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6 February

Today is a Marshall from Ayrshire who I can’t trace beyond birth, a Strachan from Ayrshire who died in early childhood, and a Strachan from Ayrshire who married a grocer and moved to Glasgow.

6 February 1757
Birth or baptism of my gggg uncle Alexander Marshall at Kilmaurs, Ayrshire, son of Alexander Marshall and Agnes Gibson. Unfortunately I cannot find anything in that records that I can say is definitely him.

6 February 1821
Birth of Agnes Strachan at Riccarton, Ayrshire, daughter of my ggg uncle Thomas Strachan and Elizabeth Nisbet. Agnes died in November 1822 at Riccarton.

6 February 1858
Birth of Mary Muir Strachan at Kilmaurs, Ayrshire, daughter of coal miner John Strachan and Elizabeth Gilmour and granddaughter of my gggg uncle Samuel Strachan and Ann Miller. She is with her family at Crawford Hill Cottages, Crosshouse, Kilmaurs in 1861, 1871 and 1881, and earned her living as a dressmaker. In April 1881 she married James Boyd, a commercial traveller, and they are in Hutcheson Square, Govan, Glasgow in 1891 and 1901. They had 3 children and James Boyd was a grocer.

26 January

The 26th was a popular day. A Green gggg uncle was born in Yorkshire but ended up in London; a Strachan was born in Ayrshire and lived in the usual coal mining places; a Haggerty was born in Ayrshire and went to the USA; a Green from Yorkshire was married to a coal miner; and a descendent of the Marshalls of Ayrshire was born in Kent and became a bookkeeper.

26 January 1800
Baptism of my gggg uncle Samuel Green at Worsbrough, Yorkshire, son of innkeeper Joseph Green and Ann Cox. He was married to Mary, who was born in Oundle, Northampton, but I haven’t found a record of their marriage so don’t know where they were married. The first baptism I can find for one of their children took place in 1833 at Sonning in Berkshire, a second daughter was baptised in 1835 at Reading, a third in St Martins in the Field, London in 1837 and a fourth in Chelsea, London in 1839. The family is in the 1841 census at Baldwin Street, City Road, London, Samuel a licensed victualler with a male and a female servant. They are at Marsham Street, Westminster in 1851, Samuel a general cartman with the youngest daughter still at home. They had a late arrival when a son was born in 1851 and registered at Westminster. When his eldest daughter married in 1860, she gave her father’s occupation as a spruce merchant and when his daughter Amelia married in 1862 she gave her father’s occupation as publican, so it seems he had several strings to his bow. The 1861 census sees Thomas with wife Mary and young son at Grosvenor Terrace, Westminster with his occupation as traveller. He died between 1861 and 1871, as in 1871 Mary Green is a widow with her son living in Bloomsbury.

26 January 1841
Baptism of James Strachan at the Relief Congregation Kirk, Irvine, Ayrshire, son of Andrew Strachan and Elizabeth Howat and grandson of my gggg uncle Robert Strachan and Jean Kelly. He is age 6 months in the 1841 census, at Perceton Cottages, Dreghorn, with his coal miner father, mother and siblings: several members of the extended family also lived at Perceton Cottages. His mother died in about 1845, and in 1847 his father remarried but she too died in about 1850. In the 1851 census James aged 11 and a coal miner is at MacReadie’s Land, Dreghorn with his father, 7 siblings and a cousin, 22 year old Elizabeth Strachan, who was a domestic servant looking after them all. Elizabeth gave birth to an illegitimate daughter with James’ father in 1852, and in 1854 his father married for a third time. James, age 20 and a coal miner, is in Riccarton in 1861 with his father, stepmother, siblings and a domestic servant. In 1862 James Strachan married Mary Lindsay in Dreghorn and they are at Kyleshill, Stevenston in 1871 with 4 children. By 1881 they had moved to Plann Row, Kilmaurs and had 6 children at home, their eldest working as a female servant on a nearby farm. In 1891 they are in the same location, this time named Hemphill Row, Plann Road, and James is a miner of shale: he and Mary have 4 children still at home plus a grandson and a boarder. By 1901 James is a retired coal miner at Colquhoun’s Land, Kilmaurs with wife Mary and grandson Robert. James Strachan died in 1910 at the Co-operative Building, Crosshouse age 69 years of cancer of the colon.

