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9 March

Jane Adam from Ayrshire died young of TB, but my great aunt Barbara from Aberdeen had 4 children and lived to her 70s.

9 March 1832
Jane Adam was baptised at Stevenston, Ayrshire, daughter of my ggg aunt Margaret Haddow and coal miner Francis Adam. She is with her parents at Townhead Street, Stevenston in 1841 and 1851, and became a handsewer of muslin. In 1861 she is a visitor in Dalry with the Penman family, relatives of the husband of her sister. In November 1861 she gave birth to an illegitimate daughter at her parent’s home in Stevenston. Jane died of tuberculosis in January 1863 at Stevenston, and her daughter was adopted by her unmarried elder sister.

9 March 1899
Birth of my great aunt Barbara Fraser at Waterton, Ellon, daughter of farm servant William Fraser and Helen Hay. She is Mill of Brogan, Slains in 1901, where her father was head cattleman and where, tragically, her mother died in May 1901 when Barbara was only 4 years old. Along with her siblings, Barbara most probably went to Mosside croft near Hatton to stay with her grandparents, though by 1905 her father was the tenant of a house in Hatton and Helen Morgan, who was to become his second wife, had become housekeeper and was looking after the children. In the 1911 census, Barbara is at Hatton Lodge with her father, stepmother and siblings and, at age 12, is still at school. However, in 1911 her grandfather died and William Fraser took over the croft at Mosside, where Barbara then went to live. At some point she went to live in Aberdeen and worked as a laundry maid, and it is in Aberdeen that she married William Dow, a carter, in February 1920. They had three children born in the 1920s and lived in Aberdeen. In 1939, just before the war, they visited my grandparents in Leeds, and Barbara was to later say that it was thanks to the Leeds air that their late arrival son was born in early 1940. Barbara Dow died in March 1973 in Aberdeen.

5 February

My Fraser great grandfather today, from Hatton in Aberdeenshire. Also a Savile from Royston in Yorkshire who died young, and an Adam from Stevenston who migrated to Boston, lost all her sons due to them dying within days of being born, lost her husband when she was in her early 40s and then died herself in her 50s.

5 February 1728
Birth of my ggggggg aunt Jane Savile at Royston who was baptised at Royston on 16 February, daughter of schoolmaster Robert Savile and Martha Senior. Jane died in January 1732 at almost 4 years of age.

5 February 1829
Birth or baptism of Elizabeth Adam at Stevenston, daughter of my gg aunt Margaret Haddow and Francis Adam. She is one of the 8 in the household of Francis Adam at Townhead, Stevenston in 1836, but is not with her parents in the 1841 census – there is, though, an Elizabeth Adam age 12 in New Street, Stevenston with a Margaret Adam age 68. Elizabeth is with her parents in 1851, though, at Townhead Street, and is a hand sewer of muslin. In January 1856 she married coal miner John Godfrey at Stevenston, and they had 2 children baptised in Stevenston in 1857 and 1859. They then migrated to the USA and went to Boston: they are in the USA records asa having children born and buried in the 1860s. All their sons died at a few days old but one daughter born in the 1860s survived. The family is in 1870 census in South Boston, John Godfrey a labourer, Betsey (as Elizabeth is called) age 37 keeping house, 3 daughters at school and a son age 1 month. The son died a few days later. Elizabeth’s husband then died in 1871. The 1881 census has Eliza Godfrey age 48 at Atlanta Street, South Boston with her 3 daughters, all now working. In 1883 two of her daughters were married, and then Elizabeth died in 1885, at the age of 55, of peritonitis.

5 February 1865
Birth of my great grandfather William Fraser at Oldtown of Aquharney, Cruden, son of Alexander Fraser and Mary Ann Logan. William was the eldest child of his father, who was a farm servant, and had a sister born when he was 2. But in August 1867 – when William was still 2 years old – his mother died of tuberculosis. As his mother died at Mosside Croft, the home of William’s Fraser grandparents, it’s likely that William and his sister lived there immediately after the death of their mother while their father worked on nearby farms. In 1868, however, Alexander Fraser married Margaret Booth at Longside and William acquired a stepmother. In 1871 he is at Fortrie, Ellon with father Alexander, stepmother Margaret, his sister, Margaret’s Booth illegitimate son, 2 new half sisters, and a visitor and her daughter. In 1877 his grandfather died and his father took over the croft of Mosside near Hatton. By 1881 William has become a farm servant and is at Tuechan, Cruden. He married Helen Hay in 1889, at Mosside: he was a farm servant at Mains of Elrick and she was a domestic servant at a nearby inn. They are in the 1891 census at Mains of Elrick, Savoch, with a baby daughter. Their next 2 children were born at Aikenshill, Foveran and the next at Waterton, Ellon. In the 1901 census the family is as Mill of Brogan, Slains where William is the head cattleman. A daughter was born in 1901, and then in 1905 William’s wife Helen Hay died of chronic enteritis. With 5 young children, William no doubt took them to Mosside Croft initially, but in the 1905 Valuation Roll William Fraser is paying £5 10s a year rent as the tenant occupier of a house in Hatton which is owned by farmer George Chrystall. By then Helen Ann Morgan has become his housekeeper: she already had an illegitimate daughter and gave birth to a illegitimate child named William in 1906. William Fraser married Helen Ann Morgan in 1907 at Hatton, and they went on the have 4 more children. In 1911 the family is at Hatton Lodge, William a farm cattleman, and the eldest two children of Helen Hay are now working. When his father died, William took over the lease of Mosside croft and moved there in 1911. In the 1915 Valuation Roll he is listed as the tenant of a croft and house at Hardslacks on the Estate of Yonderton paying £6 a year rent. During the 1920s and early 1930s my mother, daughter of William’s son James with first wife Helen Hay, used to stay at Mosside during the summer school holidays and remembered her grandfather and step grandmother well. Helen Ann Morgan died in 1938. William Fraser is listed as the tenant and occupier of Mosside croft in the Valuation Rolls of 1935/36 and 1940/41, but in 1945/46 the tenant has become Allan Thomson. In 1944 Allan Thomson had married Helen Rennie, who was the granddaughter of Helen Ann Morgan and who had been brought up at Mosside as her mother had died. William Fraser died in 1948 and the memorial inscription that was in Cruden kirkyard gave his date of death as 23 June 1848. However, despite a very thorough search I cannot find a death certificate for him.

