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27 and 28 November

Three who either died very young or can’t be found, and one who moved around a great deal and was a police constable. I’m always amazed by the variety of occupations appearing on my family tree!

28 November 1798
Birth of Agnes Marshall at Kilmarnock, Ayrshire daughter of my ggg grandparents Robert Marshall and Agnes Logan. I can’t find anything else that looks like her in the records, so she may have died young. There’s a marriage in Kilmarnock in 1824 between an Agnes Marshall and Hugh Barclay, but they can be traced in the census and that Agnes wasn’t born in Ayrshire – though several trees on Ancestry have assumed she’s the 1798 Kilmarnock Agnes.

27 November 1806
Baptism of Alexander Hutcheon, son of Alexander Hutcheon and Agnes Bruce and therefore my gggg uncle at Longside, Aberdeenshire. They had another son named Alexander Hutcheon baptised on 25 November 1807, so the first son named Alexander must have died in infancy.

28 November 1849
Birth of William Gray at Belhelvie, Aberdeenshire, son of George Gray and Jane Alexander and grandson of my ggggg uncle John Alexander and Janet Morrison. William was with his parents in Belhelvie in 1851 and then in Rayne in 1861. He can’t be found in the 1871 census, but in 1872 he married Mary Campbell Wheatley in Ardersier, near Inverness. He obviously moved around quite a bit, as during the 1870s they had children born in Ardersier, Strathblane down in Stirlingshire, then Dirleton and North Berwick near Haddington. But by 1881 they were back in Ardersier and William was a grocer. They then went on the move again and had children born in Broughton, Eddlestone and Walkerburn, all in Peebleshire, and in 1891 William is the police constable at Walkerburn, living at the Police Station, and he was still there in 1901. But his travels didn’t end with Walkerburn, as he died in 1920 at Kinghorn in Fifeshire.

28 November 1858
Birth of Susan Strachan Findlay in Riccarton, daughter of James Findlay and Mary Monroe Findlay, and great granddaughter of my gggg uncle Peter Strachan and Mary Monroe. Susan died in January 1859 at less than 2 months old.

25 November

An Aberdeenshire Hutcheon and an Aberdeenshire Aitken today. They both had what reads as ordinary, even dull lives – but then we don’t know the detail, what interested them, or what created their joyful moments

25 November 1807
Baptism of my gggg uncle Alexander Hutcheon at Longside, son of Alexander Hutcheon and Agnes Bruce. In 1841 he’s an ag lab at Red Lums, Longside with his mother, sister and a niece. He married Margaret Hutcheon or Hutchison in 1842 at Longside, who was the daughter of another Alexander Hutcheon and Jane Sangster, so the couple were most probably related. In 1851 they are at Kirk Street, Longside with 4 children and Alexander is a road maker, but he was an ag lab in 1861 and 1871, when they were at High Street, Longside, though his death certificate says he was a crofter. Alexander died in 1875 at Longside at age 68.

25 November 1849
Birth of Helen Aitken at Longside, Aberdeenshire, daughter of William Aitken and Elizabeth Milne and aunt of my step great grandmother Helen Ann Morgan. The name Helen Aitken reappears on my family tree as my father’s sister Helen Strachan became Helen Aitken when she married, but there’s no connection between the Aberdeenshire and Ayrshire families! The born in 1849 Helen Aitken was living in Cruden parish with her parents in 1861, her father a farm overseer. She married young, as in September 1865 she married George Davidson, a farm labourer. They led the usual life of a farm servant and his family, moving from farm to farm, with their children being born in various places within the Buchan part of Aberdeenshire. By 1901, though, Helen had been widowed, was earning a living as a charwoman, and had a grandson living with her.

23 and 24 November

Just two over two days: an Aberdeenshire Hutcheon/Hutchison who might have become the local post master, and a Yorkshire grand uncle born in Leeds.

24 November 1844
Baptism of Alexander Hutcheon at Longside, son of my gggg uncle Alexander Hutcheon and Margaret Hutcheon. He’s with his parents and siblings in Kirk Street, Longside in 1851, off working as a farm servant in 1861 and the back with his parents in 1871, working as a shoemaker. He was informant for his father’s death in 1875. It then looks as if he married Jessie Low, had a son, and become a grocer and postmaster in Belhelvie – the census says that Alexander was born in Longside but it could be a different Alexander. Paying to view the marriage certificate would confirm it, but there’s a limit to how much I want to spend with ScotlandsPeople!