26 January 1842
Birth of Hugh Muir Haggerty at Dundonald, son of my ggg uncle Hugh Haggerty and Janet Muir. His father died in about 1848 and in 1851 Hugh is at Boat Stabs, Dundonald (now considered part of Irvine) with his grandmother Ann Muir, his mother, his siblings and an aunt. By 1861 he has become a coal miner and is at Bensley Square, Kilwinning with his mother, grandmother and siblings: they were neighbours of many Strachan relatives. Hugh Haggerty, age 23 and a miner, sailed to New York in January 1866 and is in the 1870 US census at the coal mines at Russell, Kansas. In the 1880 census he is at Judsonville, Contra Costa, California with his mother and younger brother Adam, and is on the 1880 Contra Costa voters’ list which says he was naturalised in July 1880. I’ve been unable to find anything for him in the records after 1880, or for his mother and brother.

26 January 1890 (born in 1860)
Hannah Green was born in Barnsley in 1860, daughter of my ggg uncle John Green and Sarah Wigfield. Her father was a linen yarn bleacher and Hannah is with her parents and older brother at New Street, Barnsley in 1861. By 1871 the family had moved to Ardsley and Hannah, age 11, is at school, but they were back in Barnsley by 1881 at Back Street, and 21 year old Hannah is a power loom weaver. Hannah’s mother died in 1883 and in 1886 her father remarried. In 1890 Hannah married miner William Burrows at Silkstone and they both gave their address as Station Street, Barnsley, which is where they are in the 1891 census. There is a birth of a daughter in 1898, and then Hannah died age 39 in 1899 at Barnsley.

26 January 1920 (born in 1884)
Christina Jardine Cambell was born in Thanet, Kent, the daughter of Christina Jardine and James Campbell. Her mother came from Galston, Ayrshire and was the granddaugter of my ggg uncle Alexander Marshall, a saddler, and Christina Wallace. Christina’s mother had married a engine fitter at Galston but had moved to Kent by 1881. Christina is with her family in Ramsgate, Kent in 1891 and 1901, after which her father died and the family moved to Clapham, London. In 1911 Christina, age 26 and a clerk for a grocer, is with her mother and siblings in Clapham, and with them is a friend Mr Carter age 32, a merchant of provisions. This could be who Christina married, for in January 1920, at Clapham, she married Mark Henry Carter who was a 44 year old manager of a grocery store in Catford. Christina was age 35 and a bookkeeper.

24 January

Two very important people today: my gg grandmother Sarah Marshall and my aunt Jeanie Harper nee Strachan.

24 January 1814
Birth or baptism of my gg grandmother Sarah Marshall at Kilmarnock, Ayrshire, daughter of saddler Robert Marshall and Agnes Logan. Sarah must have married John McInairney (a surname subject to various spellings) but no record of the marriage has been found. However, their daughter Mary Ann was baptised in Newcastle, England, in January 1840 and their sons Matthew, Willliam and John were, according to the census, born in Bellshills, Lanarkshire, Muirkirk, Ayrshire and Kilmarnock, although no baptisms can be found for them. Given the locations, my suspicion is John McAinairney might have worked at coal pits, although his daughter Mary Ann’s death certificate simply says her father was a labourer and on his wife’s death certificate it looks as if it says he was a drainer (which could mean he dug drainage dykes). Unfortunately I cannot find John, Sarah and Mary Ann in the 1841 census, and it would seem that John McAnairney, or whatever his surname was, died before 1851. Sarah is in the 1851 census at Low Church Lane, Kilmarnock, the surname written as McNarnie, a widow and pauper hand sewer with her 4 children. They are all at 19 Fore Street, Kilmarnock in 1861, but with them is Agnes Marshall age 93, Sarah’s mother, and two illegitimate daughters of Sarah’s born during the 1850s – Sarah and her eldest daughter Mary Ann are flowerers, which means they hand sewed floral embroidery onto muslin. During the 1860s Sarah’s mother died and her older children left home, so by 1871 she is at Back Street, Kilmarnock, still a hand sewer, with her youngest daughter Ellen and 4 year old Robert Brown, described as nephew. In 1881 Sarah, a hand sewer, is at High Street, Kilmarnock with Robert Marshall grandson age 14 (who I suspect is Robert Brown age 4 from 1871 but I have yet to work out just who he was), orphan Elizabeth Ingles age 3 (and I have yet to figure out who she was, too), and a coal miner lodger. Sarah McInairne, as the registrar as written is, died in March 1891 at her home in High Street, Kilmarnock of cancer of the gullet. The informant was her eldest child, my great grandmother Mary Ann who married John McCrae.

