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15 and 16 February

On the 15th and 16th: a woman who died too young, a man who called his son Alma (strange choice of name), a farmer from Aberdeenshire, and a Haggerty who ended up in Glasgow.

16 February 1825
Birth of Christian Morgan at Longside, daughter of my ggggg aunt Isobel Sangster and Peter Morgan. In the 1841 census she is a female servant working for a farmer and his wife at Cadgerhill of Buthlaw, Longside, and is a servant on a farm in Ellon in 1851. She married widower and farmer Alexander Rait at Logie Buchan in 1859, and is with him and one of his sons on the farm a Logie Buchan in 1861, with 2 servants. Christian Rait nee Morgan died in 1866 at the age of 40.

15 February 1830
Birth of Joe Henry Grist at Thurlstone, Yorkshire, son of my gggg uncle schoolmaster William Grist and Emma Wood and who was baptised at Penistone in May 1830. By 1841 his family are at Smithley, near Wombwell, and his father is a turner, and in 1851 they are at Blacker Hill, Worsbrough where his father is a grocer and flour dealer and Joe is age 21 and a smith. In 1855 he married Ellen Watson and they are at Blacker Hill in 1861 living two doors away from Joe’s parents: Joe is a blacksmith and they have 2 sons. In about 1862 they moved to Deepcar, over on the edge of the Penninse, where Joe has a blacksmith’s shop: Joe, Ellen and their children are there in 1871, then Joe’s wife Ellen died in 1880. Joe is at the same address in 1881 and 2 of his sons are also blacksmiths. Joe Henry Grist died at Deepcar in 1890 at age 59. Joe had a son who was named, unusually, Alma.

16 February 1836
Birth of William Cowie at Longside, Aberdeenshire, illegtimate son of my half gggg aunt Barbara McWilliam and William Cowie. In 1837 his mother married Forbes Milne, and in 1841 William is with his mother at Newseat, Peterhead and his stepfather is working as a farm servant at North Essie in Banffshire. In 1851 he is at Ellon with his mother and stepfather, and doesn’t appear to have had any half siblings. William Cowie married Elizabeth Cheyne in Ellon in October 1856, and they are at Rose Cottage, Ythan Terrace, Ellon in 1861 with 2 children and 2 boarders: William is working as a railway labourer. He was a farm servant in 1871, living in Littlemill Cottar House in Ellon, and by then he and Elizabeth had 6 children, and was an ag lab in 1881 with 2 more children anbd a grandson. William Cowie then took on the lease if Ballcraig Farm at Keithall and there as a farmer in 1901 with his wife, a son, a grandson and a female servant.

16 February 1840
Birth of Helen Haggerty at Dundonald, daughter of my ggg uncle coal miner John Haggerty and Mary Coghill. In 1841 she is with her parents at Fullerton Street, Dundonald (now part of Irvine), and then her father died in about 1849. By 1851 she is in Glasgow with her mother and siblings, living with her mother’s brother Daniel, a tailor. In 1861 she is a domestic servant in Glasgow working for an eating house keeper and his family. Helen married Andrew Cassidy in 1868 in Glasgow: he was a labourer from Ireland. They are in Hebburn, near Jarrow, England in 1871 with a baby daughter, and had another 3 children born there before returning to Glasgow in about 1879. By 1881 they had 5 children, were living in Guildry Court, Glasgow. They were in St Andrews Street, Glasgow in 1891 and their older children were working, the boys as apprentice tinsmiths and the girls as a book folder and a publisher’s message girl. In 1901 they in Stirling Street, Glasgow living with their married daughter Margaret and her family, and Andrew Cassidy is working as a boiler cutter.

16 January

Three 18th century ancestors today: Marshall from Kilmaurs, a Weir I think was the one baptised in Mauchline, and a Hunter from Stevenston. And from the 1800s there’s a Grist from Yorkshire, and Senior from Yorkshire who moved to Leeds and went from being a carpenter to an accountant’s clerk and ended up as a painter.

16 January 1723
Baptism of Anna Marshall at Kilmaurs, Ayrshire, my ggggg aunt and daughter of Frances Marshall and Mary Gibson. However, Frances and Mary baptised another daughter Anna in 1728 so the first Anna had most probably died.

