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17 February

A popular day today: a Haigh from Yorkshire who became a banksman at the coal mine at Temple Newsam; a Strachan from Ayrshire who died of typhoid fever; a Simpson from Yorkshire who became a coal miner at Monk Bretton; and a Watt descendent from Aberdeenshire who migrated to USA and lived in Vinalhaven.

17 February 1799
Baptism of my ggggg uncle Benjamin Haigh at Royston, Yorkshire, son of Joseph Haigh and Ann Savile. In 1817 he married Sarah Ward at Whitkirk, which is now considered a suburb of Leeds. In 1841 Benjamin is an ag lab at Newsam Green and he and Sarah have 6 children. They were to remain at Newsam Green for the rest of their lives. By 1851 Benjamin is a colliery labourer and he and Sarah have 8 children, a son in law, a granddaughter and a visitor with them. In 1861 Benjamin’s occupation is banksman, which was the person who made sure people and coal were removed safely from the cages at the head of the shaft and that the cages were lowered and raised safely. By 1861 Benjamin and Sarah had 2 children, a grandchild and a lodger with them, and in 1871 just had a granddaughter living with them. By 1881 Benjamin had retired and he and Sarah has a daughter, son in law and their 8 children living with them. Benjamin died in 1885 at Newsam Green and was buried at Whitkirk: his age is given as 90 but he was actually 85.

17 February 1856
Birth of Joseph Howat Strachan at Dreghorn, Ayrshire, son of coal miner Andrew Strachan and Jean Walker and grandson of my gggg uncle Robert Strachan and Jean Kelly. In 1861 he’s with his parents and siblings at Annick Bank, Dreghorn, and then his father died in 1864. In 1871 Joseph, age 14 and a coal miner, is in Dreghorn with his mother and two brothers. There is a Poor Relief application in January 1877 at Dreghorn for coal miner Joseph Strachan, unmarried, who was wholly disabled with typhus fever. Nor surprisingly, he died shortly afterwards.

17 February 1861
Baptism of Charles Simpson at Royston, Yorkshire, illegitimate son of my ggg aunt Jane Simpson and grandson of linen weaver George Simpson and Charlotte Haigh. He is with his grandparents, mother and aunts and uncles in Royston in 1861. In 1862 his mother married coal miner John Murgatroyd White of Carlton, and in 1871 Charles is with his mother, stepfather and half siblings at New Laith Lane, Carlton. The family is still in Carlton in 1881 and Charles has become a coal miner. He married Elizabeth Howarth in 1885 and they settled in Smithies, Monk Bretton where Charles worked as a coal miner and where they raised a large family.

17 February 1873
Birth of Mary Ann Duguid at Tarves, daughter of my ggg aunt Mary Ann Watt and George Duguid. Her father was a farm servant but shortly after Mary Ann’s birth the family moved to Edinburgh where George Duguid worked as a railway shunter. He died in Edinburgh in 1877. In 1881 Mary Ann is with her aunt and uncle William and Elizabeth Duguid at Fyvie, her siblings are with various aunts, uncles and grandparents, and her other is working as a domestic nurse at Meldrum House. In 1891 Mary Ann is a domestic servant at Blackford Farm, Auchterless, and she then gave birth to an illegitimate daughter later in 1891. Meanwhile, her mother had migrated to USA and had married in New York to William Rae. In 1894 Mary Ann and her 2 year old daughter sailed to Boston, USA and the passenger lists says they were going to her mother Mrs Rae of Parks Island. in 1891 Mary Ann Duguid married James Ross, a granite cutter, at Vinalhaven, Maine. They are in the 1900 census at Vinalhaven and have had a son. In 1910 they are still in Vinalhaven with 3 children plus Lizzie Duguid, now called Lizzie Ross, who is working at the net factory. The family are at Summer Street, Vinalhaven in 1920, with all 4 of Mary Ann’s children still at home, and are there in 1930 with 3 children still at home. Vinalhaven was home to several granite quarries and was also famous for the horse nets made there.

30 and 31 January

The only ones on these two days are all from Yorkshire: a Savile ancestor born 287 years ago who was a schoolmaster, a Green and a Haigh both of whom disappear from the records, and a Senior ancestor whose father was a sub post master and farmer.