24 January 1900
Birth of my aunt, Jeannie Haddow Strachan at Crookedholm, Ayrshire, daughter of coal miner Henry Strachan and Helen McCrae – and mother of blog follower Colin. The 1901 census finds Jeannie with her parents and older siblings at Old Factory House, Crookedholm and in the 1905 Valuation Roll they’re at Cowan’s Row, Crookedholm. The family then moved to Lanarkshire in about 1906, first to Tollcross and then to Halfway, Cambuslang. In 1911 they were at Mansion Street, Cambuslang and Jeannie, age 11, was at school. In September 1921, at the age of 21, Jeannie sailed to Canada and her arrival card says she was intending to go into domestic service, remain permanently, and was destined to Major Luige (? name hard to read) in Toronto, who I suspect was a Major in the Salvation Army. In April 1927 Jeannie married William Harper in Toronto, who had also migrated from Scotland. He was a rubber worker, and one of the witnesses was her married sister, Helen Airken nee Strachan. Jeannie sailed to Scotland in September 1927, returning in May 1928, and then also went to Scotland in December 1932 and returned soon after. Her two surviving children were born in 1936 and 1938. There was quite a bit of travelling between Canada and Scotland among the Strachan family before WW2: Jeannie’s brother Joseph and sister Amelia settled in Canada, but sister Helen and mother Helen decided to stay in Cambuslang. Jeannie Harper nee Strachan lived until a very good age indeed, as did many of her siblings, and died in 1995 at the age of 95. Despite not seeing much of youngest brother, my father Robert, Jeannie kept in touch by letter through her life, and kept in touch with my mother after my father died.

16 January

Three 18th century ancestors today: Marshall from Kilmaurs, a Weir I think was the one baptised in Mauchline, and a Hunter from Stevenston. And from the 1800s there’s a Grist from Yorkshire, and Senior from Yorkshire who moved to Leeds and went from being a carpenter to an accountant’s clerk and ended up as a painter.

16 January 1723
Baptism of Anna Marshall at Kilmaurs, Ayrshire, my ggggg aunt and daughter of Frances Marshall and Mary Gibson. However, Frances and Mary baptised another daughter Anna in 1728 so the first Anna had most probably died.

16 January 1748
There was a baptism of Sarah Weir at Mauchline, Ayrshire, daughter of William Weir but mother not named, and she could be my gggg grandmother. There were actually two girls named Sarah Weir born in Mauchline around that time, one to William Weir and one to Adam Weir. “My” Sarah called her second son William and her 5th son Adam, so it’s likely she the daughter of William Weir and Adam Weir was her uncle. Sarah married James Logan, who I suspect was born in Kilmarnock, but I can’t find a record of their marriage. The children of James Logan and Sarah Weir were born in Kilmarnock from 1768 to 1789 and their 3rd child, Agnes Logan, was my ggg grandmother who married Robert Marshall.

16 January 1766
Jane Hunter was baptised in Stevenston, Ayrshire, daughter of John Hunter with mother not named. I think she was my gggg aunt and her mother was Margaret Barr. In 1788 there is a marriage in Stevenston of Jane Hunter and James Harvie, but no baptisms of children of this couple can be found. Jane’s sister Margaret married Robert Haddow (they were my Haddow ggg grandparents), and in the 1819 minister’s list for Stevenston, Widow Haddow is at Townhead with 4 children and Jean Hunter widow Harvie, who must surely be her sister Jane. Jean is still at Townhead with widow Haddow in 1822, but is not there in 1836 so seems to have died by then. To complicate things further, Robert Haddow’s mother was Margaret Harvie, so Jane/Jean could well have married a relation of her brother-in-law.