23 November 1909
Birth of my great uncle Walter Green at Kirkstall, Leeds, Yorkshire, son of Joseph Green and Charlotte Senior. He was brought up in Kirkstall, married Olive and had 2 children. He and his family moved to London and lived in Wembley.

10 November

Three varied ones today, but one raises a question which I often have but can’t answer. When people who were related ended up living near each other though not where they originally came from, did they know the other was around? Were they in touch, did they get together, were they friends? People did seem to be very good at keeping in touch with family back then – better than most people are today, despite such easy methods of communications nowadays.

10 November 1835
Birth of Elizabeth Willox at Lonmay, Aberdeenshire, daughter of my gggg aunt Anne Hutcheon and William Willox. She’s with her family in Lonmay in 1841 and 1851 where her father farmed 18 acres, and then in 1858 married Robert Tait. He was a sailer and in 1861 Elizabeth and her daughter Ann are in Fraserburgh – husband not present so he was probably at sea. By 1871 she’s become a shipmaster’s wife, but husband is again absent. He’s at home in 1881, a ship master, and by then he and Elizabeth had had 8 children. Robert then died and in 1891 Elizabeth is still in Fraserburgh with 4 children, all working – but none of the boys followed their father as they become joiners and a cooper instead. By 1901 she has a son and three grandsons with her: the grandsons are the children of her married daughter who had died. Some of Elizabeth’s sons migrated to the USA.

10 November 1842
Birth of James Logan at Chapelton, Glassford, Lanarkshire, son of my gggg uncle Adam Logan who had abandoned his wife and children. James’s mother was Ann Craig, who Adam Logan set up home with after separating from his wife and daughters. James was with his parents in Chapelton until his marriage in 1864 to Janet Robertson, and they lived in Chapelton working as silk weavers, and brought up 9 children. James died in 1889 age 47, and his death certificate simply says he was “found dead in bed”. His youngest child was only 2 years old, but the eldest were working and living close by. But did James ever know he had some half sisters over in Renfrewshire?

10 November 1909 (born 1889)
Joseph Arthur Vickers Wilson married Lucy Farrar at Kippax, Yorkshire. He was the son of Thomas Arthur Wilson and Elizabeth Florence Wilson, and the grandson of my ggg aunt Mary Green and Joseph Wilson. His father was a gardener who became a park ranger, and Joseph became an insurance agent. In 1911 he and wife Lucy are in Kippax, but their young son had been born in Horsforth, a suburb of Leeds not too far from where I now live and very close to Kirkstall, where my great grandfather Joseph Green lived. I wonder if they were in touch when they were living so close to each other?

4 and 5 November

Posting this late as I was up on the North Yorkshire Moors yesterday, trail riding on a sunny and very clear autumn day amongst stunning countryside, followed by a meal at a gorgeous country pub. Yorkshire has just been voted the third best place to visit in the world by Lonely Planet, and I am very lucky to live so close to such amazing scenery. Next year Yorkshire is hosting the Tour do France, and in last year’s Olympics Yorkshire would have come 12th in the medals table if we counted as a separate country.

My Yorkshire ancestors are from around Barnsley, which admittedly isn’t one of the most scenic parts of the county, and today there is another Green linen bleacher. From Aberdeenshire is a Smith who married a Tocher and a Booth who died in infancy. There’s an early Neilson from Gorbals who also seems to have died young, and an Ayrshire Strachan who didn’t have a fortunate life and died in the Poorhouse. And finally, yesterday was a birthday for a Canadian relative.

5 November 1773
Birth of my gggg aunt Mary Neilson at Gorbals, Lanarkshire, daughter of Walter Neilson and Agnes Haddon. She must have died, as in 1784 her parents had another daughter they named Mary.