16 January 1748
There was a baptism of Sarah Weir at Mauchline, Ayrshire, daughter of William Weir but mother not named, and she could be my gggg grandmother. There were actually two girls named Sarah Weir born in Mauchline around that time, one to William Weir and one to Adam Weir. “My” Sarah called her second son William and her 5th son Adam, so it’s likely she the daughter of William Weir and Adam Weir was her uncle. Sarah married James Logan, who I suspect was born in Kilmarnock, but I can’t find a record of their marriage. The children of James Logan and Sarah Weir were born in Kilmarnock from 1768 to 1789 and their 3rd child, Agnes Logan, was my ggg grandmother who married Robert Marshall.

16 January 1766
Jane Hunter was baptised in Stevenston, Ayrshire, daughter of John Hunter with mother not named. I think she was my gggg aunt and her mother was Margaret Barr. In 1788 there is a marriage in Stevenston of Jane Hunter and James Harvie, but no baptisms of children of this couple can be found. Jane’s sister Margaret married Robert Haddow (they were my Haddow ggg grandparents), and in the 1819 minister’s list for Stevenston, Widow Haddow is at Townhead with 4 children and Jean Hunter widow Harvie, who must surely be her sister Jane. Jean is still at Townhead with widow Haddow in 1822, but is not there in 1836 so seems to have died by then. To complicate things further, Robert Haddow’s mother was Margaret Harvie, so Jane/Jean could well have married a relation of her brother-in-law.

16 January 1831
Baptism of Frederick Grist at Bolton upon Dearne, Yorkshire, son of my gggg uncle William Grist and Emma Wood. He is not with his parents in 1841 and nothing else can be found, so it looks as if he probably died young.

16 January 1848
Baptism of my ggg uncle Charles Senior at Royston, born in Carlton to carpenter George Senior and Mary Roydhouse. He is with his parents in Carlton in 1851, 1861 and 1871. In 1871 is the only child remaining at home and at age 22 is a joiner and carpenter, as was his father. His father died in 1874 and his mother in 1875, and in 1881 Charles is in Hyde Park, Leeds with his brother Isaac. Isaac has a wife and 2 children and is an accountant in practice, and Charles is an accountant’s clerk. That line of work can’t have worked out for Charles, as by 1891 he is working as a commission agent and lodging in Leeds with a family called Roadhouse: they may well have been related to Charles’s mother, as Roydhouse was also often written at Roadhouse. By 1901, however, Charles is working as a painter in Mill Hill, Leeds and lodging with another painter of his age, William Wilkinson, who has a wife and children: they will have been house painters, not artistic ones! There is no sign that Charles ever married or had children. In 1911 he is still a lodger and a painter, and is lodging with Minnie Hodgson, who is married with children: Minnie was the daughter of the William Wilkinson Charles was lodging with in 1901. There are several deaths registered for a Charles Senior of the right age but none in Leeds so I’m not sure which one it could be.

1 November

The Yorkshire tree gets a look in today, with another Grist who was a coal miner and had 9 sons but no daughters.

1 November 1835
Baptism of Thomas Grist at Bolton upon Dearne, Yorkshire, son of my gggg uncle William Grist and Emma Wood. He is with his parents and siblings in Wombell in 1841, his father a turner. In 1851 they are at Blacker Hill, Worsbrough, and 15 year old Thomas is working for his father as a grocer. Thomas married Louisa Turner in 1856 and they are at Blacker Hill, Worsbrough in 1861. Thomas is working as a coal miner and they have 3 sons, the youngest with the unusual name of Coniah. They had moved to Darley Square, Worsbrough by 1871, Thomas still a coal miner and with 7 sons. By 1881 they are at Arthur Street, Worsbrough and have been joined by another son, although the eldest has left home. 1891 sees them at Jarratt’s Buildings, Worsbrough with 2 coal miner sons remaining with them, and Thomas is “loving on own means”, which could mean he was a self-employed odd job man. Thomas Grist died in 1900 at age 64, and there is no evidence he and Louisa had any surviving daughters. What are the odds on having 9 sons?

