grandmother was Christian Hutcheon born in the parish of Longside, Aberdeenshire in 1804, and she married William Fraser. Her 1874 death certificate gives her parents as Alexander Hutchison tailor and Agnes Hutchison ms Bruce, which was my starting point for researching the Hutcheons of Longside.

Alexander Hutcheon born about 1777 and Agnes Bruce born 1781

Alexander and Agnes were married on 26 July 1800 at Longside but prior to that they make an appearance in the Kirk Session Minutes for Longside. On 20 April 1800 they were compared due to Agnes being with child and unmarried.
Hutcheon & Bruce B
Hutcheon & Bruce A
This tells us that Alexander Hutcheon was a tailor and, in 1800, was living at Mains of Kinmundie, and that Agnes Bruce was of Parkhill. Both places can be found on old maps of Longside parish.

Tailoring was an occupation Alexander passed down to his son Keith Hutcheon who in turn passed it on to his sister Christian’s son James Fraser. There are births for 9 children of Alexander and Agnes in the Longside OPR, dating from 1800 to 1819 but there was also a daughter born in about 1814 who is not in the OPR, so it’s possible there were more than the 10 children I’ve found.

Alexander Hutcheon about 1777 – 1820

Map of Inervedie, Longside As there are no records saying who Alexander’s parents were, it’s impossible to know whether any of the extant baptisms for Alexander Hutcheon are for the right one, and it’s also possible there isn’t a baptism for him in the OPR. Given the location, the baptism in Longside on 29 September 1777 for Alexander Hutchison son of James Hutchison in Faichfield, no mother named, sounds like the best bet. However, there was also an Alexander Hutchon baptised in Old Deer on 18 September 1776, son of James Hutchon in Asath and his wife Isobel Watt. The Alexander Hutcheon who married Agnes Bruce died in 1820, at the age of 45 (which may not be particularly accurate as people weren’t accurate about ages in those days). The burial entry in the Longside OPR reads “1820 22 March, Hutcheon Alexr. husband of Agnes Bruce Innerveddie age 45.” An old map of 1826 shows Innerveddie close to the parish border with Cruden, so it’s in what I now think of as “Sangster, Hutcheon and Fraser Territory”. The OPR entries for the baptism of Alexander and Agnes’ children also give their place of residence as Innervedie.

Agnes Bruce 1781 – 1866

Her death certificate states “Agnes Hutchison widow of Alexander Hutchison, agricultural labourer, died 26 January 1866 at Rora, age 84 years, daughter of Andrew Bruce agricultural labourer deceased and Isobella Bruce ms Keith deceased. Died from fracture of the neck of the thigh bone 4 weeks and old age. Informant Alexander Hutchison son.” The census entries for Agnes give Crimond as her birthplace, so the baptism on 1 October 1781 at Crimond for Agnes Bruce daughter of Andrew Bruce and Isobel Keith is surely the right one. Crimond is north of Longside, halfway between Peterhead and Fraserbrugh.
1781 Baptism Agnes Bruce

The baptism of Agnes Bruce shows she was illegitimate, and it looks as if her mother was from Crimond but her father was from Cruden – the two words after Cruden are hard to decipher. So it’s not surprising there is no marriage for her parents, or other children born to them, and I haven’t yet done proper research on them. Agnes Bruce married Alexander Hutcheon on 26 July 1800 at Longside and was widowed in 1820. In the 1841 census she’s at Red Lums, Longside with her son Alexander, his wife Elizabeth and Agnes’s granddaughter 11 month old Mary Mutch. In 1851 she’s at Creechy Row, Longside, a pauper formerly general servant with granddaughters Mary Mutch age 11 and Isabella Lamb age 5. In 1861 Agnes is at Mosside, Rora, Longside, a pauper living with her son-in-law Charles Davidson and his wife Margaret, Agnes’s daughter, and their son Alexander. Agnes died in 1866 at the age of 86, which is a ripe old age for the time, and was living at Rora. The informant was her son Alexander.

Children of Alexander Hutcheon and Agnes Bruce

There are 9 baptisms for their children in the Longside OPR plus 1 child not in the OPR, so hopefully there aren’t any others I’ve missed.

