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On 17 July

Today: a childless Haggerty ancestor who might have spent a few years in London, and another Strachan who migrated, this time to South Dakota where the ex coal miner, labourer and joiner became a farmer.

17 July 1816
Birth of my ggg uncle Joseph Haggerty at Irvine, Ayrshire, son of Joseph Haggerty and Jean Orr. In 1836 he married Janet Aitken at Dundonald, and in 1841 they are living at Fullerton Street, Dundonald (which is now part of Irvine), Joseph a coal miner. His neighbours included his brothers Hugh and John. They are not to be found in Scotland in the 1851 census, but there is a Joseph Haggerty labourer and wife Janet Haggerty, both age 30, born Scotland and no children, at 8 Colchester Terrace, West Ham, London, who cannot be found in that location in any other census – if this is the same couple then it’s a mystery what they were doing down there. They’re in Ayrshire in 1861, however, at 11 Benslie Square, with plenty of relatives as neighbours, Joseph a coal miner and with no children. His wife Janet died in 1866 in Kilmarnock and in 1867 Joseph Haggerty married Elizabeth Durham. The 1871 census has them in Kilmarnock, Joseph a coal miner and with two of Elizabeth’s children. Joseph Haggerty died in 1877 at Hurlford, age 61, of abscess of the liver and congestion of the lungs. There is no evidence that he had any children.

17 July 1850
Birth of Archibald Mitchell Strachan at Dreghorn, Ayrshire, son of Samuel Strachan and Janet Mitchell and grandson of my gggg uncle Samuel Strachan and Anne Miller. In 1851 he’s with his parents in Kilmaurs, and in 1861 is with his parents and siblings in Stevenston, age 11 and a scholar collier apprentice. Coal mining must not have appealed to him, as in 1871 he’s a 21 year old labourer at a biscuit factory living with his grandparents Archibald Mitchell, a joiner and cabinet maker, and Jean at Boyd Street, Kilmarnock. In 1873 he married Catherine Welsh at Kilmarnock, and by 1881he must have joined his grandfather in trade as he’s a joiner, and he and Catherine (who manages to have been called Agnes in the census) have 3 children plus Archibald’s younger brother Thomas as a lodger. Their next appearance in the records is in the 1900 USA census and they’re at Berea, South Dakota, where Archibald is a farmer with wife Katrine and 3 children – their census entry says Archibald arrived in the US in 1881 and Catherine and the children in 1882. In 1910 they’re in Wesley, South Dakota, Archibald still a farmer with his youngest son working for him as a farm labourer. Catherine Welsh Strachan died in 1918 at Purcell, Oklahoma and in 1919 there is a border crossing for Archibald, a widow with occupation carpenter born Dreghorn, going to Canada to visit his son Samuel. Archibald Mitchell Strachan died in 1926 at the age of 75 and was buried at Purcell, Oklahoma.

On 24 June

Still trying to catch up: today is a real mixture.

24 June 1758
Birth of gggg uncle William Wilson at Stevenston, Aryshire, son of James Wilson and Agnes Smith, and sister of Jane Wilson, who was the great grandmother of Jean Haddow who married my great grandfather Joseph Strachan. He may be the William Wilson who married Margaret Gordon at Stevenston in 1758: if he is they had 6 children baptised, in Irvine and in Stevenston. A clue that this could be the right couple is that they called one of their daughters Amelia, a name that runs throughout this side of my family tree. Nothing else known as he seems to have died before the 1841 census.

24 June 1798
Baptism of Hannah Green at Worsbrough, Yorkshire, daughter of my ggggg uncle John Green and Mary Addey. Unfortunately I can’t find anything else for her, so it’s possible she died in infancy.

24 June 1810
Birth of ggg uncle Haggerty at Glenbuck, Ayrshire, son of Joseph Haggerty and Jean Orr and sister of Margaret Haggerty who married my gg grandfather Robert Strachan. Hugh Haggerty married Janet Muir at Dundonald in 1837, and in the 1841 census they are at Fullerton Street, parish of Dundonald, but which would be thought of as Irvine these days. He was a coal miner and he and wife Jean had a young daughter, plus an 8 year old sister of Jean Orr living with them. Hugh must have died in about 1849, as in 1851 his widow is living with her mother, Ann Muir, and is muslin sewer and pauper, with 3 children. Hugh’s daughter Jean married Stewart Shirkie and migrated to the USA where they founded the successful coal business family of Shirkie.