1 November 1867
Birth of Robert Cain (or Kean) at Kilwinning, son of William Kean and my gg Agnes Strachan and grandson of Robert Strachan and Margaret Haggerty. Robert died, sadly in 1866 before his first birthday.

14, 15 and 16 September

Nothing for the 14th and for the 15th a Fraser descendent who migrated to USA after the failure of her marriage to be with her cousin. The 16th was busy: an Ayrshire Logan who eventually moved to Manchester; two Aberdeenshire relatives who can’t be found in the records: a Hutcheon who became a prison warder; a Yorkshire relative who married an iron clog maker; and a Strachan descendent who migrated to Framlington, Illinois. And that brings me up to date again!

15 September 1909
Birth of Margaret Booth Downie (known as Meg) at Logie Buchan, Aberdeenshire, daughter of my half great aunt Isabella Stuart Fraser who became the wife of the son of my half gg uncle James Fraser. Margaret is with her parents and siblings at Crosshill, Ellon in 1911, her father a farm grieve. In 1938 she married William Boyd McKinnon at Ellon. In 1848 her cousin James Alexander Fraser came back to Scotland from the USA for a visit, and in 1949 Margaret B McKinnon flew to New York, giving James Fraser’s address in Bronx as her destination. She was naturalised in 1954 under the name Margaret Booth Fraser but I can’t find a marriage: her husband had not died and I don’t know whether they divorced. As they had not had any children they may have been separated for some time. In New York Meg and James Fraser were close to my half great uncle Arthur Fraser: I visited him in New York in 1968 and remember being introduced to an older couple who I suspect must have been Meg and James. Arthur, Meg and James all retired to Boynton Beach, Florida and Meg died there in 2004.

16 September 1836 (born about 1814)
Sarah Logan was born in about 1814 at Kilmarnock, Ayrshire, daughter of my gggg uncle Adam Logan and Margaret Duncan. Her shoemaker father did not stay with his wife and children, and in the 1830s set up house with Ann Craig in Chapelton, Lanarkshire. His wife and children lived in Neilston, Renfrewshire, where Sarah Logan married James Munn in 1836. In 1841 Sarah and James are at Cross Arthurlie Village, Neilston, James Munn a calico printer, with 2 children. They then moved to Busby in Lanarkshire, where their youngest child was born, then they moved to Ayrshire as in 1851 the family are at Old Street, Riccarton, James a colour maker and with 4 children. By 1861 they had moved to Glasgow, and were at 33 Mill Street, Bridgeton in 1961, James still a colour maker and with their 4 children all working. Sarah’s mother died in Glasgow in 1867, and in 1872 Sarah and James are at 28 Bedford Street, Tradeston with a son, a grandson and two lodgers. Something then took Sarah, James and their son James to England, as in 1881 they are Chorlton upon Medlock, Lancashire, son James working as a clothing clerk with a young son, his wife having died. Her husband died in Chorlton in 1884 but I haven’t been able to find anything further for Sarah, her son James or her grandson Daniel.

16 September 1849
Birth of William Henderson at Cruden, Aberdeenshire, illegitimate son of my ggg aunt Isabella Fraser and Lewis Henderson. He is in the 1851 census age 1 at Mosside with his grandparents, William and Christian Fraser, and his ants and uncles. I can’t find him in any subsequent records, so he may have died before 1855.

16 September 1862
Birth of Peter Morgan at Longside, Aberdeenshire. He was baptised as Peter Aitken, illegitimate son of Jane Aitken and William Souter Morgan, who married in 1865. In 1871 Peter, age 8, is at Lochside, Cruden with his parents and siblings, his father a farm servant. After that he disappears from the records: nothing in the census, no death, and nothing in immigration records. He’s a mystery.

16 September 1863
Birth of Alexander Hutcheon at Cruden, Aberdeenshire son of my gggg uncle Keith Hutcheon and Ann McPherson. He is in Hatton village in 1871 with his tailer father, seamstress mother and siblings, and is there in 1881 age 17 working as a farm servant. He then became a prison warder and in 1891, age 27, is lodging with a prison warder and his wife, plus other prison warders, at Barlinnie, Lanarkshire. He was the informant at his father’s death in June 1891 and gives his address as HM Prison Barlinnie, Glasgow. In 1901 he at the HMS Prison married quarters at Peterhead, with his wife Jane and a son: by then his is a prison store warder 2nd class.