James Hutcheon 1800 – unknown
Baptised 6 September 1800 at Longside. I can’t find a death for him after 1855 so not sure what happened to him. There’s a marriage in Longside in 1827 for James Hutchison and Margaret Tolmy, which is also in the Cruden OPR, but no evidence that this is the son of Alexander and Agnes. The James who married Margaret Tolmy is in the 1881 census but I can’t find either of them in ScotlandsPeople death records, which is a shame as it would say who his parents were. If anyone reading this knows any more about James please let me know!

Anne Hutcheon 1802 – 1891
Baptised 30 July 1802 at Longside. In 1827 she married William Willox of Lonmay, and they had at least 7 children. William and Ann Willox can be found in the census of 1841, 1851 and 1861 in Lonmay, William described as a farmer of 18 acres and agricultural labourer. He died in 1868, and in 1871 Ann Willox is living with her son James and his wife Christina at Schoolhill, Lonmay, where James is a farmer of 32 acres. Ann lived with James and his family at Schoolhill until her death on 20 February 1891 at the age of 88: her death certificate gives her parents as Alexander Hutchison and Agnes Bruce.

Christian Hutcheon 1804 – 1874
Christian is my ggg grandmother. She was baptised on 27 May 1804 at Longside. In 1823 she gave birth to an illegitimate son, John Bisset: the OPR for Longside has “11 April 1823, baptized John Bisset n. son of John Bisset & Christian Hutchison, Innervedie” (n. son = natural son). On 17 January 1828 Christian married William Fraser at Longside and by 1841 they were living at Mosside Croft, near Hatton, parish of Cruden, which remained the Fraser home for more than 100 years. John Bisset was not with his mother and stepfather in 1841 but in 1851 he is in the census at Mosside as “John Bisset stepson age 26, pauper former ag lab, born Longside”. As he was receiving parish relief he was probably ill or disabled, and as nothing further can be found for him he possibly died before 1855. Christian had 10 children with William Fraser, including my gg grandfather Alexander Fraser, and the family can be tracked through the census as she and William remained at Mosside for the rest of their lives. Christian died on 31 August 1874 at Mosside age 70, of enteritis, and her death certificate confirms her parents were Alexander Hutchison tailor and Agnes Hutchison ms Bruce. The informant was her brother Keith who lived in Hatton.

Alexander Hutcheon 1806 – died in infancy
Baptised 27 November 1806 at Longside and assumed died in infancy as the next child was also called Alexander.

Alexander Hutcheon 1807 – 1875
Baptised 25 November 1807 at Longside. In the 1841 census Alexander and his sister Elizabeth are at Red Lums, Longside with their widowed mother Agnes and niece Mary Mutch. Alexander married Margaret Hutchison at Longside on 2 April 1842, who was the daughter of Alexander Hutcheon and Jean Sangster. Alexander and Margaret had at least 5 children and lived in Longside village, Alexander working as an agricultural labourer. The family can be tracked in the 1851, 1861 and 1871 census. Alexander died on 19 February 1875 at the age of 68, from cerebral softening, and his death certificate confirms that his parents were Alexander Hutcheon and Agnes Bruce.

John Hutcheon born 1809
Baptised 4 April 1809 at Longside. He’s a bit of a mystery as I can’t find him in the census, but I did find a death certificate for him. He died in 1879 and his death certificate reads: “John Hutchison farm servant single, died 23 May 1879 at Rora, Longside age 69 years. Son of Alexander Hutchison crofter deceased and Agnes Hutchison ms Bruce deceased. Cause of death heart disease 2 years and bronchitis 3 months. Informant Alexander Davidson nephew, present.” I would dearly love to know what John Hutcheon was doing to evade being in the census from 1841 to 1871. He must have been somewhere, but where?