31 January 1727
Baptism of my ggggggg uncle George Savile at Royston, Yorkshire, son of Robert Savile and Martha Senior. It seems that he became a school master, as in July 1759 George Savile of Royston schoolmaster was married by licence to Elizabeth Twitty of the parish of Wath, and his brother Samuel was one of the witnesses. They had children baptised in Royston, but then there is a burial at Royston in July 1770 of George Savile schoolmaster of Cudworth.

30 January 1820
Birth of George Green at Worsbrough, Yorkshire, son of my ggggg uncle George Green and Hannah Ellis. He is living at Ward Green, Worsbrough with his parents and siblings in 1841 and is a warehouseman: his father is a publican and the family employs a female servant. In 1851 George is unmarried, a labourer, and still at Ward Green with his mother, who is a widow and innkeeper, and his younger siblings. I can’t find a anything for him after that so don’t know what became of him.

31 January 1847
Baptism of Ann Haigh at Royston, Yorkshire, daughter of my gggg uncle John Haigh and Hannah Allen. Her baptism record gives John Haigh’s occupation as boatman, and not long after Ann’s birth the family moved to Pollington, where John Haigh worked as a boatman on the Knottingly and Goole Canal. Ann is with her parents and siblings in Pollington in 1851 and 1861 but I can’t find anything for her after that, though my research has been no means exhaustive.

30 January 1891
Birth of Ethel Senior at Carlton, daughter of my ggg uncle James Senior and Selina. Her father was the sub post master at Carlton as well as being a farmer, but by 1911 had moved to Ivy Farm where 20 year old Ethel was working in the dairy. She married Herbert Howell at Carlton in 1921.

25 January

On the 25th, back in 1759, Robert Burns was born in Alloway, Ayrshire so last night was Burns’ Night. No. I didn’t have haggis to celebrate! The 25th was also the birth or baptism of a McWilliam in Aberdeenshire who most probably died young, a Hepworth from Yorkshire who died very young, and a Fraser from Aberdeenshire who was a tramway motorman.

25 January 1820
Birth or baptism of my half gggg aunt Williamina Anne Baigrie McWilliam at Longside, daughter of my gggg grandmother Janet Sansgter and William McWilliam. There was an Anne Baigrie born in Cruden in 1784, just a year after Janet Sangster: she is surely who Williamina was named for and could have been either a friend of a relative of Janet’s. I cannot find any other trace of Willamina in the records so she may have died young.

25 January 1846
Baptism of Anthony Hepworth at Royston, Yorkshire, son of my gggg aunt Jane Haigh and Anthony Hepworth. His baptism record for Royston Parish Church says his father was a farmer of Walton in Sandal. Anthony died at just 4 weeks old and was buried in February at Royston.

25 January 1893
Birth of my half gg uncle Harry Brown Fraser at Mosside croft , Hatton, Aberdeenshire, son of Alexander Fraser and second wife Margaret Booth. Harry is with his parents at the croft in 1901, still at school. There is a passenger list record for a Harry Fraser age 20 going to Winnipeg, Canada in 1913, a farm labourer who has worked in farming since 1907, which could be him. But I can’t find a return to Scotland passage so it might be a different Harry. Harry Fraser married Lilias Moir at the Station Buffer at Ellon in 1920, and gave his address as 43 Hutcheon Street, Aberdeen, which was where his sister Jessie lived, and his occupation was farm servant. He changed how he earned his living at some stage, though, as Harry Brown Fraser died in Aberdeen age 69 in 1962 and his death certificate says he was a tramway motorman.

7 January

Today is an Adam ancestor from Ayrshire who was widowed when pregnant with her first child, as her husband was killed in a mining accident. And there’s a Womack ancestor from Yorkshire who seems to have separated from his wife when they were in their late 40s, and his wife then seems to have taken up with a toy boy!

7 January 1820
Birth of Ann Adam at Stevenston, daughter of my ggg aunt Margaret Haddow and Francis Adam. She’s not with her parents in the 1841 census and I can’t find her elsewhere, but she must have been nearby as in 1845 she married John Penman at Stevenston. He died on 31 July 1846 in a mining accident, which was reported in the newspaper: “On Friday week a fine young man, not long married, lost his life in Mossend pit, near Kilbirnie. It would appear he had been employed in the shaft, when the ropes of the scaffold gave way, and he was precipitated to the bottom, a distance of thirty fathoms. His name was John Penman, a, native of Holytown. He has left a wife, near her confinement, to deplore his unhappy fate. Surely it is time the authorities were looking into those accidents, now almost of daily occurrence – not one-half of which ever find their way in the public press. [Glasgow Herald 3 August 1846 reproduced on http://www.scottishmining.co.uk%5D. In 1850 Ann married widower James Marshall at Kilburnie and is with him in 1851 at Montgomerystone: James is a pit headman and with them are his 3 children from his first marriage and lodger Elizabeth Adam, who may have been a relative of Ann’s but wasn’t her sister Elizabeth. Ann’s daughter Joanne is with her Adam grandparents in Stevenston and appears to have brought up there and not with her mother. In 1861 Ann and James are at the same address and have 2 children of their own, and daughter Joanne is
again with her grandmother in Stevenston. Ann died in September 1861 at Kilburnie age 41 but her daughter Joanne was married in Kilburnie in 1869, so there must have been contact between Joanne and her stepfamily.

