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Coincidence, or did they all know each other?

I’m more and more convinced that my illegitimate ggg grandfather William Fraser’s father was William Fraser who served in the army, was wounded in the Napoleonic Wars, and then lived south of Peterhead. There are so many linkages between the families that surely can’t be just coincidences. Two more have recently emerged.

When looking at the census for Mosside Croft, I’ve long been intrigued by the Robert Fraser who, from 1861, was a very close neighbour of my Fraser ancestors. Then when researching the family of army pensioner William Fraser born 1778, what should I discover? Robert Fraser born 1819 who lived at Mossnook was the grandson of John Fraser born 1765, brother of William Fraser born 1778.

Then there’s Arthur Morgan born in 1841, son of the unfortunate Arthur Morgan who was killed by a large granite stone. Arthur Morgan junior married Margaret Brown in Cruden in 1861, and in 1871 he’s a farm servant in Peterhead but his wife isn’t with him. So I went looking for her and found:
Invernettie Brickwork, Peterhead
Elizabeth Fraser head age 55, crofter of 2.75 acres, born Peterhead
Margaret Morgan daughter age 35, born Peterhead
Arthur Morgan grandson age 9, scholar, born Peterhead
Andrew George Morgan grandson age 7, scholar, born Peterhead
Elizabeth Ellen Morgan granddaughter age 2, born Peterhead

This looked familiar – which it was as I’ve already added the very same census information to someone else! Elizabeth Fraser, age 55 and a crofter in 1871, was the daughter of Andrew Fraser and Jean Walker. In 1841 and 1851 she’s with her parents and her illegitimate daughter, Margaret Brown. Also with that family in 1841 and 1851 is William Fraser, brother of Andrew – who is the William Fraser who’d been in the army during the Napoleonic Wars and who I’m pretty sure is the father of my ggg grandfather William Fraser.

So there are two brothers whose descendants intermarried:
Andrew Fraser b. 1772 had a granddaughter Margaret Brown who married Arthur Morgan.
William Fraser b. 1778 had a great grandchild William Fraser who married Helen Ann Morgan.
Arthur Morgan was Helen Ann Morgan’s uncle.

And just to add to the tangle: the informant for the death of Arthur Morgan born 1841 was William Johnston, cousin. There is a Johnston family in the census living near Mosside croft. And Arthur Morgan’s daughter, Catherine Morgan, married George Hutchison – and Hutcheon/Hutchison is the surname of my ggg grandfather William Fraser’s wife. Yet more things to explore and attempt to untangle!

On 18 May

Today includes an ancestor who married a comedian. I’m sure plenty of my ancestors were comedians, but this is the only one who earned a living from making people laugh.

18 May 1763
My gggg aunt Agnes Marshall was born in Kilmarnock, the daughter of Alexander Marshall and Agnes Gibson. She might be the Agnes Marshall who married William Syme in Irvine, but also she might not be.

18 May 1809
Birth of Elizabeth Fraser at Cruden, Aberdeenshire, daughter of who I suspect is my ggggg uncle Andrew Fraser and his wife Jean Walker. In 1841 and 1851 she’s unmarried and living with her parents at Brickworks, Peterhead, and in the household is her uncle William Fraser who I think is my gggg grandfather who had been in the army. Also in the household is Elizabeth’s two illegitimate children. By 1861 she’s the head of the household at South Turnpike, Seafield, a crofter of 2.5 acres, and her Chelsea Pensioner uncle is still living with her, along with assorted family members including a grandson. She was the informant at the death of her uncle in 1864.

18 May 1833
Birth of Mary Georgina Green at Sonning, Berkshire, daughter of my gggg uncle Samuel Green and his wife Mary. Her father was a licensed victualler and moved about rather a lot. In 1841 the famil are Baldwin street, City Road, London. Georgina, as she was known, is a servant to a licensed victualler in Marylebone in 1851, and in 1860 married widower and comedian Thomas Edward Wharton at Marylebone. Frustratingly, I cannot find them in the census after their marriage and given the occupation of Thomas it would be interesting to know what happened to them. However, there’s a death for Mary G Wharton born about 1834 registered in Wandsworth, London in 1914.

18 May 1835
Birth of Ann Strachan, daughter of Peter Strachan and Ann Houston, at Kilmarnock, Aryshire and granddaughter of my gggg uncle Peter Strachan and Mary Monroe. They lived in Kilmarnock and Dreghorn, and after leaving school Ann worked as a hand sewer. She married cola miner William Gold in 1857 and they lived in Hurlford, and had children. Ann died age 39 in 1875 of congestion of lungs and paralysis of right side. Her husband remarried.