24 June 1854 (born about 1832)
My gg aunt Margaret Fraser was born about 1832 in Aberdeenshire, either in Longside or Cruden, although no baptism can be found for her. She was the 3rd child of William Fraser and Christian Hutcheon. She grew up on the family croft, called Mossnook in the 1841 census, and in the 1851 census she is house servant to the Rennie family at Mossnook. In 1854 she married William Dickie, and they are at Auchleuchries, Cruden in 1861, William Dickie an agricultural labourer, and have 2 children plus a lodger. In 1871 they are at Dudwick, Savoch, Old Deer, William Dickie is a crofter of 7 acres, and have had another 4 children. By 1881 however, they have moved to North Mains of Boddom, Peterhead, where William is a general labourer. 3 more children have arrived and 5 children are still living with their parents. Margaret Dickie nee Fraser died in 1887 at the age of 55 at Boddom, of cardiac disease.

24 June 1854
Birth of James Hutcheon or Hutchison at Longside, Aberdeenshire, son of Alexander Hutcheon and Margaret Hutcheon and grandson of my gggg grandparents Alexander Hutcheon and Agnes Bruce. James is with his parents in 1861 at High Street, Longside and in 1871 is a farm servant at Rora, Longside. In 1877 he married Catherine Campbell at Longside, and they are in the 1881 census at View Field Cottage, Banff with a daughter, and James Hutchison is a domestic gardener. Catherine died, however, and in 1887 James married Sarah Leask Kennedy at Macduff, Banff and she became stepmother to James’ 3 daughters. By 1891 they had moved to Prospect Terrace, Kintore, James still working as a domestic gardener but with no children of their own. In 1901 their address is Muirland Cottage, Kintore, James is still a domestic gardener, and they have living with them an adopted son born in Methlick. I haven’t researched James any further.

On 7 May

A migration to USA, plus a granite quarryman who stuck very close to his Cruden home.

7 May 1869
Stewart Shirkie, who married Jean Haggerty, migrated to USA and became a coal business owner in Clinton, Indiana, arrived in USA from Glasgow. His wife and children followed a few months later. See On 30 April for birth of his wife, Jean, and more about the Shirkie family.

7 May 1872
Birth of George Morgan at Cruden, Aberdeenshire, great grandson of my ggggg aunt Isabel Sangster and brother of my great grandfather’s second wife Helen Ann Morgan. George’s parents were William Souter Morgan and Jane or Jean Aitken, and his grandfather was the unfortunate Arthur Morgan, mentioned a few days ago, who was killed by a large granite stone. George worked in the granite quarry at Longhaven too, and was a stonecutter. He is with his parents at Kennedy’s Buildings, near Longhaven, in April 1901 and was married later that year to Jane Simpson Main. In 1911 George and Jane are at Greenleaves, and have not had children. Greenleaves is on the same census page as Kennedy’s Buildings, and also Little Tillymaud where David Ewan Michael, also a quarryman, lived with his wife Mary Ann Fraser, daughter of William Fraser whose second wife was George’s older sister Helen. Cruden seems to have been a web of relatives! Greenleaves is also currently for sale, and has become a renovated little bungalow with a big garden and fabulous views. George can’t ever have moved far, as when he died in 1949 he was living at Kennedy’s Buildings again.

On 30 April

Today: an ancestor who migrated to the USA, another early death from TB, and a fun coincidence of names, with a Fraser on the Strachan side reminding me of a Strachan on the Fraser side.

30 April 1789
Birth of Elizbeth Oxley at Barnsley, daughter of William and Elizabeth Oxley and therefore my gggg aunt. I don’t anything else about her as nothing came up on a quick look, and I haven’t yet had the chance to do any closer research.

