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Book on CD: The Alexanders of Bourtie

Ian Macdonald, who is descended from my gggg grandparents Peter Watt and Helen Alexander, has done a superb job of researching the Alexanders from Bourtie in Aberdeenshire. He has published his research as a book on CD, which is available from the Aberdeen & NE Scotland Family History Society. I’m having a great time reading it and learning more my Alexander ancestors. Highly recommended if you have Alexanders from the Bourtie area on your tree as it’s very well researched and packed full of fascinating detail.

18 October

One of my gggg grandmothers was born today, back in 1752 – nearly 300 years before I was born. Also born today was my Yorkshire Great Uncle Joe, father of a blog follower, and a current day Strachan descendant. Plus a Strachan who migrated to Detroit, a Yorkshire ancestor who was a coal miner, and a Strachan who disappears from the records after 1901.

18 October 1752
Birth of my gggg grandmother Susannah Alexander at Birkieknowe, Ayrshire and baptised at Auchinleck, daughter of John Alexander and Christian Reid. Her mother is not named on the baptism record, but in 1755 a John Alexander of Birkieknowe had a son Charles baptised, and that record gives the mother’s name as Christian. There is no concrete evidence that this is the Susannah Alexander who married Thomas Strachan but there is strong circumstantial evidence, as Susannah and Thomas had children they named John, Christian and Charles. Susannah Alexander married Thomas Strachan on 15 July 1771 at Irvine, and they had 8 children baptised at Irvine up to April 1790. At some point after that, however, they moved to Gorbals, most probably so Thomas and his older sons could work at the Govan coal mines: their two youngest children were baptised at Gorbals in 1793 and 1795. After that the trail goes cold, as there is no record of a death/burial for Susannah. However, several of Susannah’s sons moved back to Ayrshire: John from 1812, Robert from 1803 or earlier, Peter from before 1809 and Samuel from before 1820. So it’s possible that if Susannah was still alive into the 1800s she may have moved back to Ayrshire.

18 October 1871
Birth of Margaret Mitchell Strachan at Stevenston, daughter of Samuel Strachan and Janet Mitchell and granddaughter of my gggg uncle Samuel Strachan and Ann Miller. She is with her parents in 1881 at Station Square, Stevenston, her father coal miner. Her father died in 1882 and in 1891 she is with her mother and a brother at Station Square, working as a dynamite worker. She married Peter Monie, a printer compositer, in 1897 in Glasgow, and they are in Govan in 1901 with 2 children and a boarder. Peter Monie went to Detroit, USA in 1910, followed by his wife and their by then 4 children in 1911. They are at 14th Avenue, Detroit in the 1920 census, Peter Monie working as a building contractor building houses. By 1930 is a printer again, at a newspaper, and he and Margaret are at Blaine Avenue, Detroit with 2 unmarried daughters. Margaret M Monie died at Detroit in 1950.

18 October 1873
Birth of Joshua White, baptised at Royston, Yorkshire, son of my ggg aunt Jane Simpson and John Murgatroyd White. According to his baptism record, his father was a coal miner and his parents were living at East Gawber Hall Colliery village. In 1881 he is with his family at Carlton, and in 1891 at Monk Bretton: by then he had joined his father as a coal miner. In 1989 he married Mary Jane Caves at West Bretton, and they are at the pit housing near Carlton in 1901 with 2 children. By 1911 Joshua is a colliery contractor underground the Ashleigh pit at Monk Bretton and had moved from Carlton via Smith Wood: he and Mary had 7 children by then and were also housing a coal miner, his wife and young child. Joshua White died in 1952 age 78, his death registered at Barnsley.

18 October 1885
Jeannie Strachan was born at Dunlop’s Land, Crookedholm, Ayrshire, daughter and youngest child of my gg uncle Henry Strachan and Elizabeth Black. She is with her parents in Crookedholm in 1891 and 1901, and by 1901 is working at a woollen factory. Nothing else found so I’m not sure what happened to her.

18 October 1899
Birth of my great uncle Joseph Green at Armley, Leeds, son of Joseph Green and Charlotte Senior. He is with his family, age 1, in 1901 at Hope Grove, Armley – his daughter, who follows this blogs, says he was fond of making the joke “At least I was born in hope, if I die in despair”. He was baptised in 1904 after the family had moved to Kirkstall, and is in the 1911 census as Station Parade, Kirkstall, age 11 and at school. He married Ethel Alderson, the daughter of neighbours, in 1930 at Kirkstall, at which time his occupation was cloth finished, so no doubt worked at one of the nearby mills. He lived in Leeds all his life and died in 1976. My mother was very fond of her Uncle Joe and remembered him as a funny and warm-hearted man.

