Golden Wedding of Janet Strachan born 1839

Janet Strachan was my first cousin three times removed, the eldest child of my ggg grandfather John Strachan’s brother Samuel. In 1910 she and her husband Alexander Lindsay celebrated their Golden Wedding, and the event was written up, complete with photographs, in the Kilmarnock Standard in 1910. I found the report online, and it gives a lovely picture of life at that time amongst the Ayrshire coal fields. Below is a transcript of the newspaper article, complete with a scan of the photographs.

Kilmarnock Standard, 5 February 1910

Dreghorn Golden Wedding

We have much pleasure in reproducing the portraits of Mr and Mrs Alex Lindsay, Bellvue Cottage, Dreghorn, whose golden wedding celebrations took place on Thursday evening in the Mure Halls Dreghorn.

Alex Lindsay and Janet Strachan

Mr Lindsay was a twin son in a large family and was born at Burnbrae, Tarbolton Parish, in April 1838, so that he is now two years beyond the allotted span. In his young days there was no compulsory nor free education, but he acquired the three Rs before attaining nine years of age, when he left school and went to work in the coal pits. In the latter fifties of last century the mining district of Water o’ Ayr began to decline and this district was opening up new, so in common with many others he migrated to where the new works were starting. On February 3rd, 1860, he was married to Janet Strachan, daughter of the late Samuel Strachan, Dreghorn (his spouse being a year or so his junior). The ceremony was performed by the late Rev. James Milroy M.A., parish minister, and the young couple took up house in the village, and during the fifty years which have intervened since then they have never resided outwith the bounds of the parish. Mrs Lindsay was born at Shewalton, but her mother and father removed to Perceton, which was then in its infancy as a colliery, when she was quite young. Thence they removed to Dreghorn.

The worthy couple have had twelve of a family, eight sons and three daughters all surviving, and all of them filling honourable and industrious positions. The older son, Robert, is manager at the Nursery Pit, Hurlford; the second son is the Rev. Samuel Lindsay of Coatbridge, who within the last few years has come prominently before the public, and who is a fine example of the risen sons of Dreghorn from the coal mine to the pulpit. The other sons, with the exception of one who is in the fire-clay line, follow their father’s occupation in the mines, and there are 42 surviving grandchildren. Mr Lindsay was the crack player in the Dreghorn Quoiting Club forty years ago, and carried off the medal. He was also a keen angler. For many years he has been a member of the Co-operative Society Educational Committee. He gave up work in the mines fully a dozen years ago, after having worked half-a-century underground, and now he and his wife are on the old age pension list.

At the golden wedding on Thursday evening, there was an attendance of over 130 relatives and friends. Rev. Mr Kerr, M.A., presided.

During the evening Mr Robert Lindsay, the oldest son, in name of the family and friends, handed over a purse of sovereigns to his parents. Mr Lindsay suitably replied. Mr John Hutchison proposed the health of the “Bride and Bridegroom” in felicitous terms. The chairman proposed “The Health of the Lindsay Family,” and in reply the Rev. Samuel Lindsay referred to the influence which the home life had in the forming of character. Mr Thomas Gaw gave the sentiment of “The Strangers,” and Mr Allen, missionary, gave a reminiscent address. Mr J Mellor also spoke. Solos were given by Miss Goldie, Miss Fulton, Mrs S Lindsay, Mrs Adair, Mrs A Aitken, Mrs R Barr. A very happy evening was spent.

9 responses to “Golden Wedding of Janet Strachan born 1839

  1. Judy, This is absolutely priceless. I’m a direct descendant of Janet Strachen (b 1839) through her daughter Mary Lindsay (b 1877) and Mary’s son Robert Lindsay Littlejohn (b 1913 in the US.) Thank you so much for posting the article about Janet and Alexander’s golden wedding anniversary.

    • Hi Catharyn – another Strachan relative! How lovely to have you on board.

      I found the clipping about the Gold Wedding on the Ancestry web site as someone has posted it onto their family tree. I haven’t yet researched the children of Janet so your information is also priceless.

      So many of the Strachan line migrated to USA or Canada. I am from one of the rare lines that stayed put in the UK.

  2. HI Judy and Cathryn. Oh I’m so glad I found your website, Judy. How impressive! You have done such a great job. The clipping you found on Ancestry belongs to me. My great-grandfather their son John Lindsay (1866-1959) and then my father kept it as a precious memento, so I have treasured it always. I scanned it and put it up on Ancestry so others can enjoy it. I daresay now the British Library are scanning UK newspapers these clippings will be more readily available via a name search. Such a treasure when they contain so much family information. Thank you Judy. Helen Bourne, Australia

    • Hi Helen and welcome to the blog – so glad you have found it interesting. Ah,so you are the one who posted the newspaper clipping on Ancestry! Thank you so much for doing so, as it’s lovely coming across such things. What a wonderful family memento to have.

  3. Hello Judy,
    I was recently introduced to your site and I am thoroughly enjoying the posts and information.

    I am the great-grandson of Janet Strachan and her husband Alexander Lindsay. My mother Ina (1913-1989) was the daughter of their youngest son James (1881-1913) who married Janet Eglinton Morrison (1891-1915) on 24 March 1911. My grandfather James Lindsay perished in the 22 October 1913 Dawson, New Mexico U.S. coal mine disaster (the second largest mining disaster in U.S. history) just six weeks before Ina was born. I would be interested in anyone having information regarding James and Janet as well as other ancestor’s.

    Fantastic site Judy and thank you Helen Bourne for the Golden Wedding of Janet Strachan posted article.

    • Hi Phil and welcome to my blog. You must be a relative of Cathy’s. Thank you for the information about your ancestors: what a tragedy that mining disaster must have been for so many families. Your grandmother must have had her world torn apart. I’m glad you’re enjoying the blog.


    • Phil, thank you for all of that information! I’m researching James Lindsay and couldn’t find anything about his wife and children. I found an obituary for him in a Carbon County, Utah newspaper, but it only says that his father-in-law’s last name is Morrison.

      James Lindsay was the brother-in-law of my second great uncle, William Littlejohn. They came over on the boat together in 1907.

  4. Hi Judy, Janet is my great great grandmother – her son John my great grandfather and his son Alexander is my grandfather, although I am not sure the rest of his family would know about his son (my father) because his wife is not my Grandmother – lots of scandal at the time no doubt. Alexander did then have a son called John Morton Lindsay who died in 2005. I would love to make contact with anyone who knows this branch of the family as I know I have first cousin out there somewhere

  5. Hi Judy, the couple in the article are my great, great grandparents. I was brought up in Dreghorn. My mother’s maiden name was Olive Lindsay and her dad was William (Willie) LIndsay, grandson of Alexander and Janet through their son also called William. My mum & her 2 sisters lived at Townfoot, Dreghorn in the cottage attached to Bellevue Cottage mentioned in the article.
    The article was absolutely fascinating. Thank you for posting it.

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