30 April 1839
Jean Haggerty born at Dundonald, Ayrshire, daughter of my ggg uncle Hugh Haggerty, a coal miner, and his wife Jean Muir. Her father died when she was about 10 and in the 1851 census she and her mother are muslin sewers and paupers, which means they received parish relief. In 1857 she married a miner called Stewart or Steward Sharky, although for whatever reason he’s named Thomas on the marriage certificate. Jean, or Jane as she was also called, was working as a domestic servant at the time. In 1861 they’re living at Benslie Square, Kilwinning, the home to many on my family tree, with their eldest two children. Then in late 1869 Jean sailed to the USA with her children and widowed mother, to join her husband who’d gone there earlier the same year. The family are in Van Buren, Clay, Indiana in 1880 with 8 children: Stewart Sharkie is a coal miner, as are the three eldest sons. Stewart did well for himself, and by 1900 is a coal operator and the family are living in Clinton, Vermillion, Indiana. Stewart died in 1901 and afterwards Jean lived in Terre Haute where her sons had become owner managers of several coal companies. Jean Sharkie nee Haggarty died in Terre Haute 1919 age 80. There’s some interesting info online including about the Shirkie family, as they were known in America, at http://visions.indstate.edu:8888/cdm/singleitem/collection/vchs/id/359/rec/69

30 April 1839
This is the first time I’ve had two people on my tree born on the same day! Barbara Morgan was born at Cruden, daughter of Arthur Morgan and Margaret Robb and therefore granddaughter of my ggggg aunt Isobel Sangster and her husband Peter Morgan. Barbara lost her mother when she was about 7 years old, and her father remarried in 1849. In 1851 Barbara, age 11, is at Tillymaud, Cruden, where her father is a farm servant, with her father, stepmother and 4 younger siblings. Sadly, her father died in an accident in 1860. In 1861 Barbara, a domestic servant, is still at Tillymaud along with her younger brothers, all farm servants for Alexander Gray. She married Peter Smith in January 1862 at the Parish School, Cruden, but sadly died later the same year of consumption (tuberculosis).

30 April 1848
Birth of Ann McGavin Strachan at Dreghorn, daughter of my ggg uncle Monro Strachan and his wife Janet Jamieson. Sadly, she had died by the time of the 1851 census.

30 April 1927
My aunt Jeannie Haddow Strachan – sister of my father and named after her grandmother – married William Harper at Dovercourt Road, Toronto. Jean, as she was known, had migrated to Canada in 1921. She had been working as a domestic servant and Bill, as he was known, worked in the rubber industry at the time of their marriage. They had a son Colin, my cousin, who is now a keen follower of this blog. Interestingly, William Harper’s mother was Helen Fraser, and my maternal grandfather had a sister called Helen Fraser who married Alexander Strachan and therefore became Helen Strachan.

On 19 April

A popular day for being born in Scotland. Plus several interesting comments to be made about some of today’s featured ancestors, and another sad mining accident death.

19 April 1815
Birth of Elizabeth Milne at Longside, Aberdeenshire, daughter of John Milne and Jean Smith and an ancestor of my great grandfather’s second wife. She married her cousin William Aitken on the same day their son William was baptised. Her husband was a farm servant and then crofter, and they eventually settled in Cruden parish where she died age 79. Her husband William Aitken died when he was 90.

19 April 1827
Birth of Janet Ross Gilmour at Muirkirk, Ayrshire. She married Robert Strachan, who was the son of my gggg uncle Peter Strachan and his wife Mary Monroe (and is one of the 24 people named Robert Strachan on my family tree). Robert and Janet had 13 children, lots of them with the middle name Gilmour. I suspect Janet was related to the Allan Gilmour who became a coal mine owner in Ayrshire, and was the boss of many a coal mining Strachan. One of Robert and Janet’s sons, Peter Strachan, died in 1860 at the age of 13 when he fell from a cage in a mine shaft at Ford Colliery, Riccarton. The mine was owned by Allan Gilmour and Peter’s father Robert Strachan was the coal pit manager

19 April 1834
Birth of Elizabeth Ballantine at Kilmarnock, Ayrshire daughter of Thomas Ballantine and Susanna Strachan and granddaughter of my gggg uncle Robert Strachan and his wife Jean Kelly. Elizabeth made it to 1841 but I suspect she died in around 1847 as her parents named a daughter born in 1849 Elizabeth. Re-using names given to children who didn’t survive may seem macabre today, but it can be handy for family historians.