7 January 1851
Baptism of George Womack at Royston, Yorkshire, son of my gggg aunt Maria Haigh and James Womack. He is with his parents at Wincover, near Royston, close to the Ship Inn. His mother died in 1868 and in 1871 George, a farm labourer, is with his widower father and a sister. George married Hannah Maria Wilson in 1871 at Royston, and they lived at Staincross Road, Royston in 1881 and them at Shafton, near Hemsworth by 1891. They had 9 children, the eldest two being given the unusual names of Cordelia and Moses. I don’t know what happened in the late 1890s, but by 1901 George Womack is at Swinton, near Rotherham, working as a maltster and boarding with a coal mining family. Hannah Womack is a self-employed market gardener living at Brierly, near Hemsworth, with 5 children plus 6 month old Archibald, whose baptism record carries only has his mother’s name, so he wasn’t the child of George Womack. He may have been the child of the 27 year old boarder Charles Earl – even though Hannah was about 48 – as Charles Earl is still with Hannah and her children in 1911. There is no sign of George after 1901, though, and no death record in the index that looks as if it could be him. What happened to him is therefore a mystery.

31 December

In Ayrshire, there were a lot of marriages on 31 December – clearly a popular day for tying the knot, though those who married on New Year’s Eve are not featured today as I have a birth date for them. Today’s births and baptisms include an 18th century Melville from Aberdeenshire, and in the 19th century a Strachan from Ayrshire, an Oxley and a Haigh descendant from Yorkshire, and a Watt from Aberdeenshire.

31 December 1779
Baptism of George Melville at Daviot, Aberdeenshire, son of my gggggg aunt Agnes Alexander and James Malvel or Melville. Nothing known about George’s younger days, but in 1821 he married Elizabeth Skene at Old Meldrum: he was 41 years old so it’s possible this was a second marriage, although there’s no record for an earlier marriage nor are there any baptism records for any children he may have had. But in 1841 he was a farmer at Sauchenton, Chapel of Garioch with wife Elizabeth and 3 farm servants. George and Elizabeth are at the same farm of 60 or 65 acres in 1851 and 1861, each time with 3 different farm servants. Unfortunately I’ve not located his death certificate, though he died between 1861 and 1871, as that may have shed more light.

31 December 1811
Birth of my ggg uncle Henry Strachan at Coltburn, near Muirkirk, Ayrshire, son of John Strachan and Agnes Neilson. The family moved to Riccarton and then to Shewalton Colliery, and it is at Shewalton Colliery that coal miner Henry married Ann Stewart in 1841. They did not have any children, and in 1851 are in Colliery Houses, Dreghorn taking care of two children of Henry’s brother Peter, who had died of fever and whose wife had also died. They are still in Dreghorn, at West Thornton Hamlet, in 1861 with one of brother Peter’s children and a niece of Ann’s. They remained in Dreghorn and in 1871 they have Ann’s elderly mother with them: by then Henry was working as watchman which indicates he may have not had the health and fitness required of a coal miner. This is confirmed by his 1872 application for Poor Relief which says he is a partially disabled coal miner and that his case is well know to the board as he had previously applied in 1870. He was given relief. His 1873 application says he was awarded 3 shilling a week and his disability was miners’ asthma. Henry Strachan died at Dreghorn in 1874 of chronic bronchitis.

31 December 1843
Baptism of my ggg aunt Emma Drusilla Oxley at Barnsley, Yorkshire, daughter of Thomas Oxley and Sarah Grist. She died at the age of 7 in 1850 at Barnsley.

31 December 1854
Baptism of John Womack at Royston, Yorkshire, son of my gggg aunt Maria Haigh and James Womack. John died at age 5 and was buried at Royston in April 1858.