16 September 1876 (born 1857)
Etty or Hetty Cook was born in 1857 at Blacker Hill, near Worsbrough, Yorkshire, daughter of Eliza Grist and Matthew Cook and granddaughter of my ggg uncle William Grist and Emma Wood. In 1861 she is in Wombwell with her paternal grandparents; his father was boarding in Monk Bretton and working as a coal miner and her mother was at Blacker Hill with her parents and Etty’s younger sister. Her parents must have separated about then. In 1871 Hetty Cook is a domestic servant in Barnsley but her father is in Newcastle upon Tyne with a new “wife” and children, and her mother is a boarder in Hoyland with 2 more children. Etty next appears in Shipley, near Bradford, where she married Smith Gill Holdsworth in 1876, a maker of clog irons: the marriage entry gives her father as a forman in a coal pit. Hetty and her husband Smith lived in Manningham, Bradford and had 4 children. Hetty then died in 1892 at the age of 33 at Bradford.

16 September 1879
Birth of Ellen Wilson at Galston, Ayrshire, daughter of Robert Wilson and Mary Gibson and great granddaughter of my uncle Peter Strachan and Mary Monroe. Her father was a coal miner and she migrated to the USA, along with her parents and siblings, in 1888 and they settled at Framlington, Illinois where her father and brothers worked as coal miners. Ellen married John Williams in 1901 and had 1 children, but her husband died and she married James Sullivan in 1904 and had more children. She died in 1951 and a newspaper notice of her death says she worked for the Central National Bank maintenance department and was survived by a sister, two daughters, two sons, three grandchildren and one great-grandchild.

Piecing together the complicated life of Eliza Grist

Eliza Grist was the daughter of my gggg uncle WIlliam Grist. When I started to see what I could find for her, I soon realised that she didn’t have a conventional life, so I couldn’t resist seeing if I could piece it all together. The following has been compiled using online records only: I haven’t paid to get copies of any certificates for her even though it would be interesting to see what they say. But his hobby costs enough already! There is such a wealth of data available online these days, though, that it’s interesting to see what can be gleaned just using the information an Ancestry subscription provides.

On 12 July 1840, Eliza Grist was baptised at Darfield, Yorkshire, daughter of my gggg uncle William Grist and Emma Wood. In the census she consistently gives her birthplace as Smithley, which is in the parish of Darfield but is close to its border with Worsbrough. Her aunt Sarah Grist married Thomas Oxley, and their daughter Margaret (Eliza’s cousin) married Joseph Green of Worsbrough. Eliza, however, certainly didn’t lead a run of the mill life.

Eliza Grist is with her parents at Smithley in 1841, her father William a turner, and she is the youngest of 5 children. In 1851 the family have moved a few fields away to Blacker Hill and her father is a grocer and flour dealer.

In 1856, when she was only just 16 years old, Eliza married Matthew Cook, the marriage registered in Jul-Aug-Sep quarter in Barnsley, the nearest registration office to Blacker Hill. The reason for such a young marriage is the birth of Etty Cook (aka Hetty) registered Jan-Feb-Mar 1857 at Barnsley. The birth of Epsy Cook was registered in 1859 in Barnsley.

The complex life begins with the 1861 census. Eliza Cook is at Blacker Hill with her parents, William and Emma, and her 1 year old daughter Epsy Cook. Hetty Cook age 4 is not far away, in Wombwell with her grandparents William and Mary Cook. Checking back in the census to trace their son, the 1851 census has William and Mary Cook at Wombwell with a 17 year old son, coal miner Matthew Cook, and in 1841 William, Mary and son Matthew are at Elsecar. Looking for a birth of Matthew turned up a baptism in 1833 at Attercliffe of Matthew Cook, parents William and Mary Cook. He has to be the Matthew Cook who married Eliza Grist, but where was he in 1861? The answer is he was living as a boarder in Monk Bretton: the census has Matthew Cook married age 28, coal miner, born Attercliffe. So why were Matthew and Eliza not together and why was their daughter Hetty with her paternal grandparents whereas Epsy was with her mother and maternal grandparents? It seems that all was not well with the marriage of Eliza and Matthew.