19 April 1840
Birth of James Ewan McWilliam at Peterhead, Aberdeenshire, son of my half gggg uncle David McWilliam and his wife Elizabeth Ewan. James is in the 1841 and 1851 census with his parents in Peterhead, but then disappears from the records, so he may have died after 1851 but before 1855.

19 April 1848
Birth of Adam Aitken Haggerty at Dundonald, Ayrshire son of my ggg uncle Hugh Haggerty and his wife Janet Muir. Adam Haggerty age 30 is on an 1870 passenger list going to USA, and he is in the US 1880 census at Judsonville, Costa Contra, California with his brother Hugh and his mother Janet (Jennet in the census) who was keeping house for them. He then disappears from the records that I’ve been able to search.

19 April 1907
My great grandfather William Fraser finally got round to marrying his second wife, Helen Ann Morgan, a year after she’d given birth to their first child together. They were married at their home at Hatton Lodge, in the village of Hatton in Cruden, Aberdeenshire.

19 April 1940
Birth of my mother’s cousin in Aberdeen, who I knew and who sadly passed away some years ago at too young an age. Family story has it that he was conceived in Leeds when his parents, William Dow and Barbara Fraser, were visiting my grandparents here.

On 23 March

The software I use for my family trees has a useful find facility, so I thought seeing what had happened on today’s date might be interesting. It’s a good day for doing things that pass the time as there’s about a foot of snow outside – and it’s officially the third day of spring! I hope the weather was better on:

23 March 1806
Sarah Grist was baptised at Sprotborough, near Doncaster, South Yorkshire. In 1826 she married Thomas Oxley at Rotherham, although he came from Barnsley. In the 1841 census they can be found at Wortley Street, Barnsley, with 7 young children including Margaret, who went on to marry Joseph Green and became my great great grandmother. I don’t know much about Sarah Grist except that her parents were Henry and Ann Grist, and the 1841 census shows Henry age 65, an agricultural labourer living at Goldthorp and not born in Yorkshire. So that’s something to find out at some stage: where did Henry come from?

23 March 1860
Peter Orr, grandson of my gggg grandfather and the son of Mary Strachan, my first cousin 4 times removed, married Agnes Clark at Hurlford. Peter and Agnes went on to have 11 children, and Peter spent his whole life working as a coal miner in Hurlford. He was already a coal miner at the age of 13, when the 1851 census was taken, and he died a coal miner in 1899 at the age of 64. Having just finished sorting out my Haggerty ancestors, I’m wondering if Peter’s father James Orr was related to Jean Orr who married Joseph Haggerty. In close communities such as coal miners, and with people having large families, it must have been difficult to find someone you weren’t somehow related to.

23 March 1876
Catherine (Kate) Fraser, my half great great aunt, was born at Govan Brose, Causeway End, Aberdeen, to my great great grandfather Alexander Fraser and his second wife Margaret Booth. Catherine’s parents took over Mosside, the Fraser family croft near Hatton, when Catherine was about one year old. She worked as a domestic servant on farms until she married in 1895 at the age of 18 to Andrew Gibb Johnston, a farm servant. They moved to Aberdeen between 1901 and 1911 where Andrew worked as a carter for the railway. They had 6 children, and Catherine died in 1946 at the age of 70, in Aberdeen.

Adding a Haggerty page

I’ve finally got round to writing up my research into my Haggerty ancestors, and have added a Haggerty page.

They haven’t been the easiest to research, and hopefully when more “stuff” gets to be online I may discover more, and as many of them migrated to America there’s little research I can do here in the UK. Going backwards, my suspicion is the earliest Haggerty I know I’m descended from – Joseph Haggerty the husband of Jean Orr – was born in Ireland some time in the mid to late 1700s. When I get to put “born in Ireland” against someone on my tree my going back research stops at that point, as Irish births are impossible to find when you have no idea where, when and to whom someone was born.

But what research I was able to do took me into the coal mining history of Glenbuck, in the parish of Muirkirk, and into trying to find out where cottages at Boat Stabs in the parish of Dundonald could have been located: by the sea is my guess, though they could have been on the south side of the River Irvine. I also found about the coal mining history of Indiana and California, and tried to imagine what it would have been like crossing the Atlantic in the late 1800s. Not exactly a cruise, I suppose, but at least by then it was done by steamship in about nine days.

I do love how family history takes you into so many different but equally fascinating areas.