Keith Hutcheon born 1811 died 1891
Baptised 27 May 1811 at Longside. Keith was a tailor, the same as his father, and on 9 February 1839 married Barbara King in Cruden parish. She was older than Keith by 10 years, and had been married to William Craighead in 1819 and had children. She gave birth to a daughter 5 months after her marriage to Keith Hutcheon. In the 1841 census, Keith a tailor and Barbara are at Tuechan, Cruden, with son George from Barbara’s first marriage and their daughter Barbara. They are still at Tuechan in 1851 with just the one child, Barbara. Wife Barbara must have died some time after 1851 and I can’t locate Keith in the 1861 census, but on 1 June 1861 he married Ann McPherson. Their marriage certificate says: “1 June 1861 at New Blyth, King Edward after banns, Keith Hutcheson master tailor widower age 45 of village of Hatton, Cruden, son of Alexander Hutcheson master tailor deceased and Agnes Hutcheson ms Bruce deceased, and Anne McPherson spinster age 30 of village of New Blyth, King Edward, daughter of George McPherson gardener and pensioner(?) deceased and Elizbeth McPerson ms ????”. So it’s definitely the right Keith. In 1871 they are in Cruden, Keith a tailor and letter carrier and Ann a seamstress, with 5 children; in 1881 they are in Hatton, Keith a tailor and with 3 children and a child lodger, and in 1891 they are still in Hatton, Keith a retired tailor and with a child lodger. Keith died on 17 June 1891 at Hatton of cerebral apoplexy and his death certificate gives his parents as Alexander Hutchison and Agnes Bruce. The informant was son Alexander Hutchison of HM Prison Barlinie, Glasgow – I just had to look this up and was somewhat relieved to discover Alexander was a prison warden.

Mary Hutcheon born about 1814 died 1863
No baptism found for Mary so thank you to Grant in Canada for alerting me to her. She married Robert Lamb on 12 June 1838 at Old Deer, and in 1841 they’re at Newseat, Peterhead with 2 children. (Also at Newseat in 1841 was Barbara McWilliam and her husband William Cowie, Barbara being the half sister of William Fraser who Mary’s sister Christian had married.) Robert and Mary Lamb had at least 9 children and over the years moved further and further from Longside: this would have been due to Robert climbing the farm servant ladder as by 1861 he was a farm overseer. From the birth places of their children and their locations in the census, their movements after Peterhead were first to Cuminestown, Monquhitter (near Turriff), then to Gamrie in Banffshire. They must have then moved to Forres in Elgin, now Moray, as Mary died at Forres in 1863 at the age of 48. Her death certificate confirms that her parents were Alexander Hutcheon and Agnes Bruce. Mary’s younger sister Elizabeth married John Lamb – I haven’t researched the Lambs but it may be that Mary and Elizabeth’s husbands were brothers or cousins.

Margaret Hutcheon born 1816
Baptised 18 August 1816 at Longside. On 2 November 1834 she married Charles Davidson at Longside. I can’t locate them in the 1841 census but in 1851 they’re at Rora, Longside, Charles an agricultural labourer with wife Margaret, daughters Anna and Mary, and niece Elizabeth Lamb. In 1861 they’re at Mosside, Rora, Longside, Charles a farmer of 2 acres with wife Margaret, son Alexander and Margaret’s mother Agnes Bruce. Charles Davidson died on 11 August 1862 at Rora; his death certificate names his wife as Margaret Hutcheon and the informant was their son Alexander. Margaret continued to live at Mosside croft at Rora as in 1871 she’s a farmer of 2.5 acres living with granddaughter Annabella Smith age 12 and niece Elizabeth Lamb age 28, a farm servant. In 1881 she’s at Greens, Rora age 70 with George Masson age 30, a general labourer: the census has him as her son but I’m not sure he his, thoughI haven’t researched him. I can’t find Margaret in the 1891 census, but she died in 1893 at Mosside, Rora, at the age of 76. Her death certificate confirms she was the daughter of Alexander Hutchison and Agnes Bruce and the wife of Charles Davidson.