31 December 1860
Birth of George Watt at Old Deer, so of George Watt and Mary Mutch and grandson of my gggg aunt Elizabeth Hutcheon and John Mutch. He died in 1861 at Old Deer, before his 1st birthday.

27 December (2)

A few more for the 27th: my ggggg grandfather who was an innkeeper at Worsbrough, Yorkshire, a Haigh descendant from Royston who married an ostler (groom), a Hutcheon up in Aberdeenshire who didn’t marry and lived with her unmarried brother, the second wife of my Fraser great grandfather, and a Sangster descendent who married a farm servant and llived in Turriff.

27 December 1768 (born about 1744)
My ggggg grandfather Joseph Green was born I know not where, but it would have been somewhere in or near Worsbrough, Yorkshire I assume. There are a couple of possibilities in the OPRs but no way of knowing which, if any, are the correct one. There was a John Green who married Ann Cawthorne at Darfield and had a son Joseph baptised there in 1746, and there was was also a Joseph Green born in Felkirk in 1744. What is certain, however, is that Joseph Green married Alice Rock in Barnsley in 1768, and all their children were baptised at Worsbrough. Thanks to a recorded Monumental Inscription in Worsbrough church yard – which doesn’t seem to there any more – I know that Alice wife of Joseph Green innkeeper of Ward Green died age 79 in 1823, and that Joseph Green innkeeper of Ward Green died age 86 in 1830. Ward Green is north of the village of Worsbrough, heading into Barnsley, and back then was on the main Sheffield to Barnsley road, which was part of the major route from London to the north. The inn was most probably the Horse & Jockey, which his son George took over, and which has since been demolished.

27 December 1837
Birth of Hannah Womack at Royston, Yorkshire, daughter of my gggg aunt Maria Haigh and James Womack. She is with her parents in Royston, then in 1861 is on Northgate, Wakefield living with William Mantle, a groom and widower, with her younger sister Ellen as a visitor. She married William Mantle in 1861 at the Methodist Church in Wakefield, and they had 5 daughters. In 1871 William is an ostler and in 1881 is a cab driver – horse drawn, of course. William died in 1889 at Wakefield and Hannah followed him in 1891, age only 54.

27 December 1842
Margaret Hutcheon was batised at Longside, Aberdeenshire, daughter of my gggg uncle Alexander Hutcheon and Margaret Hutcheon: his parents shared a surname but I don’t know if they were related. In 1851 Margaret is with her parents at Kirk Street, Longside and her father is a road maker. By 1861 she was working as a domestic servant and is at Mill of Faichfield, Longside, working for the miller and his family. In March 1870 she gave birth to an illegitimate son, John William Hutchison, and is with her parents in 1871, at High Street, Longside, working as a domestic servant. Her father died in 1875, and in 1881 Margaret is with her mother, two brothers and her son working a 3.5 acre croft with her mother at Hutchison Street: this may well be the croft her father had. Her mother died in 1887 and in 1891 Margaret and her son are living with her unmarried brother John in Longside, and her son has become a tailor. Margaret and her brother are still together in Longside in 1901. Margaret died in 1927 age 84 at Longside.

27 December 1867
Birth of Helen Ann Morgan at Peterhead, daughter of William Souter Morgan and Jane Aitken. Helen was to become the second wife of my great grandfather. In 1871 she is with her parents and siblings at Lochside, Cruden where her father was a farm servant, in 1881 the family is at Collie Hill, Cruden and in 1891 they are Little Tillymaud, Cruden and Helen seems to be helping her mother at home. In 1901 Helen is working as a domestic servant in Peterhead for a vintner and his family. She must then have gone to work at Blackstrath, Keithhall, for it was there that she gave birth to her illegitimate daughter Chrissie Gray Morgan in 1904 – the father not named but his surname might have been Gray. The year before, my grandfather William Fraser’s first wife had died and it’s possible Helen Ann Morgan became his housekeeper, as he had several young children to be cared for. Nature then took its course as Helen gave birth to their son at Hatton in April 1906, though she and William didn’t get married until April 1907, and they subsequently had 4 more sons. In about 1910, William and Helen took over Mosside Croft, on the death of William’s father Alexander. My mother remembered “Granny Fraser” – she was short and wore little round glasses, and had a dairy attached to the cottage where she made cheese. Helen Ann Fraser nee Morgan died in 1938 at the age of 70 of a coronary thrombosis.