5 November 1841
Birth of Ann Strachan at Shewalton Colliery, Dundonald, Ayshire, sughter of ggg uncle Peter Strachan and Margaret Boyle. Both her parents died in the late 1840s, possibly from a typhus or cholera epidemic, ad in 1851 Ann and her brother are with their uncle Henry Strachan and his wife Ann at Dreghorn: Henry and Ann did not have any children of their own. In 1861 Ann is a visitor in West Thornton Hamlet, Dreghorn with a McDonald family and her cousin who was also named Ann Strachan. I can’t locate her in 1871, but in 1873 she married Henry O’Neil, a lodging house keeper, in Saltcoats. It could be that Ann had been working as a domestic servant for Henry, and unusually they married at the Roman Catholic Chapel so I assume Henry was a Catholic and orginated from Ireland. The marriage was, however, short lived as Henry died in 1876. In 1881 Ann Neil, described as a broker’s widow, is back in Dreghorn with her aunt Annie Strachan (her uncle Henry had died) and Annie’s mother Maggie. She doesn’t appear to have had any children, or at least none that survived. She could be the Ann Strachan who is in the 1891 census living on her own in Kilwinning and earning a living as an outdoor worker. By 1901, however, she is a domestic servant at Corsehill, Kilwinning for James Robertson, a carpenter, and his sister. Annie O’Neil died in 1909, of pneumonia, at Cunningham Combination Poorhouse, Irvine.

4 November 1858
Birth of Annabella Smith at Longside, Aberdeenshire, daughter of James Smith and Ann Cowie Davidson and granddaughter of gggg aunt Margaret Hutcheon and Charles Davidson. In 1861 she’s with her parents and younger brother at Fyvie, where her father is the police constable. But by 1871 she is at Rora, Longside with her grandmother and a cousin, and despite my best search efforts I can’t find anything for her parents or her brother. But Annabella married James Tocher, an ag lab, and in 1881 she is in Udny with a young daughter, but her husband is not at home. In 1891 the family are in Newburg and by then have 3 children. In 1901 they are Kinneler and James is working as a labourer in a granite quarry, where is two sons are drillers: the family also has a young niece with them.

5 November 1861
Birth of George Booth at Longside, Aberdeenshire, son of my gggg uncle James Booth and Jean Keith. He died in early infancy as his death is registered in Longside in 1861.

4 November 1909 (born 1864)
Thomas Green was born in 1864 at Barnsley, Yorkshire, son of my ggg uncle John Green and Sarah Wigfield. He’s with his parents and siblings in Ardsley in 1871, his father a linen yarn bleacher. In 1881 the family is back in Barnsley, and Thomas has followed his father’s trade and is a linen bleacher. His mother died in 1883 and his father remarried, and in 1891 Thomas is with his father, stepmother and an aunt at Market Street, Barnsley, still working as a linent bleacher along with his father. His father died in 1896 and 1901 Tom is a linen yarn bleacher working on his account, and living at Bleach Croft, Barnsley with his stepmother and aunt. Thomas married late in life, in 1909 when he was 45, to Francis Fletcher. In 1911 he is at Eldon Street, Barnsley with his wife and stepdaughter. Thomas Green died age 78 in 1942.

4 November 1991
Happy birthday to Jenna in Canada, granddaughter of my cousin Colin who follows this blog.

1 and 2 October

Today raises the Hendry or Henry question. My grandfather is Henry Strachan in all the records, but my father said his name was actually Hendry. He had an uncle Henry who features today, and in the 1891 census that Henry is listed as Hendry. Perhaps there is some truth in the Hendry name: Hendry was a surname that was fairly common in Ayrshire and there is a Peter Strachan who married Ann Hendry in 1867. Also today, a gggg grandmother from Aberdeenshire, a Ballantine who went to Canada and then California, a Green who died in infancy, and a Strachan who went to Detroit and worked in a car factory.

1 October 1781
Baptism of Agnes Bruce at Crimond, Aberdeenshire my gggg grandmother illegitimate daughter of Andrew Bruce and Isobel Keith. The OPR entry for the baptism says Andrew Bruce was of Cruden parish but was deceased by the time Agnes was born. Agnes next appears in the Longside Kirk Session Minutes in 1800 when she is compeared for being “with child in uncleanness” and gives the father as Alexander Hutcheon, a tailor of Maoins Of Kunmundie. Agnes and Alexander were married in July 1800 at Longside and had 10 children baptised at Longside before Alexander Hutcheon died in 1820: his burial entry in the Longside OPR says he was of Innervedie. Agnes Hutcheon is in the 1841 census at a croft at Red Lums, Longside with her son Alexander, daughter Elizabeth and granddaughter Mary Mutch. By 1851 Agnes has set up home at Crechy Row, Longside and has with her granddaughters Mary Mutch and Isabella Lamb, both daughters of her daughter Elizabeth. In 1861 she is at Mosside croft, Longside with her daughter Margaret, the wife of Charles Davidson, and is age 79 and a pauper. Agnes Hutchison, as her death certificate has her name, died in 1866 at age 84 at Rora, the informant being her son Alexander. The death certificate confirms that her parents were Andrew Bruce and Isobella Keith. Agnes died from a fracture to the thigh bone and old age.