Elizabeth Hutcheon born 1819
Baptised 3 January 1819 at Longside. Her daughter Mary Mutch was baptised on 7 September 1840 at Longside, father named as John Mutch. The OPR entry doesn’t say that Mary was illegitimate but I’m sure she was, as there’s no marriage for Elizabeth and John Mutch, and in the 1841 census Mary Mutch age 11 months is living with her mother Elizabeth Hutcheon, her uncle Alexander and her grandmother Agnes at Red Lums, Longside. Then in 1843 there is an incomplete entry in the Longside OPR which is a baptism for a natural child (no christian name) of John Lamb and Hutchison (again no christian name). This has to be Elizabeth Lamb, who from her age in the census was born in 1843. On 17 January 1846 Elizabeth Hutcheon married John Lamb at Longside, and according to the census there was a child Isabella Lamb born in 1846. Sadly, Elizabeth died in December 1847: the OPR for Longside has a burial on 30 December 1847 for Elizabeth Hutchison from Innerveddie age 29, wife of John Lamb. In the 1851 census Elizabeth’s daughters Mary Mutch and Isabella Lamb are with their grandmother Agnes Bruce, and her daughter Elizabeth Lamb is with her sister Margaret Davidson nee Hutcheon.

There’s more to research to be done into the Hutcheon line, but I thought I’d post this up so any other Hutcheon descendants can compare notes.

24 responses to “Hutcheon

  1. Wiliam Thomson

    I have a Longside, Hutcheon ancestor, Margaret Hutcheon, married to James Thomson, I don’t know what year they married,or died, however they had a son George, born or baptised October 7th 1772.

    • Hello William, and welcome to my blog. I’m sure your Hutcheon ancestors must be related to mine, but I’m now sure how. I’ll have to investigate. And I see you’re in New Zealand – I’d be interested to know who migrated there, and when.

  2. William Thomson

    Hi Judy,
    James Thomson and Margaret Hutcheon also had a daughter,Margaret,
    baptised 1771. James Grandson, George,emigrated to Mosgiel New Zealand,in 1872? along with his wife Ann Rose Collie.

  3. Thank for that. Have made a note and will see if any connections turn up.

  4. hi Keith hutches on wife Ann McPherson was the sister of my great great great great grandfather George mcpherson

    • A distant connection, then! But are you, by any chance, connected to Alexander Rennie who lived in Cruden? My great grandfather’s stepdaughter Chrissie Morgan married their son John Rennie, who was born 1894 in Cruden and went to Australia.

  5. I am descended from the Alexander Hutchison who married Elspet Barrie (Barry) in 1835 in Rora, Longside. According to his death certificate in 1880 in Rora, Alexander was the son of Alexander Hutchison, crofter and Jean Watt. Elspet Barrie died in Peterhead in 1887, widow of Alexander Hutchison, farmer. AlexanderJnr was born Feb 1836 and his marriage certificate in 1858 shows Alex Hutchison and Elspet Barry as his parents.

    • Hi Mike, and welcome to the blog.

      That’s interesting. I’ve got Elspet Barrie as my Alexander’s first wife, but from your research it looks as if that Alexander Hutcheon could be a different one. But they were all from the same area so must have been related. I’ll have a closer look at my research and then email you so we go into more detail privately.

      Given so many people with the same names born around the same time in the same place it’s all too easy to confuse them, and it’s good to get it sorted.

      I have a death certificate for my Alexander Hutchison in 1875, widow of Margaret and son of Alexander Hutchison and Agnes Bruce so will look again at what I’ve got for him.

    • I’ve figured out what happened. When I was first researching my Alexander I found him in the census living with an Elizabeth, and when I found the Alexander Hutcheon and Elspet Barry marriage was him. But it turns out the Elizabeth he was with was his sister, and I never got round to changing his record on my family tree. I can now correct his entry, so thank you for the information.

  6. Elizabeth Hutcheon married John Lamb on January 17, 1846. As you have indicated, Elizabeth and Mary Hutcheon were likely sisters and John and Robert Lamb were likely brothers. The 1846 marriage OPR states that both Elizabeth and John were from the parish of Longside, which was also the parish of Mary and Robert. I have posted their OPR on my tree.

  7. I have a Margaret Barry who married a John McGregor in 1829 in Abderdeen. They lived in Longside until they died.She died in early 1840s
    I have no idea where she came from originally but census has her husband as not of this county [he was from Banff], but she was .
    Do you have any more information of Barry/Barrie in that area? I live in Africa so finding information is very difficult.