16 January 1831
Baptism of Frederick Grist at Bolton upon Dearne, Yorkshire, son of my gggg uncle William Grist and Emma Wood. He is not with his parents in 1841 and nothing else can be found, so it looks as if he probably died young.

16 January 1848
Baptism of my ggg uncle Charles Senior at Royston, born in Carlton to carpenter George Senior and Mary Roydhouse. He is with his parents in Carlton in 1851, 1861 and 1871. In 1871 is the only child remaining at home and at age 22 is a joiner and carpenter, as was his father. His father died in 1874 and his mother in 1875, and in 1881 Charles is in Hyde Park, Leeds with his brother Isaac. Isaac has a wife and 2 children and is an accountant in practice, and Charles is an accountant’s clerk. That line of work can’t have worked out for Charles, as by 1891 he is working as a commission agent and lodging in Leeds with a family called Roadhouse: they may well have been related to Charles’s mother, as Roydhouse was also often written at Roadhouse. By 1901, however, Charles is working as a painter in Mill Hill, Leeds and lodging with another painter of his age, William Wilkinson, who has a wife and children: they will have been house painters, not artistic ones! There is no sign that Charles ever married or had children. In 1911 he is still a lodger and a painter, and is lodging with Minnie Hodgson, who is married with children: Minnie was the daughter of the William Wilkinson Charles was lodging with in 1901. There are several deaths registered for a Charles Senior of the right age but none in Leeds so I’m not sure which one it could be.

8 and 9 January

On the 8th is another female ancestor who married someone considerably younger than herself. This is not uncommon on my family tree, and puts paid to the idea that women married men older than themselves. A great many of my female ancestors were a bit older than their husbands, and in today’s case there was a 14 year gap. Perhaps the fact that Alice from Yorkshire was an innkeeper was part of the attraction! Also on the 8th: two early Sangsters from Aberdeenshire and a Marshall from Ayrshire who married an official of the Kilmarnock Sheriff’s Court. Nothing happened on the 9th, though.

8 January 1785
My ggggg aunt Isobel Sangster was born at Cruden, daughter of John Sangster and Elizabeth Matthew. In December 1805 an Isobel Sangster was compeared by the Cruden Kirk Session and named Alexander McPherson, a travelling chapman, as the father of her child. He was compeared in Aberdeen in April 1806 and denied paternity. However, I cannot find a baptism of a child born to an Isobel Sangster at that time, but it is possible it is ‘my’ Isobel. Perhaps the child died at birth. I also think she’s the Isobel Sangster who married Peter Morgan in August 1807 at Longside, and had 9 children. Peter Morgan died before the 1841 census, and in 1841 there is an Isobel Sangster, yarn winder, is in Stuartfield Village with 17 year old Mary Sangster, but I suspect this might not be her.

8 January 1787
My ggggg aunt Helen Sangster was born at Cruden, daughter of John Sangster and Elizabeth Matthew. Nothing else can be found for Helen in the records, so she may well have died young.

8 January 1832
Baptism of Alice Green at Worsbrough, daughter of ggggg uncle George Green and Hannah Ellis. Her father was an innkeeper and Alice is with her parents and siblings in Ward Green, Worsbrough in 1841 and 1851, by which time she was a dressmaker. She married John Poles in 1852 and they are in Ward Green in 1861 with 3 children, living next door to the inn where Alice’s widowed mother is innkeeper. John was a stone getter, which is an old term for someone who delivered locally quarried stone, and he died in 1868, by which time they’d had more children. Alice’s mother died in 1870 and by 1871 Alice is the innkeeper at Ward Green and has some of her children with her, though 2 are visiting their aunt. Then in 1872 Alice Poles married Alfred Hoyland at Sheffield: he was a coal miner who was in Worsbrough in 1871, with his parents. He was 14 years younger than Alice, which might have something to so with why they went to Sheffield to get married. They had 2 children born in Worsbrough, but then Alfred died in 1875 at Ward Green, and probate for his will was granted to his widow Alice: probate describes Alfred as a miner and innkeeper. In 1881 Alice Hoyland, widowed for the second time, is still the innkeeper at Ward Green and with her are 4 of her children, 2 grandchildren with the surname Hoyland, a servant and a boarder. She is still at Ward Green in 1891 but had moved out of the inn and was next door again, earning a living as a dressmaker, and had her a Poles son, 2 Hoyland children and a Hoyland grandchild with her. Alice died in 1895 age 63.

