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On 1 July

Hope all Canadians reading this had an enjoyable Canada Day. It was a busy day at Wimbledon, but quiet again in ancestor land.

1 July 1782
Baptism at Worsbrough, Yorkshire of Samuel Cox, son of Joshua Cox with mother not named. I suspect he was the brother of Ann Cox, who married by gggg grandfather Joseph Green. Nothing further found, except there is a Samuel Cox living in Leeds in 1851 with wife Phoebe (no marriage found), with stated birthplace Darfield – which is the next parish to Worsbrough. They are at Back Nile Street, which is now a car park, and he is a pensioner: someone has added what looks like the word Chelsea after that. However, I couldn’t find anything that was obviously him in the army records on FindMyPast. It might not be the right Samuel, though.

1 July 1817
Baptism at Tankersley, Yorkshire of Martha Fisher, daughter of my ggggg uncle Timothy Fisher and his wife Mary Kaye. Nothing else found for her. Her father’s sister, Hannah Fisher, married Joseph Firth whose daughter Sarah married William Green.

On 2 June

A migration to Iowa, with the USA 1880 census says that ancestor’s wife was ill with a headache, and a Yorkshire ancestor who was a bleacher but might have died in Belfast.

2 June 1731
Birth of my gggg grandfather Alexander Marshall at Kilmaurs, Ayrshire. The son of Francis Marshall and Mary Gibson, he married Agnes Gibson in Beith in 1755 and they had at least 6 children, the first baptised in Kilmaurs and the rest baptised in Kilmarnock. Nothing known apart from that as there are no records. His son Robert Marshall had a daughter Sarah Marshall whose daughter Mary Ann McInerney married John McCrae.

2 June 1805
Baptism of Timothy Fisher at Royston, Yorkshire, son of Joseph Firth and Hannah Fisher and my gggg uncle. In 1825 he married Lydia Silverwood at Royston and they had at least 6 children. Timothy was a bleacher and in the census of 1841, 1851 and 1861 is at Swithen, near Kexborough – probably an idyllic rural spot back then but rather close to the M1 these days. After 1861 he then disappears – except there’s a burial at Royston in 1885 of Timothy Firth age 80, who died at White Rock, Belfast. This is the right name and age, and there’s a clear link to Royston, but what was he doing in Belfast?

2 June 1822
Birth of my half gggg uncle Nathaniel McWilliam at Longside, Aberdeenshire, son of Janet Sangster and William McWilliam and half brother to my gggg grandfather William Fraser. He seems to have been named after the son of the local doctor. In 1841 he’s with his widowed mother and sister Christian at Long Roy, Nether Kinmundy, Longside. His eldest child Jessie was born in 1845 at Tyrie, but Nathaniel and Jessie’s mother Isabel Muirson (or Murison) didn’t marry until 28 November 1847 at New Deer. As Nathaniel was a farm servant, the delay could have been due to him waiting until he could get a fee that came with a cottage: they married at the time of the November fee markets. In 1851 Nathaniel, Isabel, two children and Isabel’s elderly mother are at High Street, New Pitsligo, and Nathaniel is an ag lab. Nathaniel and Isabel had 6 children, and then Isabel died. Nathaniel remarried on 6 July 1863 to Mary Yule, who was heavily pregnant at the time, and they had two children baptised in New Pitsligo. The family then migrated, and can be found in the 1870 USA census at Post, Allamakee, Iowa where Nathaniel was a farm labourer, and there are 8 children still at home. By 1880, Nathaniel has become a farmer at Post, and acquired 3 more children : interestingly, his neighbours are all farmers and many of them come from Prussia or Norway. The census also says that his wife Mary was ill that day with a headache – a fascinating detail. By the state census in 1885, another daughter had arrived and Nathaniel, at 68, is still a farmer. He died in 1896 in Allamakee at age 74. In the 1900 census his widow states she has had 9 children, which means Nathaniel fathered a total of 15.

On 26 May

Some frustrating ancestors today, who haven’t left much trace of themselves in the records.

26 May 1773
Baptism of Timothy Fisher at Royston, Yorkshire, son of Thomas Fisher and Lydia Hudson. He was my ggggg uncle as his sister Hannah married Joseph Firth, and their daughter Sarah married William Green of Worsbrough. Timothy married Mary Kaye, from Tankersley, in 1794 and they lived in Tankersley, where they had 9 children. Unfortunately that’s all I’ve been able to find out about him.

26 May 1775
Baptism of Daniel Fraser at Cruden, son of Donald Fraser and Margaret Sharp. If I’m correct in my theory that Donald Fraser’s son William was the father of my illegimate gggg grandfather, then Daniel is my ggggg uncle. Unfortunately, I can’t find anything else for him: he may have died in infancy or childhood.

26 May 1865
Birth of Ann Stewart Strachan at Kilmarnock, Ayrshire, daughter of John Strachan and Christina Houston McGill and granddaughter of my ggg uncle Peter Strachan and Margaret Boyle. Her father was a coal miner, and she was with her parents in 1871 in Kilmarnock and in 1881 at Kilmaurs, when she was working as a dressmaker. In 1891 she’s a domestic servant for a farming family in Dalry. Ann died in Kilmarnock in 1893 at age 28.

26 May 1860
Death of my gg grandmother Mary McCrae nee Henderson at Kilmarnock. There’s no record of her birth or baptism, but her death certificate – for which her son John McCrae was informant – states her parents were John Henderson labourer and Jean Henderson ms McCrae and she was 57 when she died. This puts her birth date at around 1803. Unfortunately, she’s a mystery. There’s a Mary McCrae in Kilmarnock in the 1841 census, a widow with children age 15 and 10 plus a John McCrae age 6 months, which is the right age for my great grandfather John, but as I can’t find any of them in the 1851 census or find birth records, it’s difficult to say with certainty that it’s the right family. The 1841 family were all involved with hand loom weaving, which doesn’t sound quite right if their father was a labourer and one of the sons became a coal miner. Mary McCrae died in 1860 at 2 Low Church Lane, Kilmarnock at age 57 of consumption (tuberculosis). That her mother was a McCrae and then Mary married a McCrae is confusing, and I can’t help wondering if her son John got some information wrong when he registered his mother’s death. And I suspect the Hendersons came from Ireland.