1 October 1842
Birth of my gg uncle Henry Strachan at Shewalton Colliery, Ayrshire, youngest child of Robert Strachan and Margaret Haggerty. Henry’s mother died when he was 6 years old, and in the 1851 census he’s with with his father, stepmother and siblings at Kilwinning. He’s missing from the 1861 census, but in 1865 he married Elizabeth Black at Kilwinning, and gave his address as Kenneth’s Row, which was where his parents and many other relatives lived. Henry was, of course, a coal miner. By 1871 Harry Strachan is at Riccarton and he and Elizabeth have 3 children and a boarder. The family are in Kilmarnock in 1881 and there are now 8 children. By 1891 Hendry, as his name appears in the census, and his family have settled at Crookedholm, where his brother and my great grandfather also settled. Henry Strachan and his wife at at Cowan’s Row, Crookedholm in 1901. Henry Strachan died in 1920 at age 73, and his death was registered at Kilmarnock.

2 October 1868 (born about 1846)
Jean Ballantine was born in about 1846 at Kilmarnock, daughter of Thomas Ballantine and Susanna Strachan and granddaughter of my gggg uncle Robert Strachan and Jean Kelly. She is with her parents at Limekilns, Kilmarnock in 1851 and at Dreghorn in 1861, by which time she was earning her keep as a muslin sewer Jean married coal miner John Anderson at Dreghorn in 1868. According to blog folllower Mac, Jean and her husband migrated to Canada to join her brother Robert in Muskoko, but didn’t stay there and went to California.

1 October 1882
Baptism of Clara Green at St Mary’s, Barnsley, Yorkshire, daughter of my gg grandfather Joseph Green and Margaret Oxley, but sadly Clara died in infancy and her death was registered at Barnsley.

1 October 1895
Birth of Charles Gallacher Strachan at Galston, Ayrshire, son of Robert Strachan and Jane Gallacher and grandson of my gg uncle Henry Strachan and Elizabeth Black. Charles’ father died in 1899 and in 1901 he is with his widowed mother and younger brother at Goatfoot Row, Galston. He married Agnes Steel in 1919 at Kilmarnock, and in 1927 they sailed from Greenock to Canada and then did a border crossing into USA. Charles gave his occupation as coal miner and they were not accompanied by any children. The 1927 City Directory for Detroit has Charles Strachan and wife Agnes at Cecil Avenue living with Charles’ widowed mother Jean. |Charles and Agnes can be found in the 1930 USA census at Cecil Avenue with two young children and Charles’ mother Jeanie: Charles was working as a machine operator at a car factory.

29 September

Still trying to catch up and hopefully, given a miserable, rainy day outside, I should be able to get a fair bit of catching up done today. For the 29th there is a possible Haddow ancestor going back to 1734, my gggg grandfather Alexander Hutcheon, a Strachan who migrated to Niagara Falls, a Strachan descendent who migrated to Australia, and a Fraser descendent who moved to England.

29 September 1734

Birth or baptism of Margaret Harvie at Stevenston, daughter of Robert Harvie and Isabel Howie. This may well be the Margaret Hervey who married James Haddow and was the grandmother of my gg grandfather John Haddow, who married Amelia Murphie.

29 September 1777
Possible baptism of my gggg grandfather Alexander Hutcheon at Longside, son of James Hutcheon. There are two baptisms that could be the right Alexander, one in Longside and one at Old Deer, but given the locations the Longside one is the more likely. If it right then Alexander was born at Faichfield, which is to the east of Longside village, and was the son of Jsames Hutcheon, with no mother named on the baptism record. He next appears in the Longside records in 1800 when he and Agnes Bruce were compeared by the Kirk Session so being “with child in uncleanness”. The kirk session minutes says Alexander was a tailor of Mains of Kinmundie and Agnes was of Parkhill, which is close to Faichfield. They were fined ten shillings each, which was a lot of money in those days, and were married on 26 July 1800 at Longside. They had 10 children, all baptised at Longside, and then in 1820 Alexander died: there is a burial entry for 22 April 1820 at Longside for Alex. Hutcheon age 45 husband of Agnes Bruce of Innervedie.