18 May 1845
Birth of William Souter Morgan at Cruden, son of Arthur Morgan and Margaret Robb and grandson of Isobel Sangster, my ggggg aunt. He was with his parent at Tillymaud, Cruden in 1851 and again in 1861, although his father had died by then, a cattleman working for farmer Alexander Gray. Willliam married Jane Aitken in 1865 at Longside, who had aleady given birth to two of his children, and in 1871 he’s a farm servant at Lochside, Cruden with his wife, 4 children and his brother. The family, with more children, are at Collie Hill, Cruden in 1891, at Little Tillymaud, Cruden in 1891, and at Kennedy’s Buildings, Cruden in 1901 with their younger children, 4 grandchildren and a boarder. Then in 1911 William Morgan, farm servant, is an inmate at the Asylum, and he died in 1917 at the Royal Asylum Aberdeen in 1917 of acute bronchitis.

On 7 May

A migration to USA, plus a granite quarryman who stuck very close to his Cruden home.

7 May 1869
Stewart Shirkie, who married Jean Haggerty, migrated to USA and became a coal business owner in Clinton, Indiana, arrived in USA from Glasgow. His wife and children followed a few months later. See On 30 April for birth of his wife, Jean, and more about the Shirkie family.

7 May 1872
Birth of George Morgan at Cruden, Aberdeenshire, great grandson of my ggggg aunt Isabel Sangster and brother of my great grandfather’s second wife Helen Ann Morgan. George’s parents were William Souter Morgan and Jane or Jean Aitken, and his grandfather was the unfortunate Arthur Morgan, mentioned a few days ago, who was killed by a large granite stone. George worked in the granite quarry at Longhaven too, and was a stonecutter. He is with his parents at Kennedy’s Buildings, near Longhaven, in April 1901 and was married later that year to Jane Simpson Main. In 1911 George and Jane are at Greenleaves, and have not had children. Greenleaves is on the same census page as Kennedy’s Buildings, and also Little Tillymaud where David Ewan Michael, also a quarryman, lived with his wife Mary Ann Fraser, daughter of William Fraser whose second wife was George’s older sister Helen. Cruden seems to have been a web of relatives! Greenleaves is also currently for sale, and has become a renovated little bungalow with a big garden and fabulous views. George can’t ever have moved far, as when he died in 1949 he was living at Kennedy’s Buildings again.

Poor Arthur Morgan: killed by a large stone

Arthur Morgan was my 1st cousin 5 times removed, as he was the nephew of my gggg grandmother Janet Sangter, whose sister Isobel Sangster married Peter Morgan. Arthur was born in 1815 at Longside, he married Margaret Robb and had 4 children. Then Margaret died so in 1849 Arthur married Catherine Kilgour Adam and had another 3 children. In the 1851 census he was working as a farm servant, but he must have changed jobs and gone to work in the granite quarry at Longhaven, which is between Cruden Bay and Boddom. Sadly, Peter met a premature death there.

I found the writing for the cause of death a bit tricky to read on his 1860 death certificate, so posted a scan of it on the RootsChat forum, to see if one of the helpful people there could work it out. Sure enough they did.

Arthur Morgan cause of death

Accidentally killed by a large stone coming on his body producing emphysema of face neck chest and abdomen with fracture of left arm. Died in a few minutes. As certified by George Mill Surgeon who saw deceased 20th October.

Another helpful person explained the emphysema (written as emphisema on the certificate): “surgical or subcutaneous emphysema happens when something punctures a lung internally, so that the air within the lung is released into the space in the chest around the lung; the air can track under the skin to other parts of the body. It produces a very characteristic appearance and sensation to touch. Broken ribs could do this if they punctured the lung.”

So basically, poor Arthur Morgan was crushed to death by a large granite stone falling on him. He was 45 years old and left a widow, three young children and four children of working age.

On 30 April

Today: an ancestor who migrated to the USA, another early death from TB, and a fun coincidence of names, with a Fraser on the Strachan side reminding me of a Strachan on the Fraser side.

30 April 1789
Birth of Elizbeth Oxley at Barnsley, daughter of William and Elizabeth Oxley and therefore my gggg aunt. I don’t anything else about her as nothing came up on a quick look, and I haven’t yet had the chance to do any closer research.

