Murphy & Wilson

My Murphy line (or Murphie as it was spelled back then) are from Stevenston in Ayrshire.

Duncan Murphie b.? married to Jane Wilson

Duncan Murphie and Jane Wilson were married in November 1787 at Stevenston, and had their children baptised there. According to a daughter’s death certificate, Duncan was a carpenter. There’s no baptism record for Duncan Murphie, however. Jane Wilson was born in Saltcoats in May 1767, the daughter of coal hewer James Wilson and Agnes Smith.

In the 1819 Landsborough Census of Stevenston there is an Edward Murphy labourer with wife Elizabeth Wilson and several children at Townhead. The entry is interesting as it indicates that someone is the household was RC. Their 1822 entry says Edward Murphy was RC whilst Elizabeth Wilson was Episcopal. So a possibility is that Jane Wilson was a local girl and a protestant, but Duncan Murphie may well have had Irish background.

In 1819 Duncan Murphie and Jane Wilson would have been married for 32 years, and the last child I can trace to them was born in about 1805. But none of them are in the 1819 census so it looks as if they weren’t living in Stevenston parish then. The 1822 census, however, does have a Widow Murphy with 8 children at Harbour Street but she’s unlikely to have had 8 children still with her after getting married 35 years ago.

Children of Duncan Murphie and Jane Wilson:

Unnamed female Murphie born 1788.
Robert Murphie born 1791. Nothing further found.
Hugh Murphie born 1794. Nothing further found.
John Murphie born 1798. He is possibly the John Murphy who married Charlotte Fitzcharles in Stevenston in 1822, and is in the 1826 census with wife named Charlotte Fitzgerald. There are no children and RC is against Charlotte’s name. Neither of them are in the 1836 census. There is, however, a John Murphy in the 1841 census in Stevenston: he is a cotton hand loom weaver and is with 6 children but no wife.
Peter Murphie born 1800. Nothing found except that in the 1836 Stevenston Census there is a Peter Murphy at Quay Street with one other unnamed person is the household.
Amelia Murphie born about 1805 is my great great grandmother. There is no baptism record, but her parents are recorded on her death certificate, so Duncan and Jane may have had more children who are also unrecorded. According to Amelia’s census entries, she was born in either Saltcoats or Ardrossen.

Amelia Murphie b. about 1805 married John Haddow

Amelia married coal miner John Haddow in Stevenston in December 1823: she was resident in Ardrossen parish at the time. They are in the 1836 Stevenston Census at Mill Hill with 3 unnamed children. The 1841 census has them in Town Head Street, Stevenston with 4 children.

At some time before 1851 they moved to Kilwinning. In the 1851 census they are at Kenneth’s Row and are still there in 1861. Then John Haddow died in 1866. In 1871, widow Amelia is at Lamont’s Road, Kilwinning with her son Hugh, age 26, who was a coal miner. In 1881 and 1891 she is living alone in Abbey Gate Street, Kilwinning and she died there in 1893: the death certificate states she was 88 years old.

For children of Amelia Muphie and John Haddow, see the Haddow page.

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