29 September 1865
Birth of Andrew Strachan at Saltcoats, Ayrshire, son of Robert Strachan and Ann Bain and great grandson of my gggg uncle Robert Strachan and Jean Kelly. Andrew is with his family at Auchenharvie Row, Saltcoats in 1871 and 1881, and became a coal miner. His father died in 1882 and by 1891 Andrew had married Maggie and was living in Bothwell, Lanarkshire, although they returned to Ayrshire not long afterwards. By 1901 they had had at least 7 children, 6 of who were still living. According to a posting on the internet, Maggie died not long after the 1901 census was taken, and Andrew remarried in 1902 to widow Jeanie Steel and they had a four more children. In 1910 Andrew’s daughter Elinor, age 14, is on a passenger list going to Canada and gives her nearest relative as her father Andrew Strachan of Rocky Knowe, Saltcoats. He lost two sons in WW1. In 1923 Andrew, Jeanie and most of their surviving children migrated to Canada and settled at Niagara Falls. Andrew Strachan died there in 1929 of colon cancer at the age of 63, and had been working as a janitor.

29 September 1871
Thomas Inglis was born at Hurlford, Ayrshire, son of Alexander Inglis and Janet Strachan and great grandson of my gggg unbcle Peter Strachan and Mary Monroe. The Inglis family migrated to Australia in 1887, when Thomas was 15, and lived in Brisbane. Thomas married Sarah McLachlan and died in Brisbane in 1948. Thanks to Ed in Australia for the information.

29 September 1979 (born about 1895)
Mary Margaret Johnston was born at Ardallie, Old Deer, Aberdeenshire, daughter of my half gg aunt Catherine Fraser and Andrew Gibb Johnston. Mary age 5 is with her family at Easter Pettymarcus, Ardallie, Old Deer in 1901, her father a horseman. By 1911 the family have moved to Aberdeen and are living at Ann Street, Rosemount: Mary age 15 is a domestic servant and her father Andrew is a carter for the railway. According to a tree on Ancestry Mary married Ernest Whiteman, had children and died in 1979 at Coventry, England.

14, 15 and 16 September

Nothing for the 14th and for the 15th a Fraser descendent who migrated to USA after the failure of her marriage to be with her cousin. The 16th was busy: an Ayrshire Logan who eventually moved to Manchester; two Aberdeenshire relatives who can’t be found in the records: a Hutcheon who became a prison warder; a Yorkshire relative who married an iron clog maker; and a Strachan descendent who migrated to Framlington, Illinois. And that brings me up to date again!

15 September 1909
Birth of Margaret Booth Downie (known as Meg) at Logie Buchan, Aberdeenshire, daughter of my half great aunt Isabella Stuart Fraser who became the wife of the son of my half gg uncle James Fraser. Margaret is with her parents and siblings at Crosshill, Ellon in 1911, her father a farm grieve. In 1938 she married William Boyd McKinnon at Ellon. In 1848 her cousin James Alexander Fraser came back to Scotland from the USA for a visit, and in 1949 Margaret B McKinnon flew to New York, giving James Fraser’s address in Bronx as her destination. She was naturalised in 1954 under the name Margaret Booth Fraser but I can’t find a marriage: her husband had not died and I don’t know whether they divorced. As they had not had any children they may have been separated for some time. In New York Meg and James Fraser were close to my half great uncle Arthur Fraser: I visited him in New York in 1968 and remember being introduced to an older couple who I suspect must have been Meg and James. Arthur, Meg and James all retired to Boynton Beach, Florida and Meg died there in 2004.