In 1871, Eliza turns up at Hoyland (not far from Blacker Hill) as a boarder in the house of Something Smith (the name has been written over and is impossible to read) age 28, an iron puddler born in Bilston, Staffordshire. With her is a son Joseph Grist age 7 born in Tankersley, which is just down the road from Hoyland, plus another female boarder with a young child. There is a birth of a Joseph Grist registered in Barnsley in January quarter 1867, though this wouldn’t make him 7 in April 1871, and there is also a death in 1867 in Barnsley of Joseph Grist age 0. Eliza’s son Joseph, in later census, says he was born in Beal, Lancashire, then Bacup, Lancashire and then in 1901 says Platts Common, Yorkshire – but there is no Joseph Grist born in Lancashire and heaven knows what Eliza would have been doing there. It would seem, however, that Joseph is not Matthew Cook’s son but was born illegitimate and possibly wasn’t registered, or registered under a surname that isn’t Grist or Cook.

So where was Matthew Cook? In 1871 there’s a Matthew Cook age 28, collier, born Yorkshire, living in Newcastle under Lyme, Staffordshire with a wife Elizabeth and children aged 8 to 3. There is no marriage for Matthew Cook and Elizabeth, so they probably weren’t but were saying they were in the census for appearance’s sake. That this is the correct Matthew Cook is confirmed in the 1881 census, as he gives his place of birth as Attercliffe.

But where, in 1871, were daughters Hetty and Epsy? Hetty Cook age 15 is a domestic servant in Barnsley, and Epsy Cook age 11 is still with her maternal grandparents who are now living at Nether Hoyland, not far from where Eliza is living. A good question us why wasn’t she living with them too!

Hetty Cook married in Shipley, Bradford in 1876, to an iron clog maker called Smith Gill Holdsworth and in the 1881 census gives her place of birth as Blacker Hill, so it’s the correct Hetty. They had children and then Hetty died age 33 in 1892.

In 1879, Eliza Grist had a daughter registered as Emma Grist Moss at Barnsley. In 1881 she is at Platts Common, Nether Hoyland calling herself a widow (she wasn’t but her husband Matthew Cook had clearly abandoned her and his daughters). With Eliza are her son Joseph age 16, a colliery labourer, her daughter Emma age 2, and a boarder James Moss age 40, a sawyer from Derbyshire. It would appear that James Moss was Emma’s father. Also in the household is visitor Minnie Cook age 5, born Worsbrough, which seems to indicate that Eliza may have been in touch with her husband’s family. Unfortunately nothing else can be found for this Minnie Cook so I’m not sure who she was.

In 1884 Epsy Cook (as Hepsy Cook) married George Lycett at Wakefield, and they can be found in the 1891 census at Higham, to the north-east of Barnsley. Hepsy gives her place of birth as Blacker Hill, confirming it’s the right Epsy/Hepsy. George Lycett was born in Hoyland Nether and is a coal miner, and living with them in 1891 is George’s brother-in-law and Hepsy’s half brother Joseph Grist, age 26 and a boiler maker. Epsy died in 1897, her death registered as Hephzibah Lycett age 39 at Barnsley.

In 1891 Eliza Grist, widow age 50, is at Wentworth Road, Hoyland Nether with her daughter Emma age 12 and a boarder, John W Sharpe age 26, a coal miner from Barnsley. James Moss has disappeared – he was in Hoyland Nether in 1881 and 1891 but then can’t be found. Eliza’s husband Matthew Cook isn’t in the 1891 census, which isn’t surprising: he can be found in the 1900 USA census in Lackawanna, Pennsylvania having arrived in the US in 1887. His “wife” Elizabeth must have died, but with him is daughter Mary and son Thomas and living two doors away is son William, who had arrived in USA in 1882 and by 1900 had a wife and 3 children named Mary, Matthew and Elizabeth.