18 October 1979
A great-gandson of my aunt Mary Ann McInairney Strachan, who married James McBride, was born in Scotland.

18 and 19 September

On the 18th: James Booth from Aberdeenshire who proved easy to research, and Ann Strachan from Ayrshire who is a mystery as she just disappears from the records, and my great aunt Sarah McCrae. And on the 19th: three who can’t be found with any certainty in the records, a Strachan who became a spirit dealer when she was widowed, and my great aunt Sarah McCrae.

19 September 1760
Birth of Elizabeth Wilson at Stevenston, daughter of my gggg grandparents James Wilson and Agnes Smith. Unfortunately, Elizabeth Wilson is a fairly common name and there were several of that name having children in the right place at the right time. There is a marriage of Elizabeth Wilson at Stevenston in 1788 to Archibald Clark, but I’ve no idea whether this is the right marriage or not: they had a son baptised James but their eldest daughter was called Margaret, not Agnes.

19 September 1779
Birth of my ggggg uncle James Alexander at Bourtie, Aberdeenshire, son of James Alexander and Helen Burgess. And that is all I know as I’ve not come across anything that is certainly him. James Alexander was a common name in those parts.

18 September 1816
Birth of my gggg uncle James Booth at Inverurie, Aberdeenshire, son of William Booth and Margaret Allan and brother of my ggg grandmother Isabella Booth who married John Logan. James Booth is possibly the James in the 1841 census working on a farm at Drumgowan, Leslie. He married Jean/Jane Keith in about 1841, though I can’t find a marriage record in the parish registers, and by 1851 they were at Nether Kinmundy, Longside with 5 children, James a labourer. He was to remain there for the rest of his life and had several of my ancestors as neighbours. In 1861 James, general labourer, and Jean have had more children and the eldest have left home: they were to have a total of 11 children. In 1871 James is a road contractor and they have 2 grandchildren with them as well as their own 3 children. The 1881 census has them as Crofters House, Redbog Road, which is at Nether Kinmundy, James a crofter of 6 acres with wife Jane and a granddaugter. James is still a crofter in 1891 and his wife and the same granddaughter are still with him. His wife then died and in 1901 James Booth, crofter retired, it a Bruckleseat, Longside. He died in May 1901 at Longside at the age of 86.

19 September 1819
Birth of Janet Strachan at Witchknowe, Riccarton, Ayrshire, daughter of my ggg uncle Thomas Strachan and Elizabeth Nisbet. Her coal miner father died in 1821 and her mother remarried in 1823 to William Mitchell but he also died, and her mother married for a third time in 1827 to James Brown, both marriages in Kilmarnock. So by the time Janet was 10 years old she’d had a father and two stepfathers. Janet Strachan married John Hamilton at Kilmarnock in 1837, and the 1841 census finds them at Moorfield Tile Works, Kilmaurs with 2 children. By 1851 they are at Corsehill Square, Dreghorn, John a coal miner and with 5 children, a visitor and a servant, 13 year old Catherine Strachan who was Janet’s cousin. They had moved back to Kilmaurs by 1861 and had 7 children with them, John Hamilton and their oldest sons all working as coal miners. John Hamilton died in 1869 and in 1871 Janet Hamilton is earning a living as a spirit dealer and living at 66 Kilmaurs Road, Kilmarnock with 2 coal miner sons and 2 children still at school. She is still in Kilmarnock in 1881 with a son, a niece and a nephew. Janet Hamilton died in 1889 at Gilmour Streeet, Kilmarnock of heart disease.