8 January 1834
Baptism of Christian Wallace Marshall at Galston, daughter of my ggg uncle Alexander Marshall and Christian Wallace. Her father was a saddler and they are at Langland Street, Kilmarnock in 1841. Her mother died before 1851, and in the 1851 census Christina – as she by then known – is a house servant to a baker in Galston, and in 1861 is a dressmaker living with her unmarried sister Jane at Station Road, Galston. In 1870 she was married at Galston to James Thomas Miller who was an assistant bar officer at the Sheriff Court: they are in St Marnock Street, Kilmarnock in 1871 and the census says husband James was born in Quebec. They are at the same address in 1881, have 4 children, James has become the Macer at the Sheriff Court, and James’ widowed mother is with them – she was born in Ireland. A Macer is a court official whose job is to ensure the court runs smoothly by preparing the courtroom and ensuring everyone needed and called knows what to do. They had moved round the corner to Dundonald Road by 1891 and had 3 children with them, their son working as an apprentice draughtsman. James Thomas Miller died, and in 1901 widow Christina is with her 3 children, all in their twenties and unmarried: the eldest daughter is a dressmaker and the son is a draughtsman. Christina Miller nee Marshall died on April 1904 at Fitchfield Street, Kilmarnock of a tubercle of the lung, which is caused by bacterial tuberculosis.

29 and 30 December

Just the one on the 29th – a Hunter from Ayrshire who married a mariner and then an iron forge worker. Two on the 30th, both in Ayrshire and both died in infancy.

30 December 1792
Birth of my ggg uncle Alexander Marshall in Kilmarnock, son of Robert Marshall and Agnes Logan. Alexander must have died in infancy as in 1794 Robert and Agnes had another son they named Alexander.

29 December 1865 (born about 1839)
Agnes Hunter was born in about 1839 at Stevenston, daughter of Robert Hunter and Agnes Kennedy and granddaughter of my gggg uncle Robert Hunter and Margaret Haddow – and sister of yesterday’s Martha Hunter. Agnes is at Schoolwell Street, Stevenston with her butcher father, mother and siblings in 1841 and 1851, and in 1861 is a servant in Irvine to Alexander McGregor, the United Church Minister, and his sister-in-law. Agnes then married mariner William Jaffrey at Irvine in 1865, and in 1871 they are in Kirkgate Street, Irvine with 2 young daughters. William Jaffrey died and Agnes married again in 1880 to Charles Greenshields, an iron forger
and is with him and her 3 Jaffrey daughters in 1881 at Hill Street, Irvine. Agnes and Charles are at Alms Place, Irvine in 1891 and Montgomery Street, Irvine in 1901 – the girls had left home and they had not had any children of their own. Agnes died at Irvine in 1903.

30 December 1899
Henry Strachan was born at 38 Sandbed Street, Kilmarnock, son of my great uncle Colin Haddow Strachan and Agnes Porter. Henry died in June 1900 of fever, said to be teething fever on his death certificate.

16 December

Just one today: a Marshall descendant who brings an unusual occupation to my family tree as she married a lace curtain manufacturer.

16 December 1863
Birth of Marion Hughes Jardine at Galston, Ayrshire, daughter of Francis Russell Jardine and Marion Craig Marshall, and granddaughter of my ggg ucle Alexander Marshall and Christina Wallace. Marion’s father was a labourer at the colliery in Galston in 1871, and in 1881 Marion is a domestic servant for a farmer. She married Hugh Morton at Galston in 1890, and they are in Loudon in 1891, Hugh a clerk at a lace company. By 1901 they had had 4 children born at Darvel, but were back in Loudon where Hugh was a lace curtain manufacturer. Marion Hughes Morton ms Jardine died in 1940 at age 76 at Galston.