In 1901 Eliza Grist is at 17 Barnsley Road, Hoyland Nether, a widow age 60, with her daughter Emma Grist age 23, a grandson James Grist age 2 – who is the illegitimate son of Emma – and a lodger J W Sharpe, coal miner, born Barnsley. Emma was to have another illegitimate child, Joseph Arthur Grist, in 1901. Eliza’s son Joseph Grist is, in 1901, working in Durham, unmarried and a boarder with two elderly sisters. Then in 1903 Emma Grist Moss married John William Sharpe, their marriage registered at Barnsley. However, John William Sharpe was not the father of her two children, as in the 1911 census they are listed as his stepsons.

Eliza died in 1906: her death was registered as Eliza Cook age 66 in Barnsley. She seems to have had a somewhat unfortunate life, but piecing it together from the records was an enjoyable challenge.

On 12 July

Four events today: an early Strachan ancestor who can’t be traced beyond birth, a Yorkshire Grist female who had a very complicated life, a daughter of a Strachan who was widowed and then died leaving behind 6 children, and a McCrae great uncle.

6 July 1772
Birth of my gggg aunt Elizabeth Strachan at Irvine, daughter of Thomas Strachan and Susannah Alexander. Sadly, there is nothing concrete known of her after that. She would have been about 19 when her parents and siblings moved to Gorbals, so if she was still living she might not have gone with them – but there is no marriage in Ayrshire that could be her. There is a birth in Gorbals in 1794 of Janet Barr to John Barr and Betty Strachan, but nothing else can be found for that couple. There is a marriage in 1804 for Elizabeth Strachan and Peter Strachan in 1804, and this couple had children James and Peter in Old Monkland and Elizabeth in 1816, but nothing to say this is the right Elizabeth. So Elizabeth remains an enigma.

12 July 1840
Baptism of Eliza Grist at Darfield, Yorkshire, daughter of my gggg uncle William Grist and Emma Wood. In the census she consistently gives her birthplace as Smithley, which is close to Worsbrough. Her aunt Sarah Grist married Thomas Oxley, and their daughter Margaret (Eliza’s cousin) married Joseph Green of Worsbrough. Eliza, however, had a complicated life – piecing it together proved a challenge I couldn’t resist. As there’s a lot to say about her I’m giving her a separate post of her own. But briefly – she married very young, had two children, appears to have been abandoned by her husband who took up with someone else and then migrated to USA, had an illegitimate child father unknown, had another illegitimate child with James Moss who at some stage disappeared, saw her eldest two daughters married but then both died in the 30s, and took in a boarder who eventually married her youngest daughter. Eliza died at the age of 66.

12 July 1847
Janet Hamilton was born at Gargieston, Kilmarnock, Ayrshire, daughter of John Hamilton and Janet Strachan and granddaughter of my ggg uncle Thomas Strachan and Elizabeth Nisbet. She’s with her parents and siblings, father a coal miner, at Corsehill Square, Dreghorn in 1851 and with them is a visitor plus Catherine Strachan age 13 servant, who is probably the daughter of Peter Strachan and cousin of Janet Hamilton’s mother. In 1861 Janet is with her family at Kilmaurs, which is where she married James Watson in 1866. Her father died in 1869 and in 1871 she is with her husband, an iron turner, and 3 children at 64 Kilmaurs Road, Kilmarnock – next door is her mother, widow Janet Hamilton nee Strachan, a spirit dealer. In 1881 James and Janet Watson are in Kilmarnock with 3 of their children, and Janet’s mother is close by with Janet and John Watson, children of James and Janet. In 1885 James Watson died of pheumonia and in 1886 Janet Watson nee Hamilton died of tuberculosis. They left 6 children who probably initially lived with their grandmother, but then in 1889 Janet Hamilton nee Strachan died. In 1891 the 6 children, aged from 24 to 6 years, are living together at 16 Gilmour Street, Kilmarnock, the eldest Janet Watson as head of the household, three working and the youngest two at school. Sad they were orphaned so young but good they were able to stay together.