18 September 1838
My gg aunt Ann Strachan was born at Shewalton Colliery, parish of Dundonald, Ayrshire, daughter of my gg grandparents Robert Strachan and Margaret Haggerty. At age 2 she is with her parents and siblings at Shewalton in the 1841 census, and the family moved to Kilwinning some time after 1842. Her mother died in 1846, when Ann was only 7 years old, and Ann would have been looked after by her several older sisters. Her father remarried in 1850 to Susan Cran. By 1851, at age 12, Ann was living in as a domestic servant in Kilwinning for the McInnes family, the father Daniel a coal miner who probably worked with Ann’s father. In 1861 Ann is listed in the census as a visitor to coal miner Alexander McDonald and his wife at West Thornton Hamlet, Dreghorn – also a visitor was another Ann Strachan, Ann’s cousin. After 1861 things become tricky as I can’t find anything in the records for Ann. There’s no marriage or death certificate to be found at ScotlandsPeople. It is possible Ann had an illegitimate daughter in 1862, so a child called Margaret Strachan was born in December 1862 at Kirkland Rows, Dreghorn to mother Ann Strachan, domestic servant. As Margaret was Ann’s mother’s name this could well the right Ann. However, I can’t find anything for Margaret – nothing in the census and no death record. The only other possible entry for Ann is in the 1891 census, which has an Ann Strachan age 50 living alone and earning a living as an outdoor worker living at Brigend, Kilwinning. That Ann was born in Irvine, which is very close to Shewalton. But what became of Ann and her possible daughter Margaret is a mystery.

19 September 1860
Birth of Hugh Richmond Haddow at Kilwinning, son of my gg uncle Colin Shearer Haddow and Ann Orr Richmond. He is with his parents in 1861 at Kenneth’s Row, Kilwinning, surrounded by lots of my anccestors, and in Lyslestone Row, Kilwinning in 1871. By 1881 the family are at Coylton, Ayshire and, like his father, Hugh is an ironstone miner. He then does a disappearing act: no marriage or death found for him, and nothing in the immigration records I’ve searched. So he’s yet another mystery.

19 September 1864
Birth of my great aunt Sarah McCrae at Kilmarnock, Ayrshire daughter of my great grandparents John McCrae and Mary Ann McInairney and sister of my grandmother Helen McCrae. Sarah is with her parents at Dean Lane, Kilmarnock in 1871 and at Mill Lane, Killmarnock in 1881 when she’s 16 and a bonnet maker (which will be the famous Kilmarnock bonnet). In 1885 she married Samuel Downey or Downie at Kilmarnock. Samuel was a hammerman and was born in Ireland. In 1891 they are at Morton Place, Kilmarnock with 3 children and in 1901 at Low Glencairn Street, Kilmarnock with 6 children and Samuel’s brother. They had 9 children altogether but only 3 were still living in 1911, when Sarah and Samuel (who by then had become a coal miner) were at New Street, Riccarton with their 3 surviving children, Sarah’s younger brother James McCrae and 4 year old visitor Agnes McCrae. In 1923 Sarah’s sister Helen Strachan ms McCrae went to Canada and gave her sister Mrs Downey of 12 New Street, Kilmarnock as her nearest relative in Scotland. Samuel Downie died in 1929 at Riccarton, and Sarah died at the age of 73 in 1938 Kilmarnock.

On 28 and 29 August

Two quiet days: a very early Ayrshire ancestor from who can’t be traced further than birth, and an Alexander from Aberdeenshire who left plenty of traces in the records.

29 August 1731
Birth of Thomas Reid at Kilwinning, Ayrshire son of Thomas Reid and Janet Eaddie. His sister Christian married John Alexander and is, I strongly suspect, the mother of Susannah Alexander who married Thomas Strachan. Thomas Reid born 1731 is therefore my gggggg uncle. No further trace of him had turned up, unfortunately

28 August 1817
Baptism of Jane Alexander at Rayne, Aberdeenshire, daughter of my ggggg uncle John Alexander and Janet Morrison. Her sister Helen married Peter Watt. I couldn’t find her in the 1841 census and there were several marriages so, unsure which was her, I searched for death certificate on ScotlandsPeople and found one at Rayne: she had been married twice so I was then able to track her in the census. She seems to have married farm servant George Gray, who was born in Foveran, in about 1844 but there’s no marriage in the records. In 1851 George Gray with wife Jean are at Hatton, Belhelvie with 3 children, the eldest born at Tarves and the younger two at Belhelvie, and the births of the children can be found on FamilySearch with father George Gray and mother Jane Alexander. By 1861 Jean Alexander is back in Rayne, at Cushieton, with 2 children named Gray: the eldest two are not with her and there’s a youngest son born 1854 who can be found on FamilySearch born at Belhelvie. George Gray must have died but there’s no death certificate to be found on ScotlandsPeople so it looks as if he died in 1854. In 1861 Jean, age 43 and a stocking knitter, had a boarder, George Smith age 54, a stone dyker, living with him. Later in 1861 George Smith and Jean/Jane Alexander were married at Rayne. They’re at Coley Hill in 1871 with a young grandson, but by 1881 they’ve gone up tp Gamrie in Banffshire, George still a stone dyker. In 1891 Jane Smith, age 73 and a stocking knitter, is on her own a MacDuff, Banffshire but by 1901 she’s returned to Rayne and is living at Kirktown of Rayne, an 83 year old invalid, with her younger sister Ann Alexander age 77, her nurse. Jane Smith formerly Gray ms Alexander died in 1902 at Rayne.