30 April 1839
Jean Haggerty born at Dundonald, Ayrshire, daughter of my ggg uncle Hugh Haggerty, a coal miner, and his wife Jean Muir. Her father died when she was about 10 and in the 1851 census she and her mother are muslin sewers and paupers, which means they received parish relief. In 1857 she married a miner called Stewart or Steward Sharky, although for whatever reason he’s named Thomas on the marriage certificate. Jean, or Jane as she was also called, was working as a domestic servant at the time. In 1861 they’re living at Benslie Square, Kilwinning, the home to many on my family tree, with their eldest two children. Then in late 1869 Jean sailed to the USA with her children and widowed mother, to join her husband who’d gone there earlier the same year. The family are in Van Buren, Clay, Indiana in 1880 with 8 children: Stewart Sharkie is a coal miner, as are the three eldest sons. Stewart did well for himself, and by 1900 is a coal operator and the family are living in Clinton, Vermillion, Indiana. Stewart died in 1901 and afterwards Jean lived in Terre Haute where her sons had become owner managers of several coal companies. Jean Sharkie nee Haggarty died in Terre Haute 1919 age 80. There’s some interesting info online including about the Shirkie family, as they were known in America, at http://visions.indstate.edu:8888/cdm/singleitem/collection/vchs/id/359/rec/69

30 April 1839
This is the first time I’ve had two people on my tree born on the same day! Barbara Morgan was born at Cruden, daughter of Arthur Morgan and Margaret Robb and therefore granddaughter of my ggggg aunt Isobel Sangster and her husband Peter Morgan. Barbara lost her mother when she was about 7 years old, and her father remarried in 1849. In 1851 Barbara, age 11, is at Tillymaud, Cruden, where her father is a farm servant, with her father, stepmother and 4 younger siblings. Sadly, her father died in an accident in 1860. In 1861 Barbara, a domestic servant, is still at Tillymaud along with her younger brothers, all farm servants for Alexander Gray. She married Peter Smith in January 1862 at the Parish School, Cruden, but sadly died later the same year of consumption (tuberculosis).

30 April 1848
Birth of Ann McGavin Strachan at Dreghorn, daughter of my ggg uncle Monro Strachan and his wife Janet Jamieson. Sadly, she had died by the time of the 1851 census.

30 April 1927
My aunt Jeannie Haddow Strachan – sister of my father and named after her grandmother – married William Harper at Dovercourt Road, Toronto. Jean, as she was known, had migrated to Canada in 1921. She had been working as a domestic servant and Bill, as he was known, worked in the rubber industry at the time of their marriage. They had a son Colin, my cousin, who is now a keen follower of this blog. Interestingly, William Harper’s mother was Helen Fraser, and my maternal grandfather had a sister called Helen Fraser who married Alexander Strachan and therefore became Helen Strachan.

Another two for one download

Another two for the price of one download from ScotlandsPeople came up today. I hadn’t looked at the 1873 marriage certificate for Mary Ann Matthew (featured in today’s “on this day” post) so decided to download it. You get the image of the whole page, which means two certificates. The other one was for George Hutchison and Catherine Morgan – with those surnames I felt sure they must belong on my tree.

The certificate says Catherine Morgan was the daughter of Arthur Morgan and Catherine Adams, and her father is surely Arthur Morgan born in 1841, son of Arthur Morgan born 1815 who was the son of the sister of my ggggg grandmother. He was also related to my great grandfather’s second wife. The George Hutchison who married Catherine Morgan was the son of George Hutchison and Jane Adams, and I’ve got a feeling they are both related to people already on my family tree, so there’s another bit of genealogical sleuthing to do. The same surnames keep cropping up when my Aberdeenshire ancestors get married and they do weave a tangled web.

On 18 April

18 April 1779
Baptism of my gggg grandfather Joseph Green at Worsbrough, son of Joseph Green. The PR does not name his mother but she was Alice Rock. Joseph had proved easy to trace as his life is well documented. He married Ann Cox in 1797 at Worsbrough, and they had 8 children baptised in Worsbrough from 1798 to 1814. His wife died in 1817 and there is a MI at St Mary’s Worsbrough for Ann Green died 1817 age 39, wife of Joseph Green of King Well. Joseph then married Hannah Colbeck at St Mary’s Barnsley in 1825. In the 1841 census Joseph Green publican and wife Hannah Green are at Worsbrough Common. Hannah died in 1847 and her MI says Hannah Green died 1847 age 63, wifeof Joseph Green of King Well. In the 1848 Electoral Roll Joseph Green is listed with freehold house and land at Worsbrough Common. In the 1851 census he at the Rose & Crown, Worsbrough Common, age 70 and an innkeeper living with his son William, daughter-in-law Sarah and their children. Joseph Green died in Worsbrough in 1853 age 71.

18 April 1845
Birth of William Souter Morgan at Cruden, father of Helen Ann Morgan, the second wife of my great grandfather William Fraser.