On 29 June

Again there’s only one event to report on today.

29 June 1817
Birth of Elizabeth Adam at Stevenston, Aryshire, daughter of Francis Adam and my ggg aunt Margaret Haddow. I think Elizabeth must have died in infancy: Francis Adam collier and Margaret Haddow are in the 1819 minister’s census for Stevenston, with children Margaret, Robert, Ann and Catherine – but no Elizabeth.

On 21 June

Someone who managed to die just before civil registration commenced in Scotland, a female ancestor who lived her entire life on the same street in Stevenston, and an Ayrshire coal miner whose work made him disabled and in receipt of poor relief.

21 June 1783
My ggggg uncle William Watt was born at Bourtie, Aberdeenshire, son of John Watt and Helen Davidson. There is a William Watt of the right age and born at Bourtie in the 1851 census, so assuming that’s him he married a Helen and was a crofter of 6 acres at Cromlet, parish is Fyvie, which is close to where his brother Peter settled. In 1851 William and Helen has two grandchildren living with them, and in 1841 they’re at the same place, William a stone dyker, with a daughter Jennet (Janet or Jessie) and 4 children, all with different surnnames, two of whom are the grandchildren still with them in 1851. So I’m assuming they followed the very common crofter/farm servant way of life, and had daughters who had illegitimate children, and some of those children lived with their grandparents. Unfortunately Williams must have died before 1855 so there is no death certificate to confirm his parentage.

21 June 1807
Birth of Margaret Adam at Stevenston, Ayrshire daughter of Francis Adam and my ggg aunt Margaret Haddow. She is listed with her parents in the 1819 Stevenston Minister’s List at Towhead, her father as a collier and is probably one of the children with them in 1822 and 1836. In the 1841 census, she is age 30 and a muslin sewer living with her parents at Townhead Street, Stevenston and she was to live there for the rest of her life. In 1851 she’s still with her parents, two younger sisters and what could be either an illegitimate daughter or a niece called Joanna Penman. In 1861 she’s with her widowed mother and Joanna, now with the surname Adam and who I’ve been unable to trace further. 1871 sees Margaret Adam change occupation from muslin sewer to agricultural labourer and pauper – she was 64 by then her eyesight may have failed – and she has living with her is Catherine Burns, niece, the illegitimate daughter of Margaret’s younger sister Jane. Margaret is still an ag lab in 1881 at the age of 79, and Catherine Burns is still with her, now described as adopted daughter. Margaret died in Stevenston in 1882.

21 June 1819
Birth of John Strachan at Riccarton, Ayrshire son of my gggg uncle Robert Strachan and Jean Kelly. In 1838 he married Margaret Lambie in Kilmarnock, and they’re in the 1841 census at Perceton Row, Dreghorn (along with John’s father and other relatives) with 2 young children – John, of course, is a coal miner. By 1851 they’ve moved to Broomlands Row, Irvine, so John must have been working at the Broomlands Pit, and they have 5 children. 1861 finds them in Dreghorn again, where all of their children were born, and in 1871 they’re at Corsehill Square, Dreghorn with their younger children and a grandson. John Strachan became disabled and applied for Poor Relief: his application in 1879 at Dreghorn details his children, all but 2 of whom were married, and he was awarded 1 shilling and sixpence a week. He died on 10 September 1880 at Black Square, Dreghorn age 51 years of chronic bronchitis. He is on quite a lot of trees on Ancestry, but for some bizarre reason a lot of them have the date of birth right but the location wrong, and have him dying in Australia. He didn’t as he spent his whole life in and around Dreghorn.