27 December 1860
Birth of Christian Pirie at Old Deer, daughter of my half ggg aunt Janet Hay McWilliam and James Pirie and granddaughter of Janet Sangster and William McWilliam. She is with her parents at Old Deer in 1861, 1871 and 1881 at different farms, as her father was a farm servant. She married farm servant James Tough at Old Deer in 1885 and in 1891 they are at Burnside, Turriff with 4 children and Christian’s widower father. They are still there in 1901, James a cattleman, with 2 more children and still with Christian’s father. She died in 1908 of pulmonary tuberculosis.

25 December

Christmas Day was busy for my Yorkshire ancestors, as it was the day so many of them were baptised or married. From Royston, there’s early Haigh who became a dyer in Leeds, a Firth who married an ag lab and lived in Ackworth, and another Haigh whose husband became a farmer at Haw Park, between Royston and Wakefield. At the other side of Barnsley, in Worsbrough, there’s a Green who became an innkeeper, as did many of his relatives; my gg grandfather, cabinet maker Joseph Green who moved into Barnsley town; a Green who became a butcher in north Barnsley; and a Green gg aunt who remained unmarried and who my mother remembered. Finally, 25 December was the birthday of my aunt, my mother’s sister, who died in February this year.

25 December 1796
Birth of my ggggg uncle Robert Haigh, son of Joseph Haigh and Ann Savile of Royston, Yorkshire and who was baptised in January 1797 at Royston St John the Baptist, Yorkshire. He married Hannah Hampshire in 1817 at Wakefield, and in 1841 is in Alverthorpe, near Wakefield, with wife Hannah and 5 children and his occupation is listed as labourer. However, by 1851 he is a dyer living at Whitecote, Bramley, in Leeds, and the 2 daughters still at home are stitchers at a dye house. He is at the same address and doing the same job in 1861 and 1871, with just his wife, and probably died there as he was buried in March 1877 at Bramley St Peter at age 83.

25 December 1802
Baptism of my gggg aunt Hannah Firth at Royston, Yorkshire, daughter of Joseph Firth and Hannah Fisher. She was married at Royston in 1818 to husbandman John Elliott of Ackworth, and they had 7 children baptised at Royston. In 1841 they are at Moor Top, Ackworth, John an ag lab, and are still there in 1851, John a farm labourer. Interesting change in language here, as husbandman, agricultural labourer and farm labourer are all terms for much the same thing: John worked on farms but did not have his own farm. John Elliott died at Moor Top in 1856, and in 1861 Hannah is a visitor in Meadow Lane, South Leeds where her youngest son James was working as a butcher’s boy. She seems to have stayed in Ackworth, however, as she’s there in 1881 with an unmarried son, and died in August 1881 at Moor Top age 78.

25 December 1813
Baptism of my gggg aunt Jane Haigh at Royston, Yorkshire, daughter of linen weaver Joseph Haigh and Hannah Atkinson. She married Anthony Hepworth at Royston in 1833 and they spent their entire married life at Haw Park, which is between Royston and Wakefield. In 1841 Jane’s husband is an ag lab, but by 1851 he is a farmer of 18 acres. He has 13 acres in 1861, just 3 acres by 1871, and is an ag lab in 1881, but one of his son’s lived next door and was a farmer and grocery dealer, so perhaps they shared the land. Jane and Anthony had 9 children, all born at Haw Park. Jane died in 1888 age 74 and her burial record of January 1999 says she was of Haw Park and was buried at Felkirk with Brierly St Peter.

25 December 1825
Baptism of John Green at Worsbrough, Yorkshire, son of my ggggg uncle George Green and Hannah Ellis. In 1841 he is with his publican parents at Ward Green, Worsbrough, and is with his widowed innkeeper mother at Ward Green in 1851, working as a labourer. In April 1851 he married Alice Challenger at Darton Parish Church, and is described as an innkepper. John and Alice at Worsbrough Common in 1861: he is an agricultural labourer and they have 2 childen and 3 lodgers. Interestingly, the lodgers are all named Senior and come from Carlton, the home of my great grandmother Charlotte Senior, who married Joseph Green of Worsbrough in 1881, so there was clearly a connection between the Green and Senior families long before Charlotte and Joseph met and married. John Green took over the Ward Green inn after his mother died, and so in 1871 is an innkeeper at Ward Green with 5 children. He died in 1875 and in 1881 his widow is a farmer of 6 acres at Ward Green living next door to an innkeeper. It does seem that the inn the Green family kept in Ward Green had a small farm next to it, which they also ran.