On 26 August

Two days worth to catch up on tonight. On the 26th, an Anderson and a Logan from Aberdeenshire who seem to have died in childhood, Hay , Fraser and McWilliam ancestors who can’t be found in the records, and a Fraser descendent who migrated to Vancouver, as did three of her siblings.

26 August 1747
Baptism of my gggggg aunt Margaret Alexander at Bourtie, Aberdeenshire, daughter of William Alexander and Ann Strachan. Her descendants include Helen Alexander who married Peter Watt and, eventually, my great grandmother Helen Hay, mother of my grandfather James Fraser. Nothing else can be found for her. However, someone with a tree on Ancestry has researched this Alexander family and looked at a will left by Ann Alexander nee Strachan in 1779, which makes it clear that only 5 of her children were still alive at that time and that did not include Margaret.

26 August 1795
Baptism of my gggg aunt Margaret Hay at Tarves, Aberdeenshire, aunt of the George Hay who was the father of my illegitimate great grandmother Helen Hay. Unfortunately she’s yet another for whom nothing can be found: the marriage records for Tarves have not survived for the years 1801 to 1849, which doesn’t help. Looking for a Margaret in the census born 1795 at Tarves produces too many results and it’s impossible to know whether any of them could be her.

26 August 1804
Birth of George Fraser at Cruden, Aberdeenshire, son of Andrew Fraser and Jean Walker and grandson of Donald Fraser and Margaret Sharp. His uncle William Fraser was, I strongly suspect, the father of my illegitimate ggg grandfather William Fraser. Can’t find anything in the records that looks right, so have no idea what became of him.

26 August 1848
Birth of David McWilliam at Peterhead, Aberdeenshire, son of my half gggg uncle David McWilliam and Elizabeth Ewan. His father was a sawyer and the family lived at Princess Street, Peterhead, and David is with them in 1851 and 1861. Nothing found after that,

26 August 1862
Birth of Isabella Logan at Cruden, daughter of my ggg uncle John Logan and Jane Marr. She is with her parents and siblings in 1871 at Moortack, Cruden, her father a farmer of 6 acres, but she died in 1877 at the age of 15.

26 August 1885
Birth of Lucy Ann Milne at Hatton, Cruden, Aberdeenshire, daughter of Alexander Milne and Elizabeth Thomson and granddaughter of my ggg aunt Janet Fraser (aka Jessie) and William Milne. She is at Hatton with her parents and siblings in 1891, her father a blacksmith, and the family is at 1 Main Road, Cruden in 1901 with Lucy, age 15, working as a domestic servant. She went to Canada, though I cannot find her on a passenger list, but in 1914 she married Alexander Stewart Simpson in Victoria, British Columbia. Her was from Aberdeenshire too. Lucy Ann Milne died in 1955 age 69, her death registered at Vancouver. Her brother Frederick Milne, her sister Laura Elizabeth Milne and her sister Margaret Milne all migrated to Vancouver.

On 17 August

All three today frustratingly disappear from the records.

17 August 1755
Birth of Charles Alexander, son of John Alexander and Christian Reid. I think he was the brother of Susannah Alexander who married Thomas Strachan – the 2nd, 3rd and 4th children of Thomas and Susannah were named John, Christian and Charles, which is reasonably good evidence for supporting my theory. He is therefore my ggggg uncle but sadly, his birth and baptism is the only reference I can find for him in the records, so I’ve no idea what became of him.

17 August 1842
Birth of Mary Morgan at Cruden, daughter of Arthur Morgan and Margaret Robb and granddaughter of my ggggg aunt Isabel Sangster and Peter Morgan. Her mother died a few years after Mary was born and her father remarried. In 1851 Mary Morgan age 8 is at Tillymaud, Cruden with her father, stepmother and siblings. Her father died in a quarrying accident in 1860. Mary cannot be found in the 1861 census nor is there a death or marriage from 1855 to 1861, so she may have died between 1851 and 1854.