18 April 1864
David Findlay Strachan born at Riccarton, great great grandson of Thomas Strachan and Susannah Alexander through their son Peter Strachan, his son Peter Strachan and his son Peter Strachan – that a lot of Peter Strachans! I haven’t done much research on him except for discovering that he married Elizabeth Highet, whose parents went by the wonderful names of Durham Highet and Euphemia Morton.

18 April 1986
A relative in Canada was born.

On 17 April

17 April 1800
Baptism of Jean Muir, second wife of my gggg uncle Robert Strachan, who she married in 1846 when he was 65.

17 April 1924
Death of Chrissie Gray Rennie, nee Morgan, step-daughter of my great grandfather William Fraser as Chrissie was born illegitimate to William’s second wife Helen Ann Morgan. Chrissie had married John Rennie and had a daughter. Sadly, Chrissie died of pulmonary tuberculosis when her daughter was less than two years old, and Chrissie herself was only 20.

On 5 April

There’s a story attached to one of today’s ancestors that could be interpreted as unsavoury. But as I don’t know the whole story I can only reserve judgement.

5 April 1728
Birth of my ggggg aunt Anna Marshall in Kilmaurs, Ayrshire. I know nothing else about her at the moment apart from she was the sister of my gggg grandfather Alexander Marshall.

5 April 1811
Birth of Jean Morgan at Longside, Her aunt was my gggg granmother Janet Sangster and she was also a relation of my step great grandmother Helen Ann Morgan. Yet someone else I need to research when I can get round to it.

5 April 1829
Birth of my half ggg aunt Elizabeth Strachan at Shewalton Miners’ Village, Ayrshire, daughter of John Strachan and his second wife Jean Wallace. In 1851, at the age of 22, she is living with her widowed uncle Andrew Strachan, who was 37 and had been left with eight children. Elizabeth is described as a general servant, so must have been housekeeping for Andrew and his family. But in August 1852 she gave birth to an illegitimate daughter and the father is named as Andrew Strachan, her uncle. This was officially incest. I have no idea, of course, whether she was a willing participant or not, or what her father, my ggg grandfather, may have thought or done about it. I can’t find a subsequent marriage or death for Elizabeth and haven’t yet been able to find her daughter beyond her birth. I would really like to find out what happened to them both.

5 April 1865
The birth of another Elizabeth Strachan, this time the granddaughter of the Andrew Strachan who got the earlier Elizabeth pregnant. So far I’ve discovered that 1865 Elizabeth married Thomas Girvan Watson, was called Lizzie in one of the census and had quite a lot of children.

5 April 1923
The marriage, at St Mary’s Barnsley, of Henry Athorn and Clara Smith. Henry was my first cousin twice removed as he was the nephew of my great grandfather Joseph Green.

On 3 April

I didn’t realise just how many people I had on my tree until I started doing “on this day”. Will there be a day when no-one did anything? That day certainly wasn’t 3 April.

3 April 1756
Birth of Elizabeth Wilson at Stevenston, Ayrshire, daughter of my gggg grandparents James Wilson and Agnes Smith. I haven’t got round to doing any further research on her yet.

3 April 1786
Birth of Peter Morgan at Longside, Aberdeenshire, son of George Morgan and Margaret Logan. He married Isobel Sangster, the sister of my gggg grandmother Janet Sangster. Janet’s grandson married a Logan who I suspect could have been related to Peter Morgan’s mother.

3 April 1813
Birth of Barbara McWilliam at Longside, Aberdeenshire, half sister to my ggg grandfather William Fraser. Barbara was the daughter of William McWilliam and Janet Sangster, married Forbes Milne, and died at the age of 76.

3 April 1868
At Galston, Ayrshire Mary Munro Gibson married Robert Wilson. She was the granddaughter of my gggg uncle Peter Strachan and his wife Mary Monroe, and is yet another member of the Strachan family to migrate to USA. She arrived in New York in 1888, travelling with five children, and the family settled in Framlington, Illinois where her husband worked as a coal miner.

3 April 1929
Janet Grant nee Strachan died at Birmingham, Alabama, USA at the age of 70. She was my half gg aunt, daughter of Robert Strachan and his second wife Susan Cran. As she was born on 30 March she had a mention just a few days ago: she was married first to Thomas Docherty, migrated with her husband and children to Pratt City, USA, then after the death of her husband married James Grant, a widower from Ayrshire.

3 April 1965
Today is the birthday of my Canadian cousin’s daughter.

Fortunately for the length or this post, none of my Yorkshire ancestors did anything of note.