25 December 1843
Baptism of my gg grandfather Joseph Green at Worsbrough, Yorkshire, son of William Green and Sarah Firth. However, he was born in early 1841 as he is in the census with his linen bleacher father and family, living two doors down from the Rose & Crown Inn at Worsbrough where his grandfather was the innkeeper. By 1851 his grandmother had died, and Joseph’s parents and siblings had moved into the Rose & Crown. But in 1871 he is with his family at Worsbrough Common, his father a linen bleacher again and Joseph, age 20, working as a cabinet maker. In 1862 Joseph Green married Margaret Oxley at Barnsley. and in 1871 they at Green Row, Worsbrough with 2 children and Joseph a cabinet maker, an occupation he followed for the rest of working life. By 1881 they had moved in Barnsley and were at Newton Street with 3 children at home, at Spring Street in 1891 with 3 children at home, and at Crookes Street in 1901 with 2 children still at home. They had 7 children altogether, but 3 died in infancy. Joseph was at the Gawber Road Workhouse in Barnsley in 1911, formerly a cabinet maker, which was probably due to ill health as workhouses had infirmary wards, and Gawber Road is now the site of Barnsley Hospital. His wife is still at Crookes Street with a daughter and nephew. Joseph Green died in 1912.

25 December 1843
Baptism of my ggg uncle William Green at Worsbrough, Yorkshire, son of William Green and Sarah Firth – so he was baptised at the same time as his older brother. William must have been only days old, however, as his birth wasn’t registered until the first quarter of 1844. He is with his parents in Worsbrough in 1851 and 1861, and by age 17 was working as a butcher. He married Mary Ann Scholey in Barnsley in 1868 and they had 3 children – the first seems to have been born before they married. In 1871 William, a butcher, with Mary Ann and 2 young children are in Old Town, Barnsley North. Mary Ann died in 1873, and in 1881 William is at Green Foot Lane, Barnsley North, a butcher, with his 3 children and his sister Sarah as his housekeeper. Green Foot Lane is where his widowed mother was a shopkeeper in 1871: she died in 1874 and it seems William may have taken over the shop then. He’s still there in 1891, with his 2 sons working as a butcher and butcher’s assistant, plus with 20 year old daughter, and he’s also there in 1901 with 1 butcher son, who died in 1902. William Green died in 1905 age 62.

25 December 1864
Baptism of my gg aunt Sarah Ann Green at Worsbrough, Yorkshire, daughter of Joseph Green and Margaret Oxley. Sarah did not marry and is with her parents in all but one census: I can’t locate her in 1881 but she was probably working as a domestic servant as that was her occupation in 1891. By 1901, however, she had become a down quilt machinist, and in 1911 is still a machinist living with her mother and a nephew. There are two deaths for Sarah Green in Barnsley, in 1926 and 1936. I suspect the latter one is the correct one, as my mother remembered having an Auntie Sarah in Barnsley who they visited occasionally.

25 December 1919
Birth of my aunt Marjorie Fraser at Kirkstall, Leeds, Yorkshire, sister of my mother and daughter of James Fraser and Clara Green. Marjorie married Gerald Gill, had two sons, became an infant school teacher, and lived in Leeds. She died in February 2013 age 93, had a long and happy life, and lived to get to know her 2 great grandchildren.

1 and 2 December

It’s December, Christmas is approaching and the pre-Christmas get-togethers have already started – hence I’ve been getting behind with the blog. On the 1st and 2nd there was: a Hudson who was an ancestor of my Yorkshire Senior great grandmother; a Strachan who lived mostly in Dreghorn and ended up on Poor Relief due to bronchitis; a Haddow coal miner who lived in several coal mining areas of Ayrshire; a Sangster from Aberdeenshire who started out in rural Kinmundy but eventually moved to Aberdeen; a Haigh from Yorkshire who was a coal miner (my ancestors seem strangely drawn to coal!); and another Strachan who died in infancy.