17 August 1852
Birth of Jean Wallace Strachan at Dreghorn, daughter of Andrew Strachan and Elizabeth Strachan. Her parents Andrew and Elizabeth were cousins and were not married: Andrew was 16 years older than Elizabeth and had been widowed, and Elizabeth was housekeeper for him and his children in 1851. There is nothing to be found in the records for either Jean or her mother Elizabeth after the 1852 birth and baptism record, so it could be that they both died.

On 8 August

Ancestors had a busy day today. An Ayrshire Logan was born but needs more research; an Aberdeenshire Alexander lived and died in Rayne, an Aberdeenshire Logan died in his 20s, a McWilliam and Sangster descendent migrated to Iowa, USA, an Abeerdeenshire Hutcheon married a prison warden and moved to Kent, England, and a Strachan descendent from Galston needs more research.

8 August 1770
Birth of my gggg uncle William Logan at Kilmarnock, Ayrshire, son of James Logan and Sarah Weir. I’ve not been able to find anything more as he must have died before the 1841 census. There are a couple of marriages for a William Logan in Kilmarnock, and several children baptised in Kilmarnock to a father William Logan, but without delving further it’s not known which, if any, might refer to him.

8 August 1831
Birth of Helen Alexander at Rayne, Aberdeenshire, daughter of my ggggg uncle John Alexander and Janet Morrison. Helen proved easy to research as she stayed in one place and didn’t get married. In 1841 she’s with her parents and siblings at Meikle Wartle, and in 1851 is in Burnside, Daviot, a house servant on a farm. By 1861 she’s with her widowed mother at Meikle Wartle and earning a living as a washerwoman. Her mother then died and in 1871 Helen is in the village of Wartle looking after her paternal uncle William Alexander. 1881 sees her at Greeny, Rayne, housekeeper for merchant and crofter George Straiton. Then by 1891 she’s head of her own household at Kirkton of Rayne, as a former domestic servant, and with her is her sister Anne Alexander, a dressmaker. Helen is still there in 1901 on her own, earning money as a knitter. She died in 1921 at Rayne at the age of 90.

8 August 1858 (born about 1832)
William Logan, son of my ggg grandparents John Logan and Ann Simpson, was born about 1832 in Old Deer though no baptism can be found. In 1841 he’s at Auchtilair, Old Deer with his farmer father, mother and siblings. By 1851 he’s working as a labourer for farmer Cruickshank in Cruden parish. William died in 1858 at Aberdeen Infirmary of fever, at the age of 26.

8 August 1861
Birth of Catherine McWilliam at New Pitsligo, daughter of Nathaniel McWilliam and Isobel Murison and granddaughter of my gggg grandmother Janet Sangster. Her mother died at about the same time Catherine was born, and her father remarried to Mary Yule. At some stage in the 1860s the family migrated to the USA, and Catherine is with her father and stepmother in the 1870 US census at Post Township, Iowa where her father is a farm labourer. I’ve not yet found anything for Catherine after that.

8 August 1868
Baptism of Henrietta Susan Hutcheon at Cruden, Aberdeenshire, daughter of my gggg uncle Keith Hutcheon and his second wife Ann McPherson. She is with her parents and siblings in Hatton, her father a tailor and letter carrier, in 1871 and again in 1881. By 1891 she is working as a domestic cook in Aberdeen. She married at Peterhead in 1897 to Owen Feeney: by 1901 they’d moved to England and were living at Sydney Road, Rochester, Kent with a daughter. Owen was born in Ireland and was working as a civil guard for the convict service. They’re still at Sydney Road in 1911 with a son, their daughter having died, and Owen is a prison warder. I haven’t traced them after that.

8 August 1891
Samuel McKelvie was born at Galston, Ayrshire, son of coal miner James Wagstaff McKelvie and Marion Strachan. He was the great grandson of my gggg uncle Peter Strachan and Mary Monroe. Apart from finding him in the 1901 census with his parents and siblings at Henrietta Street, Hurlford, when he was still at school, I haven’t done any further research.

On 2 July

Oh dear. Just realised that the reason it’s been quiet in ancestor land for a few days is I’d changed my search conditions on my Strachan paternal family tree in order to do a special search a bit back, and forgot to change it back again. So I’ve missed a few Strachan events! Okay, so here are ALL today’s events, and I’ll catch up on the missing Strachan ones ASAP.

