I have two lots of Logan ancestors – one from Aberdeenshire and one from Ayrshire, who are not related.

The Aberdeenshire line comes from my gg grandmother Mary Logan, who was born in 1838 at Auchtilair, parish of Old Deer, and married Alexander Fraser of Cruden. Mary Logan died age 29 in 1867 and Alexander remarried to Margaret Booth.

The Ayrshire line comes from my ggg grandmother Agnes Logan, born in Kilmarnock in 1772. She married Robert Marshall and their youngest daughter was my gg grandmother Sarah.

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  1. Hello, my name is Toby Bunow. My mother was a Logan and I have traced this side to my 4th great grandfather William Logan and his wife Christian Smith, who were married February 18, 1790 in Old Deer. They only appear twice that I can find, once in their marriage record I mentioned, and secondly at their son’s, also named William, marriage to Jane Hamilton in 1861 in Toronto, Canada. I believe William Sr was born in Tarves,though i’m not sure what year, other than that I can’t find much information. I wonder if you have come across an of these names and could provide some insight. I’m not sure about the family history surrounding the area and the families.

    • Hi Toby

      I don’t have anything on your William Logan and Christian Smith. However, my gggg grandfather James Logan married Catherine Smith in Methlick in 1789, and their children were baptised in Old Deer, so it’s quite possible there was a connection somewhere. Unfortunately the records from that time are not at all complete, with many an entry somehow not making it into the surviving records. However, Ancestry have some Scottish birth records and they have one for William Logan baptised 30 November 1760 at Tarves, father George Logan mother not named. It’s possible this is your William.

      The best way to research it would be see if William and Christian had any other children, and look for their marriages and deaths, as that could provide more information. According to FamilySearch, there are four baptisms in Tarves for children of William Logan but the mother is not named: they are Susan bap. 1791, William bap. 1795, Janet bap. 1798 and Joseph bap. 1801. Worth looking them up on ScotlandsPeople to see if any more information is given.

      Hope this helps.



      I may be wrong but I had a female relative with the first name Christian on her marriage record, this turned out to be a spelling error, her death record showed up as Christina which was a popular name in our family.

      • It’s not a spelling mistake, just an alternative form of the same name. There are several women named Christian on my tree. By around 1900 they began to be called Christina instead. Most of them were known as Chrissie.

  2. Wow, I just noticed you replied to my comment! Thank you for the reply and the information. What was the likelihood of people leaving their parish and moving to another in the mid 1700’s in Scotland? Or did they pretty much stay in the town they were born? Using Google maps, I can see that most of the parishes around Tarves are within a days walk. I know exactly nothing about Scottish history, but I will assume that the likeliness of the women marrying outside of their parishes was good. Can you comment on this? Thanks Judy!

    P.S. I located, on Ancestry, three of the four children you mentioned in your reply. I was unable to locate Susan.

  3. Hello, my name is Yvonne Oliver and I live in Canada.
    Just want to let you know that my great-grandmother Elizabeth Logan is a sister to your great-grandmother, Mary Logan.
    Thank you for your dedication to genealogy, you have done a lot of work and I thank you.
    If you would like information on Elizabeth’s children, I would be happy to give that information to you.

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