16 September 1836 (born about 1814)
Sarah Logan was born in about 1814 at Kilmarnock, Ayrshire, daughter of my gggg uncle Adam Logan and Margaret Duncan. Her shoemaker father did not stay with his wife and children, and in the 1830s set up house with Ann Craig in Chapelton, Lanarkshire. His wife and children lived in Neilston, Renfrewshire, where Sarah Logan married James Munn in 1836. In 1841 Sarah and James are at Cross Arthurlie Village, Neilston, James Munn a calico printer, with 2 children. They then moved to Busby in Lanarkshire, where their youngest child was born, then they moved to Ayrshire as in 1851 the family are at Old Street, Riccarton, James a colour maker and with 4 children. By 1861 they had moved to Glasgow, and were at 33 Mill Street, Bridgeton in 1961, James still a colour maker and with their 4 children all working. Sarah’s mother died in Glasgow in 1867, and in 1872 Sarah and James are at 28 Bedford Street, Tradeston with a son, a grandson and two lodgers. Something then took Sarah, James and their son James to England, as in 1881 they are Chorlton upon Medlock, Lancashire, son James working as a clothing clerk with a young son, his wife having died. Her husband died in Chorlton in 1884 but I haven’t been able to find anything further for Sarah, her son James or her grandson Daniel.

16 September 1849
Birth of William Henderson at Cruden, Aberdeenshire, illegitimate son of my ggg aunt Isabella Fraser and Lewis Henderson. He is in the 1851 census age 1 at Mosside with his grandparents, William and Christian Fraser, and his ants and uncles. I can’t find him in any subsequent records, so he may have died before 1855.

16 September 1862
Birth of Peter Morgan at Longside, Aberdeenshire. He was baptised as Peter Aitken, illegitimate son of Jane Aitken and William Souter Morgan, who married in 1865. In 1871 Peter, age 8, is at Lochside, Cruden with his parents and siblings, his father a farm servant. After that he disappears from the records: nothing in the census, no death, and nothing in immigration records. He’s a mystery.

16 September 1863
Birth of Alexander Hutcheon at Cruden, Aberdeenshire son of my gggg uncle Keith Hutcheon and Ann McPherson. He is in Hatton village in 1871 with his tailer father, seamstress mother and siblings, and is there in 1881 age 17 working as a farm servant. He then became a prison warder and in 1891, age 27, is lodging with a prison warder and his wife, plus other prison warders, at Barlinnie, Lanarkshire. He was the informant at his father’s death in June 1891 and gives his address as HM Prison Barlinnie, Glasgow. In 1901 he at the HMS Prison married quarters at Peterhead, with his wife Jane and a son: by then his is a prison store warder 2nd class.

16 September 1876 (born 1857)
Etty or Hetty Cook was born in 1857 at Blacker Hill, near Worsbrough, Yorkshire, daughter of Eliza Grist and Matthew Cook and granddaughter of my ggg uncle William Grist and Emma Wood. In 1861 she is in Wombwell with her paternal grandparents; his father was boarding in Monk Bretton and working as a coal miner and her mother was at Blacker Hill with her parents and Etty’s younger sister. Her parents must have separated about then. In 1871 Hetty Cook is a domestic servant in Barnsley but her father is in Newcastle upon Tyne with a new “wife” and children, and her mother is a boarder in Hoyland with 2 more children. Etty next appears in Shipley, near Bradford, where she married Smith Gill Holdsworth in 1876, a maker of clog irons: the marriage entry gives her father as a forman in a coal pit. Hetty and her husband Smith lived in Manningham, Bradford and had 4 children. Hetty then died in 1892 at the age of 33 at Bradford.

16 September 1879
Birth of Ellen Wilson at Galston, Ayrshire, daughter of Robert Wilson and Mary Gibson and great granddaughter of my uncle Peter Strachan and Mary Monroe. Her father was a coal miner and she migrated to the USA, along with her parents and siblings, in 1888 and they settled at Framlington, Illinois where her father and brothers worked as coal miners. Ellen married John Williams in 1901 and had 1 children, but her husband died and she married James Sullivan in 1904 and had more children. She died in 1951 and a newspaper notice of her death says she worked for the Central National Bank maintenance department and was survived by a sister, two daughters, two sons, three grandchildren and one great-grandchild.

9 and 10 September

A not sure what happened to her Strachan, a straight forward to research Aberdeenshire relative, and a great uncle from Yorkshire.

9 September 1804
Birth of Jane Strachan at Riccarton, Ayrshire, daughter of my gggg uncle Robert Strachan and Jean Kelly. There’s a marriage in 1822 at Riccarton for a Jane Strachan and Robert McIntyre, and two births in the 1820s in Kilmarnock with father Robert McIntyre but no mother names and no first name for the children. Nothing in the census and no death certificate found for her. There is, however, a Robert McIntyre born about 1823 in the 1851 census in Riccarton, a coal miner, but he married before 1855 and I can’t find a death cert for him on ScotlandsPeople. So the jury is out as to what happened to Jane Strachan.