    • Hi Shane

      Unfortunately, Scottish records earlier than 1855 are not always complete. Before civil registration there are only church records to go on. All the surviving OPRs have been digitised and are on ScotlandsPeople, which can be searched from anywhere. I see from FamilySearch that your John McGregor and Margaret Barrie had five children. The eldest girl was called Mary Anne, so I suspect Margaret’s mother would have been called Mary Ann (providing they followed the Scottish naming pattern).

  8. Hi Judy,
    You are evidently related to my wife Margaret,
    Her second great grandmother was your ggg grandmother, Christian Hutcheon (1804 – 1874).
    We would be happy to exchange information regarding this family.

    • Hi Keith and Margaret. Lovely to hear from you, and find a relative. I’m descended from Alexander Fraser, son of William Fraser and Christian Hutcheon. Lots of info about my Fraser line on the blog. I’ll send you an email so you can reply in private, as I’d love to find out who Margaret is descended from.

  9. Hi Judy and Keith,
    I am interested in following your discussions and exchanging information if I can be of help. Christian Hutcheon was a sister to my gg-grandmother, Mary Hutcheon.


  10. HI

  11. Hi Marie Anne,
    I have a Margaret Hutcheon in my tree and recall seeing an Andrew Skene in my research. Could you provide any other details (e.g. locations, dates of birth, death or marriage? Interested in assisting further with your inquiry.



  12. From Don Corliss
    Hi My Grandfather came to Australia around 1902 from Ellon in Aberdeenshire his brother came out as well but he went on to New Zealand and settled there.
    My GG was George Hutcheon brother William another Alexander and sister Margaret I think.
    Goerge’s father was also George and his mother was Jane Bruce.
    Any info for me would be great.

  13. I contacted you some time ago asking about Margaret Barrie/Barry. I have just read more of your history and was surprised to find mention of my great grandfather George Masson. He was the illegitimate son of Margaret Davidson and James Masson of Peterhead. George [born 1849] was married to Jean Clark, the illegitimate daughter of Mary Ann McGregor [ the daughter of John McGregor and Margaret Barrie/Barry].
    There seem to be a number of coincidences, and Rora, Longside is not a very large place as far as I know.

  14. Hi Judy
    I wonder if you can help please. I’m trying to track a Robert K Hutcheon (born about 1875) who married a Elizabeth Ann Tytler in St Nicholas Aberdeen on 11 September 1899. They were in the army and appear in the 1901 census in England. Robert died in South Africanin 1949. My direct family including the Tytler’s, Duncan’s Gavin’s were from the Rosehearty, Pitsligo areas.
    Alan Isaac
    new Zealand

    • Hi there,
      Robert Hutcheon was a bank accountant living in Rosehearty at the time of his marriage to Eliza Tytler. Eliza seems to have belonged to Rosehearty. Robert’s family belonged to Garlogie, in the parish of Skene just outside Aberdeen today. Robert’s father Keith was a butcher and cattle dealer but died in 1881. His mother Jessie Brown (there are spelling variants) died in the parish of Fetteresso in 1923 (Stonehaven area of today).
      Unfortunately South African records are sparse on the ground as I have found to my cost.
      I wish you well in your search and hope that the above information will help a little.


  15. Fantastic Mike, you are a star. I have been trying to find him for years. Whilst other trees on show “him” they I thought (and confirmed by you) have the wrong man and wrong parents and descendants. So I’m thrilled to receive you help.
    Kind regards
    Alan Isaac
    New Zealand

  16. Hi there, I am researching my family tree and my ggg Grandfather was James Clark and he married Ann McPherson, who’s parents were George McPherson and Elizabeth Elgin. They had a son George Clark and I have plenty of information on George and his descendants, but I do not have much information on James and Ann. I do know Ann then married a Hucheon, have no details other than his last name of Hucheon or what happened to James. In reading your article above about Keith, these names seem to fit as being the Ann who he married. The area also matches as the Clark’s were from Aberdeenshire, New Blyth, King Edward, Cruden and surrounding Parish’s. Your article has some good information and I will try and get some confirmation about Ann.

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