12 July 1915 (born 6 April 1884)
James McCrae, my great uncle, was born on 6 April 1884 (and missed off my 6 April post) to my great grandparent John McCrae and Mary Ann McInairney (or McInerney), at 24 High Street, Kilmarnock. In 1891 he’s with his parents and siblings at 7 High Church Lane, Kilmarnock, his father and two older brothers all coal miners. In 1901 the family are back at 24 High Street and James, age 19, is a coal miner’s drawer, most probably working with his father. His father died in 1904, and in 1911 James McCrae is with Samuel and Sarah Downie at 26 New Street, Riccarton – this is his older sister Sarah McCrae. James did army service during WW1 joining the Seaforth Highlanders in 1914 and then joining the Royal Scots Fusiliers in March 1915. On 12 July 1915 he married Mary Langan, a hosiery worker. The marriage was by declaration in front of witnesses Matthew McCrae, his brother, and Matthew’s wife Annie McCubbin, and took place at the Sherriff Court House, Kilmarnock, signed by warrant of the Sherriff Substitute of Ayrshire. James was probably on leave with not enough time to have banns read. According to his army service papers, he had a daughter Isaballa born illegitimate in 1910 in Glasgow, mother Mary Langan, and they had another daughter, Mary Ann, born in Kilmarnock in 1917. He saw service in France but was discharged unfit in 1916 due to a recurring ankle sprain. I can’t find a death that looks like him in the Scottish records and nothing in the migration documents available, so don’t know what happened to him after 1917.

On 24 May

When you can’t find an accurate birth date, a marriage date will have to do.

24 May 1829
William Grist, my ggg uncle, married Emma Wood at Penistone, Yorkshire. I think this is the right marriage for him, as I know he married an Emma. As I can’t find a birth or baptism record for him, this marriage date will have to be his blog event. William Grist was born about 1804, to Henry and Ann Grist, and according to the census was born in Bentley, which is east of Barnsley and just north of Doncaster. In 1841, William and Emma were at Smithley, which is between Worsbrough and Wombwell, William working as a turner and with 5 children. By 1851 they have moved to Blacker Hill, near Worsbrough, and William had become a grocer and flour dealer, their eldest son is a smith, and two younger sons are grocers. They also had two coal miners living with them as lodgers. They’re at the same address in 1861 but William gives his occupation as iron turner, and living with them are daughter Eliza Cook and granddaughter Epsy Cook. By 1871 they’ve moved to Nether Hoyland and their granddaughter Epsy is still with them. William Grist died in 1880 age 74 according to his death registration.

24 May 1981
Birth of the grandson of one of my Strachan cousins in South Shields.

On 23 March

The software I use for my family trees has a useful find facility, so I thought seeing what had happened on today’s date might be interesting. It’s a good day for doing things that pass the time as there’s about a foot of snow outside – and it’s officially the third day of spring! I hope the weather was better on:

23 March 1806
Sarah Grist was baptised at Sprotborough, near Doncaster, South Yorkshire. In 1826 she married Thomas Oxley at Rotherham, although he came from Barnsley. In the 1841 census they can be found at Wortley Street, Barnsley, with 7 young children including Margaret, who went on to marry Joseph Green and became my great great grandmother. I don’t know much about Sarah Grist except that her parents were Henry and Ann Grist, and the 1841 census shows Henry age 65, an agricultural labourer living at Goldthorp and not born in Yorkshire. So that’s something to find out at some stage: where did Henry come from?

23 March 1860
Peter Orr, grandson of my gggg grandfather and the son of Mary Strachan, my first cousin 4 times removed, married Agnes Clark at Hurlford. Peter and Agnes went on to have 11 children, and Peter spent his whole life working as a coal miner in Hurlford. He was already a coal miner at the age of 13, when the 1851 census was taken, and he died a coal miner in 1899 at the age of 64. Having just finished sorting out my Haggerty ancestors, I’m wondering if Peter’s father James Orr was related to Jean Orr who married Joseph Haggerty. In close communities such as coal miners, and with people having large families, it must have been difficult to find someone you weren’t somehow related to.

23 March 1876
Catherine (Kate) Fraser, my half great great aunt, was born at Govan Brose, Causeway End, Aberdeen, to my great great grandfather Alexander Fraser and his second wife Margaret Booth. Catherine’s parents took over Mosside, the Fraser family croft near Hatton, when Catherine was about one year old. She worked as a domestic servant on farms until she married in 1895 at the age of 18 to Andrew Gibb Johnston, a farm servant. They moved to Aberdeen between 1901 and 1911 where Andrew worked as a carter for the railway. They had 6 children, and Catherine died in 1946 at the age of 70, in Aberdeen.