2 December 1748
Baptism of my ggggg grandmother Lydia Hudson at Royston, Yorkshire, daughter of John Hudson and Mary Wooffendale. She married Thomas Fisher at Royston in 1764, and their marriage entry in the parish register says Thomas was a husbandman – which probably means the tenant of a small farm or smallholding. They had 3 children that I can find records for, one of whom died at age 6, but Lydia’s daughter Hannah married Joseph Firth, their daughter Sarah married William Green of Worsborough, and their son Joseph Green of Worsbrough was my great grandfather who married Charlotte Senior of Royston. Lydia Fisher nee Hudson died in 1808 at age 59 and was buried on 17 April at Royston St John the Baptist.

1 December 1811
Birth of my ggg uncle Henry Strachan at Coltburn, near Muirkirk, Ayrshire, son of John Strachan and Agnes Neilson. In the 1841 census his name is given as Hendry – he is at Shewalton Colliery, Dundonald, where many in his family were living, is a coal miner, and has recently married Ann Stewart. They are in the colliery houses at Dreghorn in 1851, again where many in his family were living, with wife Ann and a Strachan nephew and niece, children of his brother Peter who has died. Henry and Ann did not have children of their own so seem to have become adoptive parents to Peter Strachan’s children. In 1861 Henry and Ann are in West Thornton, Dreghorn with nephew John Strachan and a niece of Ann’s, and Henry is still a coal miner. By 1871, however, they are still in Dreghorn but Henry is now a watchman – he must have been too disabled to still be a miner: with his is wife Ann and his widowed mother in law. He disablement is confirmed by his application for Poor Relief in 1872, which says “the case is well known to the board” and he was given relief. This was reviewed in 1873, when he was given 3 shillings a week. Henry Strachan died in June 1874 from chronic bronchitis, and the informant was his brother in law William Bowie.

2 December 1827
Birth of my gg uncle Colin Shearer Haddow at Stevenston, son of John Haddow and Amelia Murphie. His baptism record gives his father’s occupation as collier. Colin is with his parents and sibllings in 1841 at Townhead Street, Stevenston and in 1851 at Kenneth’s Row, Crosehill, Kilwinning in 1851, and he became a coal miner. He married Janet Jaffrey in Kilwinning in 1853 but she died of consumption in 1855: they did not have any children. Colin then married Ann Orr Richmond at Corsehill in 1858, and in 1861 they are in a house at Kenneth’s Row with 2 children. By 1871 they had moved to Lylestone Row, Kilwinning and with them were 5 children, Ann’s mother and a boarder. They were in Coylton in 1881, with Colin working as an ironstone miner, with 5 children remianing with them: they had 9 children altogether but not all of them survived childhood. Colin died in 1885 at Taiglum, near Stair, at age 57.

1 December 1832
Birth of Barbara Sangster at Kinmundy, Longside, Aberdeenshire, illegitimate daughter of George Sangster and Mary Ann Morgan and granddaughter of my ggggg aunt Isabel Sangster and Peter Morgan. In 1841 she is at Brunthill, Cruden with her Sangster grandmother and uncle. She married George Stephen of Boddam, a farm servant, in 1860. In 1861 she and husband George are at Stonehousehill, Cruden with 2 children, and in 1871 are in Peterhead, where George is a day labourer, with 6 children. By 1881 George has become a builder and the are living in Boddam with 5 children still at home. 1891 finds then in Aberdeen where George is a mason and with the 2 youngest children at home, and they are still there in 1901, living with their youngest son, who is an assurance agent – George Stephen is working as a cooper. Barbara Stephen ms Sangster died a widow in 1926 in Aberdeen of cancer.

1 December 1843
Baptism of Martin Haigh at Royston, Yorkshire, son of John Haigh and Hannah Allen and great grandson of my ggggg grandparents Joseph Haigh and Ann Savile, who moved to Pollington in the late 1840s. Martin is with them in 1851 and 1871 but I can’t find him in 1861: by 1851 he was an ag lab. He’d then moved to Stanley by 1881 where his father was canal lock keeper, and Martin had become a colliery labourer. He married Ann Mary Taylor in 1881, when he was in his late 30s, and they settled in Stanley round the corner from his parents. By 1891 Martin was a coal miner and he and Ann had had 4 children: 3 more followed in the early 1890s. Martin Haigh died in 1895 at age 55, and his burial entry in the Stanley parish register says he was of Ferry Lane, Stanley. His widow is at the same address in 1901 with the children, then she remarried but remained in Stanley.

2 December 1874
Birth of Janet Strachan at Dreghorn, Ayrshire, daughter of John Strachan and Agnes Scott and granddaughter of my ggg uncle Munro Strachan and Janet Jamieson. Janet died in infancy.