2 July 1774
Birth of my ggg grandfather John Strachan, baptised at Irvine, Ayrshire son of Thomas Strachan and Thomas Alexander. His full story can be read by using the link under the Strachan tab (above). In brief: John Strachan was a coal miner and moved to Gorbals in the early 1790s with his parents and siblings. There he married Agnes Neilson in 1794, and from the baptism locations of their children their movements can be traced from Gorbals to Campsie in Stirlingshire, then back to Gorbals, then to Kilsyth in Stirlingshire, then to Coatbridge in Lanarkshire, Muirkirk in Ayrshire and Riccarton in Ayrshire. His wife Agnes, with whom he had at least 14 children, died in about 1825, and in 1827 John Strachan married Jean Wallace in the parish of Dundonald, which means they were living at Shewalton Colliery. John had 2 more children with his second wife. His death is recorded in the burials register of Irvine Parish in March 1840, making him 65 when he died.

2 July 1783
Baptism of John Alexander at Bourtie, Aberdeenshire, son of James Alexander and Helen Burgess. He is my ggggg uncle because his sister Helen married Peter Watt. John Alexander married Janet Morrison, although there’s no record of their marriage, but their 8 children were all baptised at Rayne. In the 1841 census John can be found at Meikle Wartle, home of his twin brother (see below) and also of the Watt family, with his wife and 5 of his children, and he is there again in 1851 with his wife and 1 daughter. In 1841 he is described as a farmer and in 1851 as formerly farmer. According to a tree on Ancestry, which looks well researched, he died on 22 April 1851 at Rayne and was buried in the kirkyard at Rayne.

2 July 1783
Baptism of William Alexander at Bourtie, Aberdeenshire, twin brother of John (above) and therefore also my ggggg uncle. He married Mary Steel, although no record of their marriage can be found, and there is only 1 baptism of a child, their daughter Jane. In the 1841 census William is at Meikle Wartle, so must have lived close to his twin brother John: William is a farmer with his wife and daughter and 3 male farm servants. The 1851 census states he is the farmer of 71 acres employing 3 labourers, and as well as his wife and unmarried daughter there are 3 male farm servants living in. In 1861 William is still farming though only 1 male farm servant and 1 female domestic servant are living with him, his wife and their daughter. One of the farm servants with them in 1841, 1851 and 1861 is Andrew Steel, who sounds like a relative of William’s wife. William was retired by 1871, at age 87, and was living in the village of Wartle with his niece Helen Alexander. He died in 1874 at age 90.

2 July 1981
Birthday of a Strachan descendant: last known information she was living in London and had her own make-up business.

On 12 June

A “nothing else found” – which happens all too often when researching your family tree – a family who moved from Aberdeenshire to Banffshire then to Moray, and happy birthday to my young great nephew.

12 June 1728
Birth of Bessie Reid at Kilwinning, daughter of Thomas Reid and Janet Eadie. I suspect she is the sister of my ggggg grandmother Christian Reid. She could also be the Bethia Reid who married James Hart in Kilwinning in 1752, and had children baptised in Kilwinning in 1753 and 1760. Nothing else found, however. It is MUCH harder tracing a family forward than it is going backwards in time!

12 June 1838 (born about 1814)
My gggg aunt Mary Hutcheon, born about 1814 at daughter of Alexander Hutcheon and Agnes Bruce, married Robert Lamb at Old Deer. She is with her agricultural labourer husband a 2 children in 1841 at Newseat, Peterhead in 1841, and in 1851 they are at Cuminstown, Monquhitter – but the head is absent so was probably working elsewhere. By then they had 6 children, born in Longside, Peterhead and Monquhitter. By 1861 they have moved to Blairs House Farm, Rafford, Moray where Robert Lamb is a farm overseer and they have had 4 more children, the last 3 born in Gomery, Banffshire, plus they have a grandchild living with them. Mary died in 1863 at age 48 due to “illegible” reasons, at Forres, Elgin.

12 June 2005
One of the youngest on my family tree, my great nephew, was born. He is my big sister’s grandchild and has a first name that was already on the family tree, though I suspect that was a coincidence!