10 September 1840
Agnes Willox was born at Lomnay, Aberdeenshire, daughter of my gggg aunt Anne Hutcheon and William Willox and is with her parents and siblings in Lonmay in 1841, 1851 and 1861, her father a farmer of 18 acres. She married William Daniel in 1862 at Lonmay, and by 1871 they are living in Aberdeen with 3 children, William a labourer. He is a fireman groundworks in 1881 (probably someone who sets, stokes and looks after some kind of fire) and he and Agnes have another child. In 1891 William, foreman builder’s engine, and Agnes are at Esslemont Avenue, Aberdeen with their youngest daughter and 4 year old Mary Daniel who is listed as daughter but, given the 12 year age gap between the two children, is possibly a granddaughter. Agnes Daniel ms Willox died in September 1895 of pneumonia following influenza.

9 September 1889
Birth of my great uncle Willie Green at Barnsley, Yorkshire, son of my great grandparents Joseph Green and Charlotte Senior. He was baptised at St Mary’s, Barnsley and is with his parents in 1891 at James Street, Barnsley. The family moved to Leeds in about 1900 and in 1901 Willie is with his parents and siblings at Hope grove, Armley. By 1911 the family had moved to Kirkstall and were living on Station Parade: Willie, age 21, was working as a tinner making pit lamps. In early 1914 he married Gertrude Welton, the daughter of a Minister of the Baptist Church and their only child Charles was born in 1915. Willie Green served in the army in WW1 as a tinsmith, and was in Mesopotania and then India, from where he was sent back to the UK due to post influenza debility. Willie moved to Bury, Lancashire and was, according to my mother, the first in the Green family to own a car. He died in Leeds in 1989. His grandson Robert follows this blog.

7 September

A particularly interesting Aberdeenshire ancestor today, as she seems to connect to my family tree in several ways, which needs further investigation. The Aberdeenshire lot seem to have done a lot of marrying into distantly related families, which I suspect most people did in that area is it received far fewer “incomers” than, say, Ayrshire and Lanarkshire. Plus there are two deaths in infancy, an all too common occurrence.

7 September 1840
Baptism of Mary Mutch at Longside, illegitimate daughter of my gggg aunt Elizabeth Hutcheon and John Mutch. In 1841 Mary is with her mother, uncle and grandmother at the Hutcheon croft Red Lums near Longside. Her mother married John Lamb in 1846 and later that year gave birth to a daughter, Isabella Lamb, but Elizabeth Lamb died in December 1847. In 1851 Mary Mutch and Isabella Lamb are with their widowed grandmother Agnes Hutcheon nee Bruce at Creechy Row, Longside. In 1860 Mary Mutch married George Watt, which is intriguing – was he related to my Watt ancestors? I’ll have to research him and see where his line leads. In 1861 husband George Watt is a farm overseer at Brae of Biffie, which is at Stuartfield, south of Old Deer, and Mary Watt with three month old son George is at Clola, which is to the south-east on the other side of Stuartfield. In 1871 George, Mary and 4 children (one named Agnes Bruce after her grandmother) are near Ellon, George an ag lab. and they have 4 children. By 1881 they are at the Cottar House, Drumwhindle, Ellon, George still an ag lab and with 6 children. Mary Watt also Mutch and Hutcheon died in 1884 age 43, her death registered at Ellon. In the 1891 census her widower and children are at 59 Hutcheon Street, Aberdeen – a number of my Fraser ancestors were living in the same street in the early 1900s so did the two families know each other?

7 September 1860
Birth of John Cowie at Ellon, Aberdeenshire, son of William Cowie and Elizabeth Cheyne and grandson of my half gggg aunt Barbara McWilliam, who was the half sister, I suspect, of my ggg grandfather William Fraser. William Cowie died in infancy.

7 September 1887
Birth of Cameron Michael at Boddam, Aberdeenshire, son of my gg aunt Mary Ann Fraser and David Ewan Michael. Someone has posted his birth certificate on Ancestry, so I know he was born at Stirling Hill to a granite quarrier father. Cameron died before his first birthday.