On 7 June

An interesting bunch today: the person who could well be my ggggg grandfather and was born in 1723 – that almost 300 years ago. Scotland had only been part of Great Britain for 16 years. Plus an infant death in the 1760s, a Barnsley greengrocer and fruit merchant, a London dressmaker and an Aberdeenshire migrant to USA who came back home after just a year.

5 May 1723
Baptism of John Alexander at Auchinleck, Ayrshire son of James Alexander with the mother not named. This is probably my ggggg grandfather, who married Christian Reid and whose daughter Susannah married Thomas Strachan. John Alexander married Christian Reid in Kilwinning in 1751, and their marriage entry in the OPR says John was of Auchinleck parish and Christian was of Kilwinning. Their daughter Susannah was baptised in Auchinleck in 1752, and their son Charles in 1755. No other baptisms of children have been found. According to the baptism entries for Susannah and Charles, John and Christian Alexander lived in Birnieknowe, to the north-east of Auchinleck, which was to become a coal mining village later in the 18th century, though there may have been small scale coal mining when John Alexander lived there. However, none of the available records give any indication of his occupation and no further records for him have been found.

7 June 1765
Baptism of my gggg aunt Jane Wilson at Stevenston, Ayrshire daughter of James Wilson and Agnes Smith. She died in infancy, and James and Agnes named their next daughter, Jane. The second Jane was my ggg grandmother as she married Duncan Murphie, and her daughter Amelia married John Haddow.

7 June 1835
Baptism of Joseph Green at Barnsley, Yorkshire son of my gggg uncle Joseph Green and Mary White. (There are a lot of Josephs of my Green tree!) His father was a bleacher, and in 1841 6 year old Joseph is with his family at Nelson Street, Barnsley. His mother died in 1850, and in 1851 he is living with father, siblings and a servant at Castlereagh Street, Barnsley. Joseph, his father and his brother John are all greengrocers. I can’t find a record of his marriage, but by 1861 he had married Mary Ann and had a 2 year old daughter. They were living in Pitt Street, Barnsley, and Joseph was a green grocer. They are still in Pitt Street in 1871 with 3 daughters and a servant, and Joseph’s occupation is fruit warehouse. By 1881 they had moved to Blucher Street, Barnsley and had had yet more daughters: Joseph was a greengrocer and had a greengrocer’s carter living with the family. Joseph is a fruit merchant in 1891, still at Blucher Street, with 4 daughters still at home. He died in 1895 age 64 at Barnsley.

7 June 1881
Birth of Amelia Maria Green at Queen’s Park, London, daughter of George Edwin Green and Sarah Maria Sampson. Her father was the son of my gggg uncle Samuel Green: Samuel had been born in Worsbrough, Yorkshire but had moved to London and was a licensed victualler. Amelia was baptised at the Wesleyan Methodist Chapel at Stanhope Street, and her baptism record gives her parents’ address as 186 D Street, Queen’s Park West. In 1891 she is with her parents at 48 Albert Street, Chelsea and her father is a gold lace salesman. Her mother died in 1891 and in 1894 her father remarried, to Emma Arno. In 1901 the family is still at 48 Albert Street, but it is now given as in Paddington. Amelia, age 19, is a dressmaker. In 1911 she is still with her father and stepmother but they have moved to St George’s Avenue, Tufnell Park, and her father is still a shop assistant in the gold lace embroidery business and Amelia is still a dressmaker. She did not marry and died in 1966 in hospital, her probate record giving her residence as Hill Homes Woodland, Bishopwood Road, London N6.

7 June 1895
Birth of William John Michael at Boddom, Ayrshire son of gg aunt Mary Ann Fraser and David Ewan Michael, a granite quarrier. The family moved to Wickersgill near Shap, Cumbria when William was very young and are there in 1901, with David Michael working as a quarry foreman. By 1911 they were back near Boddom, at Tillymaud, Cruden and William age 15 was working as a farm servant. In June 1913 he migrated to the USA at age 18, to join his brother Alexander at Quincy, Massachusetts, but he returned to Scotland in October 1914. In 1919 he married his half cousin Catherine Milton Fraser: their marriage certificate has William’s occupation as a blacksmith journeyman, and he was living at Hutcheon Street in the same house as his mother-in-law. His wife Catherine died in 1927 of pulmonary tuberculosis. He eventually remarried in 1939 to Jessie Ann Brown Forrest or Smith (which indicates she was a widow), and he died in Aberdeen in 1975. No evidence of his having any children.